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Preservation Of Culture

On April 04, 2008, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Set up your own creative space that meets concrete existential requirements by distinguishing between “interior” and “exterior”.

At the same time, the work for the film “Ivan” continues. In these monstrous days of war, director Sergei Eisenstein feels compelled to defend culture in parallel with the armed struggle against fascism. He is grieved by every new barbarism: the destruction of the incomparable medieval frescoes of Pskov and Novgorod, of the 18th century palaces and fountains of Leningrad, of the cathedrals near Moscow, of the Dnieper hydropower plant… He is terribly hurt by the sacrifice of human lives lost in the face of the German plague.

But at the same time, he thinks from the beginning of the days after the war, of the future of culture and art, which he is also called to provide by making any sacrifice to hasten his coming. The people of his nation are ready armed to the teeth with the experience of the past, and the torches in their hands, in the hands of those who wait for the light, must be clean and prepared for that moment when their art will begin to express the new word of life.

However, his main task is to defend, preserve the culture. In August he completed his study of El Greco, wrote an English version of the study of Griffith and the history of montage in the various arts, and prepared an overview of the foreground idea throughout the history of the arts. *

Leadership: Did you intend to take an overview of the primary idea throughout the construction of an artistic image, as a way of dealing with the world by defining it in detail?

Whoever feels indebted to the whole world for defending culture, science or morality must prepare for that moment when his art will have to express the new word of life, that is, the renewal of the spirit of creativity that bears fruit in the direction of a visual essentialism and the intensification of a certain abstract qualities of the avant-garde of the present century. At the same time, we must understand that an indispensable side of human evolution is closely linked to a system of creations that meet concrete existential requirements.

The pleasure of the act of creation, being a better way of self-expression, but especially the complex act of self-examination by providing new points of view to the artistic craft, to the artistic current, to the artistic message, bring the practice of freedom of expression in the direction of a visual essentialism and the intensification of a certain abstract quality of art and its space of manifestation.

As for the work of creation, the “exterior” is what reflects reality, without distorting it, and the “interior” is what you experience in your reality through different artistic perspectives.

One can imagine man’s affinity with the field of art only through the preservation of culture, that is, the action that the creative man performs towards progress, towards the sum of spiritual activities, towards human nature, towards the future of human thought.

And given that the objective world has an empirical aspect, it is important to evaluate as many creative ways as possible that work as a form of practical verification of a visual image, so that you have a comprehensive overview of life, before focusing on the idea of “the foreground of a realism that transcends the immediate” (and that can acquire allegorical valences).

Wikipedia tells the definition of culture very well: “Culture is a legacy that is transmitted through specific communication codes – such as gestures or words, writing and the arts, media (press, radio, television), interactive media (the telephone). Gestures, rituals, theoretical knowledge, abstract norms, religion are all transmitted in the same way. Culture can be acquired through various forms of subjective memory (reflexes, words, images) but also through objective memory (objects, landscapes, books, numbers, rules).”

Facing the world by defining it in detail means going to the heart of things and the connections between them, using the combination of your knowledge, beliefs, feelings and experiences to give life to an image that captures the meeting point between natural and ideal.

The Preservation Of Culture responds to the existence of useful and indispensable creations for technological and social progress, configured in value through the transition from reality to vision, from imagination to truthful image, from necessity to modernity.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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