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Pray, Believe, Enter Into Eternal Life !

On February 24, 2014, in Leadership V8, by Neculai Fantanaru

Create for yourself a clear conscience of the self and of becoming, building your reality on the concepts of meaning and value of existence.

The man was on the point of dying in despair. Death was an abyss to him. As he stood trembling on its mournful brink, he recoiled with horror. He was not sufficiently ignorant to be absolutely indifferent. His condemnation, which had been a profound shock, had, in a manner, broken through, here and there, that wall which separates us from the mystery of things, and which we call life. He gazed incessantly beyond this world through these fatal breaches, and beheld only darkness. The Bishop made him see light.

He passed the entire day with him, forgetful of food and sleep, praying to God for the soul of the condemned man, and praying the condemned man for his own. He told him the best truths, which are also the most simple. He was father, brother, friend; he was bishop only to bless. He taught him everything, encouraged and consoled him.

On the following day, when they came to fetch the unhappy wretch, the Bishop was still there. He followed him. He mounted the tumbril with him, he mounted the scaffold with him. The sufferer, who had been so gloomy and cast down on the preceding day, was radiant. He felt that his soul was reconciled, and he hoped in God. The Bishop embraced him, and at the moment when the knife was about to fall, he said to him:

‘God raises from the dead him whom man slays; he whom his brothers have rejected finds his Father once more. Pray, believe, enter into eternal life: the Father is there.’ *

Leadership: Do you manifest a certain discretion in interpreting human value when it’s destabilized, on the background of a maximum tolerance to those who fell in the dark of ignorance of God?

When we relate to faith, then the intellect and reason are simply dethroned when faced with the combinations provided by sensations and intense experiences. Man no longer defines himself through the prism of worldly conception, the state of humility being categorically considered a state of degradation, belittlement, and alteration of human dignity. Instinctively, you wonder what is happening in the mind of a tormented consciousness, and realize with astonishment that he is no longer a convinced follower of discovering the wonders of the world, but that he is a slave to a life devoid of meaning, discipline, perspective, faith.

A reality which maybe I never carefully followed, vibrating in front of the whole human existence, contrary to the formal schemes of approaching its elements, is the discretion which always accompanies souls – the tormented and sensitive ones who need attention and the strong ones who know how to cast away the fears and sufferings of those around.

The discretion gives a certain emotional state. We're talking about the discretion in showing your feelings in front of others, only in intimacy. The discretion to interpret human value when it destabilizes or shrinks, which doesn’t take away the power of reason. The discretion to force you opinion, to support it in front of those who compromised their honor, integrity and credibility. The discretion to be a poet of the resurrection of the spirit and to live the mood of others’ "poetry", putting yourself in their shoes. A subtlety in trying to understand the deep feelings of the human being, especially the dark sides. Not an emotional manipulation.

Love of one’s neighbor is not only visible from what you give, but from how you give it, just as faith is not only deduced from the presence of God in the details of life, but also from repentance, from prayer, from preaching, from the heart’s deeds.

Leadership who must be applied in all areas of life derives from the complexity of the moods that the human being thirsty for feelings and expressing itself goes through, but also from the hypotheses it assumes by virtue of, or to the detriment of its qualities. The man who embraces leadership must not be seen as a humble servant of God, nor as a confessor of faith in times of difficulty, but as a man whose word is calm and sincere, and who pleases you with what his soul receives only from a spiritual world when the story of this life is coming to an end.

Leadership: Is your personality focused on that consciousness of a detached witness that gradually reveals the existence of a profound reality from which you can see the evidence of an Eternal Presence?

Do you take into consideration the “consciousness” factor in the exercise of influence, adjacent to the sense of resignation? When you want to influence through spirituality, you must first insinuate man’s nakedness, feel the bitter taste of life in an attempt for you yourself to remain unchanged by his suffering. It is not enough to pray to God and show His love for forgiveness of sins, but you have to consider the lasting character of the change you impose.

All these make the mission you need to fulfill, considering it the highest among all the ways of exerting leadership, focusing on man’s content, and have deep valences. It is that mission to direct you on the unmarked trails on the surface of the swamp called "suffering", in relation to your thinking and man’s senses, taking into consideration the factor "conscience" in the process of exerting influence.

The possibility to reach into man’s sensitive soul with the forces of rational thinking and feelings, more or less decisively for the way in which you shape your conception about world and life, absolutely necessary in the process of self-knowledge and development, opens, for leadership, new perspectives of understanding and approaching reality. This reality, based on the concepts of meaning and value of existence, can be used for creating a clear conscience of self and for trying to answer the question: "Who and what am I?"

Reflecting some strong feelings inside human nature, in all their graduality, but especially the warmth you communicate to the soul of those you support, is bestowed with an outline of luminosity, much more significant if you follow the way in which man evolves.

The living comfort of spirituality is felt by the intensification and assumption of an Eternal Presence when the story of life derives from a sense of resignation.

Pray, Believe, Enter Into Eternal Life ! is a call for finding the reason of repentance as radical change of the way of living and thinking. Even as pray of the most restless spiritual tension, don’t forget you owe it to yourself to elevate your conscience to a level of awareness that allows you to see yourself as you really are, in the eyes of those who support you and have access to your inner power.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Les Misérables


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