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Pink - The Color Of Love

On May 27, 2018, in Leadership 7th Edition, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to recognize yourself from the perspective of a warm glow so that you will grow in the revival of a work that never dies.

Art is primarily color, an eternal dimension of the educated self in a culture of authentic beauty, the forefront of a long-thoughtful act of creation that reflects the way of thinking, feeling and understanding of life in the pursuit of a play of tones and nuances, lights and shadows, natural lines and curves. This is where it all started.

The understanding and explanation of immediate art, with all its concrete aspects closely linked to the existence of a God who continues his expansion of abandoned meanings despite all the nuances of optics, behaves as a force of expression that is difficult to separate from the whole sense of time. Few have the artist’s ability to deepen himself in formulating a chromatic premise as the only inspiration of the Holy Spirit and to face sustainable cultural landmarks, because everything in him expresses the tendency to expand the most intense mirage.

Ever since I was a child I had understood that I am like a stranger on a mystical living background, neighboring the initiating plunge in a parallel and accelerating world, but protected from any anecdotal contamination from the visible part of a continent almost completely submerged in oblivion. Art, with its secrets full of the sensibility of the universe, is not at everyone’s fingertips.

In a completely amazing way, I had to win my success in an atmosphere of strong, obscure contrast, modeled by a fairly convincing red light that treats the spectacle of a deeper, more hidden beauty of the soul. Something insignificant as a plastic construction, but which received immense proportions of rigor by using the principles of art as a reflection of a literary-artistic life of remarkable effervescence.

To perfectly recognize myself from the perspective of a warm, underground glow, into a bloody, uncultivated fund, vitaminized by deep meanings, which presents itself as a mosaic of greatness in front of pure aesthetic consciousness, was what in art is called: "The rebirth of a work that never died."

Leadership: Do you control your tendency to be considered a part of an abstract universe, reserving the privilege of a life seen as a correlation between some colors that focus their shine on an authentic image background?

The initiator of an artistic movement that will complete its essential features in the 21st century, provoking by its example the extension of an exclusive concept of educating the masses, in the style of Paracelsus, which let understood the universal message "Hold on to knowledge until it falls madly in love with you", has mixed or fully fed with a cultural supplement, full of meanings and symbols, which are at the foundation of any plastic or literary construction.

I should have approached a splendid example of preserving intellectual charm as a result of the contrasts between the supreme beauty of a graceful heart that always knows to be tender and the culmination of finite art by trying to symbolize the exposure space of a series of educated subjectivisms, full of consistency, as they appear in the attempts of the great artists to give birth to a new stream of sensation and thought.

Pale Pink and intense Red. The combination of these two nuances with values ​​centered on the ideological background of a rather insistent expressionism is done by transfiguring the sensible into a superior, pure and harmonious spirituality. The most intense emotions are confused with the color of the blood flowing through a heart full of jasmine as a kind of law of nature that confirms the symbolic ambivalence of a temporal and immortal, sensible and intelligent macrocosm alike.

Leadership: Does the aesthetic with which you ennoble the vastness of the subject called "life" confirm the arguments about the emotional reactions that invite to contemplate an authentic artwork?

The very coordinates of thinking based on a background image superimposed on a crepuscular chromatic fairy tale in a fictional scenario dominated by the impulse to creative exploration can be associated with the artist’s impossibility of knowing his emotional content in a sort of infinity column seen as an attribute of instrumental polychrome, in the form of an echo of serious philosophical resonances: Take a look around, don’t you see what I have meant?

My master, close to the amazement that a strong light focused on the joints of an infinite universe in which deity is the supreme model, often repeats: "In art, touching the heart of the pattern is for naught if you do not reveal the soul that complements yours."

To represent the spectrum of the finest vibrational signals of joy or pain, oscillating from nerve to nerve in a hatching of chromaticity perfectly balanced with the deep meaning of each story itself, is to modify all the entities and dimensions of the most infinite universe you could imagine. But at the same time, you have to respect the secrets and the gift of the mirror, without giving up on your personal story.

The world of God has left in favor of art only its positive, and he who manages to use the raw material (which represents just as many metaphors and symbols) to compose a new chromaticity of the balanced relations of red-green complementarity, in the note of a dark-obscure soul characterized by the supremacy of forms inspired by nature, will become a force of expression and artistic value.

Leadership: Can you prolong your life through aesthetics that ennoble your ego, without turning your feelings into a color without flicker and without reflections?

The beauty that the artist inspires is a color that speaks about the infinite space of the universe suspended between dream and reality, which the inner eye identifies as a message of a materiality that gets spiritualized. And also through an artist who has gone around the world, the writer Mika Waltari better highlights the experiences a soul that enters the spiritual world and cannot escape goes through.

"Listen, stranger ! I fret alone to dare do what no one else yet did. The gods protect me, but I do not know if they really understand the despair I am dominated by in my attempt to showcase my unique traits in the world. Those who do not know the language of art, its size and monumental scale, are satisfied with its traditional forms and colors. That is why the world is full of skilled people, who enjoy success and have an easy life. But a true artist only compares himself to himself. No, I have no rival in this world ! I, Aruns of Tarquinia, compete only with myself !"

The constant expression of a deep, careful look that is lost in the light of the destiny of others is what constitutes and causes a thing, a reaction or a visual direction around an idea: it is easier to translate your story into images than to be yourself framed in a reality that goes beyond the borders of the everyday world.

An authentic image background resembles a color without a beginning and an end: it captivates and deceives you at the same time because it allows you to consider yourself an infinite creator, a small part of the earthly, visible and cognizable universe, but not the absolute master in the perfect plan of the macrocosm in which divinity is the supreme model.

Leadership is the content of a story that you can color as you want, but within the fixed boundaries of a subject that remains immortalized over time in a painting that cannot exceed its original size.

Pink - The Color Of Love is the expression of the emotional dimension of the color that I choose to represent "my own story" that has not been visible so far, at least not in the case of a painting signed with blood letters in the literary universe, in the lower left corner of the page in which the earth unites with the heavens: Neculai Ioan Fântânaru.

* Note: Yakuro - Pink (The Color Of Love)


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