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Player And Gamer

On April 21, 2016, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Demonstrate your superiority by extending your freedom of manifesting yourself in a framework whose content is at the intersection between creation, interpretation, and coordination.

I always knew what I wanted from myself, who or what awaited me in a fabulous part of the world. A world that seems to be taken from the game League of Legends,reviving that extra glow of a décor of an impressive realism, inspired from an aspect of a surreal life, even if at times everything would turn against me.

In this case, my attitude corresponded to a player dropped into a battle arena,being someone else entirely from who I was initially, assuming the role of a "Summoner", unseen, who controls a "champion" with unique abilities in battle against a team made up of other players or champions. To emphasize the superiority of the faculty of recognizing a living, more alert, more evolved reality, which other people would hardly be willing to accept, means to trust a man closer to the universe who accepts the challenge to rise to the height of a legend worthy of a Creator of parallel worlds.

The hazard can be admitted as a cause of occurrence of a challenge from which looking behind, looking forward are deducted, leaving only the spell of appearances, that drunkenness of the first steps in a parallel world, the sleepwalking happiness of an epic carpe diem for which no explicit permission exists, nor justification, but only acceptance of a challenge.

Leadership: Does the experience you attribute to your superiority in handling the revealing side of the hazard open the horizon of a broader theme about the interactions between intellectuality and power?

It seemed that I was remote controlled by a powerful computer. Basically, I had to execute well-established orders of an inventive user who, by using his own experiences and perceptions, would break any rules and any limits. For how long could I have followed the instructions of this final-user? How could I spark his interest so that he gives me another axis of orientation in the "game" project?

Me and My User. Player and Gamer. Together we formed a consciousness, a haunting presence, indispensable to a development that it seemed I had forgotten. And I would like for those who do not have the answers to admit it. The interaction between intellectuality and power has as support for the act of creation itself that idea of ​​the future that can lead to a way of knowing the reality favored by the encounter with art, with dreams, with the future, with the impossible, with another variant of your own being.

We have not met to save the world from the toils of a time that increases its rate of leakage asymptotically to a close deadline, towards that end of the worldpredicted by many enlightened spirits, but rather to penetrate, as if in a dream, one in the space of the other. Until, in the silence of the sweet awakening, everything proved to be an alternative to life.

Leadership: Have you started to reap the fruits of the boundless ambition to be a kind of replica of yourself that pushes you farther and farther towards an "acceptance of a challenge"?

Anyone who wants to develop their superiority of imagination over reality, appropriating that total amount of information given by the sum of perceptions they experience uniquely, basically intervenes in the free game of a hero in line with or in opposition to his creator.

Creation and interpretation are two landmarks of leadership, symmetrical to feelings and the passion that accompany involvement in a relationship, which turn the owner of an advanced thinking, from a revealer of an assessment of this world, a harbinger of new forms of knowledge.

Accepting a challenge stems from the fact that the reality you perceive as true only lasts as a limit that no one can overcome, one that you can no longer endure, you no longer accept without providing additional capacity to imagine yourself in another less ordinary posture, such as that of a hero with prophetic qualities and supernatural powers.

Leadership: Can you apply a rule such as: “I became part of a world in which the creator and the created are mistaken for one another” around a vision drawn from the effects of a fiction set out to make you feel like more than you are?

To take possession of an acquired good – such as a reasoning situated above the definitions of facts, something that gains meaning only if you can see a different version of reality by accessing a foreign source of orientation, means to relate to a gamer that orders things differently.

The Gamer is your replica. He is your superiority. You are the representative of his individuality in a fabulous décor, highlighting that extra totality missing from the outside world. He is the adventurer who in his roots discovers a different facet of the world, finding his sufficiency in the contact with what you are at a subtler level. He is the friend next to which you want to be, even if you know that it is highly likely for him to disappear at some point. You are a winner or a loser as much as he is willing to coordinate you in the context of this maximum level reached in a game full of challenges.

Superiority, which leadership accepts as a stringent necessity, first targets that transition from player to gamer, breaking any rules and any limits of an individual’s composition, so that he can develop that truly exceptional faculty of determining himself in the relationship with the elements of a Created Existence.

The perception of the space in which you project yourself, due to the need of manifesting yourself in relation to a different plane of being, dominating all dimensions of an intrinsic reality, is substituted to a private initiative of supervision and management.

Leadership requires you to always keep in mind that someone is above you, shining through what you experience, but especially through what you chose to believe is happening to you.

Only so can equality between creation and its creator be obtained, between examination and discovery. In this case, we can conclude that leadership is a synergistic act.

Player And Gamer highlights that stability of a whole, that uniqueness of the experience of extending the freedom of manifestation in the framework whose content is at the intersection between creation, interpretation, and coordination.


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