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Prometheus Bound

On March 07, 2013, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to make the leap towards excellence, without submitting yourself to a much too strong tension.

I was in conflict with myself, an inflexible law of life. I didn't want to accept the fact that it can't be possible to live in a utopian world. My world, interconnected at a subtle level with my mind and my ability to observe, granting me a new and exciting way of exploring the mystery of what I truly was. A world made out of many distinct, but functionally interconnected systems, through an ambiguous surge of potential energy, during some transitional processes. Yet, they lead to indirect loss.

A man covered by a veritable collection of thoughts and questions, shaped by a tumultuous waterfall of complicated rules, that has a strong flow and produces tamed energy, needs only a momentarily impulse in order to create a whole world of own rules.

I attempted to switch a permanent process of construction, a broad spread of the always doubted imagination, a conducting wire that triples its length to the absurd.

I was aiming with my huge will over the whole the attempt to enjoy my own "ego pride" in a small paradise, in my particular world. Pouring, something in me unleashed all its fury, all its thirst for ruthlessness, for that aggressively-deep craving to possess knowledge, that fanatic ambition that finds details to be a particular sign, an isolated phenomenon.

I was touched by a moment of maximum intensity, a coagulation of stimuli that triggered an adverse reaction, bringing to light less expected answers, the deepest fears and uncertainties. Who was I?

I got my appetite back for this beautiful madness called "creation". I shaped my masterpiece with that intensity of an electric current that crosses a circuit, going over the maximum admitted value, doubling the risk of self-destruction.

Doubtful, without having certain logic, I tried to make the distinction between two types of entities: A and B in a one-on-one relation. I had to see beyond the wall that reached higher and higher along with the level of knowledge and ability. I treated everything with the slightly arrogant contempt of a philosopher’s apprentice.

"Have courage to use your own understanding"

From the material he had at hand, clay, Prometheus, without listening to the Olympian gods, created the first inanimate and unconscious man, and then stole the divine fire to give life to his creation.

I worked harder with the clay of the reality I was shaping according to the levels of a careful observation of people and his existential psychology, without conforming to any norm, any pattern, and any current. But as Kant said: "Have courage to use your own understanding."

I researched and reached a revelation: Eureka ! But I had to protect the secrets I claimed to be able to reveal. At any cost, assiduous, I had to obtain that positive reaction, I had to find out what exactly did that passage from essence to existence, through substance, meant; which could give meaning to my efforts of giving life to my own creation.

My body was touched by a thrill of enthusiasm, a wave of hesitation, moments of great intensity. Sometimes I felt like I could gladly give up my work, if that meant to risk not reaching any performance record. I know it was stupid, and that it meant to amputate that side of me, which can feel, argue and accumulate new stimuli, intensifying each stage of my evolution. Could I have left aside years and years of torment and hard work, of sleepless nights?

The role of fuses in an electric panel is that of interrupting the circuit when the intensity of the electric flow is well beyond the maximum admitted value.

Similarly, my role was that of an apprentice of my own Ego, of main respondent of my own transformation, with the task of installing the connection cables between my creation and my evolution – that could warrant my internal and professional freedom, but without exposing my potential to the major risk of being "torn", of losing its essence and value. I had to make the leap towards excellence without submitting myself to a much too strong tension.

The two-edged sword in leadership

Are you in conflict with yourself? Can you accept the fact that you can’t live in your own utopian world? Are you brave enough to explore the mystery of what you truly are? Are you surrounded by a veritable collection of thoughts and questions, are you overcome by that aggressively-deep craving to possess? Can you amputate that side of yourself that accumulates new stimuli and intensifies each stage of your evolution?

Your strength to contribute to change, the mix of impatience and curiosity in your eyes is, far from the abstract, a refuge, but not an isolated space, not an abandoned place, it’s one of your strengths. This trump, materializing the open, creative thinking that addresses itself, acting as a support for its own transformation, will change your leadership style.

Knowing yourself is the two-edged blade in leadership. On one hand it keeps you away from your utopian world, on the other hand it draws you closer to it. And this proximity between the two faces of distinct realities, between the two independent ways of thinking, proportioning your existence can cause indirect loss.

Your capacity to set personal limits, using those resources that aren’t to your detriment, the desire to explore the mystery of what you truly are, ensuring a balance between "manner and functionality" - the manner in which you dissociate from the impact of a shallow conquest of knowledge and the functionality of your own entity that singularizes you (such as the ability to create) are written in the area of your development, truly making up the pillars that support the essential edifice of leadership.

If you continue to oscillate between two worlds or two directions, you won’t feel better in either one of them. You’ll always live in a bizarre attempt to change "The Man" within you, in an uncomfortable attempt to actively rule a world, a bunch of new situations, a succession of knowledge, which will turn upside-down all your agreements with yourself.

Leadership: Are you aware of the heights you can fly to?

You find yourself in a permanent construction and reconstruction process. A broad spread of the always doubted imagination, a conducting wire that triples its length to the absurd, the bad luck of a perfect evolution and its sources can represent some abstract reference points, that can’t bring something extra to your necessary, existential truth, your greatest deficiencies.

The consequence? You’ll often reach moments of high tension, triggering an adverse reaction, bringing to light less likely answers, your deepest fears and uncertainties. Who are you, truly?

This is the essence of wisdom in the fight between you and leadership: the ability to shape your masterpiece without submitting it to the risk of self-destruction. You have to see beyond the wall that rises higher together with your knowledge and ability level. What lies beyond this wall? What lies beyond the appetite for this beautiful madness called "creation"?

The courage to use your wisdom, your own understanding. Moreover, your capacity to manage the balance between gain and loss, between good and shallow functionality.

Research and you will reach revelation without being dominated by an imaginary, much too puzzling reality. Be the apprentice of your own Ego. Of that Ego that doesn’t suppress itself willingly in contact with the strong stimuli of evolution through enhancing knowledge.

Learn to make the leap towards excellence without submitting yourself to much too strong tensions. Otherwise, you risk becoming a "Prometheus Bound"; the suffering your courage caused you goes beyond the normal limits dictated by your will to overachieve, it will make you deeply regret. A moment of wandering towards absolute, for which you’ll pay with horrible tortures.

Prometheus bound symbolizes the continuous transformation, determined by the attempt to delight your own "ego pride" in a small paradise, in your private world. That superior Ego, which strives very hard and relentlessly to turn you into someone else, removing you from yourself, making you feel you’ve reached too "high" in relation with the susceptibility level of your leadership potential.

Are you aware of the heights you can fly to?


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