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The Principle Of Change

On January 28, 2010, in Personal Development, by Neculai Fantanaru

If you are dissatisfied with reality, shape a different one. If you can't do that, shape yourself.

If you are an admirer of actor Robert De Niro, then you have surely seen the movie "Stanley & Iris (1989)". Iris, a widow with two children, tries to rebuild her life and live in a way that would make her well. It is not easy at all for her to manage on her own, and merely as a worker in a pastry shop, her wage was not enough for everything that she needed.

But everything changes when he meets Stanley, a cook. They become friends, but Stanley has a great flaw: he can't read and write. For this reason, he is fired and he must look for another job. He realizes that reality can't be changed. Without being able to read and write he will never get too far. Everywhere he will look for a job, he will be objected with the same thing, again and again: that he is illiterate.

Leadership: Do you express the intention of being a life lesson for tomorrow, finding that unique reasoning for being COMPLETELY at the center of a creation in which the nuances of your own character are imprinted?

Stanley is too rational not to realize that his life wastes away, that he sacrifices himself in vain, that the dream world that he so intensely and confidently covets for is getting farther and farther from him. Unhappy with the reality that he was struggling every day, not wanting to always bump into refusals and dismissals, he decides to change himself. So, one day, thanks to his infinite desire to live happily, turns to Iris, whom he asks for help. Iris gladly accepts to teach him how to read and write and, in the end, she really succeeds in teaching him.

However, Stanley, although he has always been illiterate, had one great passion: to learn things. Among other things, he invented a complicated mechanism to cool the cakes. And because he learned how to write and read, he could valorize his invention and sign a very good contract with a company, where he was quickly promoted. He was now living in a different reality, the one he always wanted - a reality where everything becomes possible.

The ending of the movie is sensational. Stanley returns to Iris, whom he owed everything and whom he got to love very much, asks her to marry him and proposes her to move in with him in his new house.

Leadership: Do you allow yourself the respite of supporting the aspiration of renewing self-perception by measuring your ability of being completely present and aware of what you are doing at any given time?

What a triumph for a man like Stanley, to accomplish the impossible. I wonder what was his most important feature. I would certainly say will. And the will to change nourished his dreams. The impulse to a different life, everything he did in order to change the road of his existence gave him green light in order to follow his dreams.

In other words, he learned to chose before he gathered in. He focused on the absolutely necessary things because he didn't have another possibility to change his way of living. He realized that the only way to change reality was to change himself. So he molded his strategies and adapted to the new requirements, this being the only way to fulfill his goals.

Stanley is an excellent example of a person who did what he had to do in life. Driven to the core of his being by a burning desire to fulfill his dreams and deeply influenced by the love of Iris, he decided to put an end once and for all to the dull and painful life he was living.

Self-perception is based on the direct relationship established between the effort of giving a new meaning to life and the nature of intellectual or affection inclinations that push you to action.

The key moment when you become aware of the importance of renewing your self-perception, along with the return to consciousness of the need of giving a meaning to life, based on how you pay attention to the lessons offered by failures, occurs when you have the chance to acquire a new orientation through a gain (material or emotional).

Every man must take a moment in order to ponder upon where he is coming from and where is going. And if, after a careful analysis, the conclusion is that the direction is not the good one, the he must certainly change. And change always comes from inside, because in order to change the outside world, first of all, the solution is to change yourself.

Life is not always easy as every one of us would like it to be, but we could certainly make it better if we try to change ourselves.

Leadership: Do you wake up the echo of your own Ego so you can give a new direction to your life?

Just as a painter fascinated by the expressiveness of the athletic movement is able to seize the human body and his members in the trajectory from one point to another, where the photo instantly fails - and so you, in order to place your existence in another context, to give a new direction to your life, first you must wake up the echo of your own Ego. Meaning to eliminate any tendency of diminishing your own value, to be aware of your abilities, then to firmly set the goals that you want to follow, by seeking opportunities for development even where the others have failed.

Evaluate in a realistic way your position to the factors which could negatively influence your performance, reformulate your system of values by eliminating that oscillation between will, abandonment and doubt - as to regain your own being, then impose to your existence the trajectory towards the access to a new way of manifesting your potential.

Somebody once said that every person is reserved something better in this world if he molds his strategies by which he lives. He was right. It is absolutely necessary to carefully analyze our character and personality and find out what are our vulnerabilities and what are our qualities which can put us in a good light.

Only if we discard our weaknesses and develop our strengths will we manage to build a reality closer to our aspirations.

The change that destiny brings to you starts from the sincerity of your heart and always manifests itself morally through the conditions compatible with vision, innovation and the capitalization of knowledge.


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