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Absolute Devotion

On August 19, 2010, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Focus your soul antennas to others, so that they attach more to you.

In the movie “The Mummy – Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008)”, Evelyn and Rick O'Connell spouses are entrusted with an important mission: to go to China and to return “The Eye Of Sangri La” to the Shanghai Museum, where, according to the legend, it shows the way to The Pond of Eternal Life.

They perform their mission, managing to deliver to the museum that rare collection piece, but there, they were suddenly surrounded by General Yang and his people. He wanted to revive the Emperor Qin Shi Huang and his Terracotta Army at any cost.

Leadership: Can you discover yourself as an absolute value in the way you live your faith in the case of an inner motivation for the call to overcome any limitations?

General Yang, with an authority that leaves no room for compromise, summons Evelyn to read the inscription which was engraved on the “Eye of Shangri La”. If she had refused, her husband would have been killed.

Her entire body shook of sighs at the thought that she will lose forever the one who has always been beside her. She could not turn her back to a man so dear to her. But, deep down her soul, she felt a terrible fear, was haunted by a dark premonition that death watched them both closely. The situation they were in brought to her mind a terrible abyss of possibilities. Her soul was on the verge of despair.

She looked weary-hearted at Rick, as if she wanted to say: “My soul and my body are entirely yours. I will never leave you.” The expression of her eyes was disturbing, like the look of a mother who sees her child seized by a serious illness. She was a loving wife, a human being with an intense spiritual life. No, she couldn't be so selfish with the one that was her companion and her best protector.

Rick startled when he saw Evelyn willingly throwing herself in front of the gun pointed at him. This perspective terrified him. He felt a tug at his heart strings, but he was equally worried. He still kept a serious expression his face, as their lives hanged by a thread.

Evelyn stood in front of the general, with a humble attitude. She was determined to read the inscription, from a sense of fear. Rick just stood there thinking for a moment, then, hiding his concern, showing a confident mine, told her on an affectionate tone: “No, Evelyn, do not do that. They will kill me anyway.

She knew her husband's voice timbre better than anyone – she knew he didn't really want to say that. But she couldn't take into account another possibility, but to read the inscription, with all the dread of that was to follow.

Everything she could make for him could be considered already done, including the personal sacrifice.

Devotion is the way to show yourself as being superior in the face of end-points – revealed as life lessons that harmonize the causes and effects derived from an inescapable situation.

She proved her absolute devotion to her husband. Rick and Evelyn had every reason to be anxious. General Yang treated them with superiority and with coolness, and didn't hesitate to give voice to contempt in the hardest way and in the most offensive terms. They could die or live, only if Evelyn read the inscription – but nothing was certain.

Everything was clear as crystal; Rick could not doubt the loyalty of Evelyn, which would have never lost affection for him. But, reading the inscription, she lit a flame in his soul. Without a doubt, such a person deserves an eternal gratitude, deserves to be rewarded for her devotion.

Leadership: Does your way of being an extraordinary man reside in the joy of recognizing yourself as the victor of a struggle with yourself in which your heart leaves its mark on the character of the person next to you?

If you devote your heart and soul to a person, she will answer with the same feeling. To be received deep inside people's hearts, you must show your absolute devotion to them, increasing their feeling of safety and trust about you. As people feel directly your degree of commitment and its nature – commitment that you take it to them only out of duty or fear of losing your position or commitment based on love and shared values. And if you don't prove to meet their expectations, you will be abandoned.

Your job, as a leader, is to be always there, next to people, among them, to support and help them in difficult moments. People see in you their salvation. There isn't enough for you to be their guide in everything, by giving to them clear orders and instructions in order to accomplish the tasks they were entrusted with. You must have an iron will, but a good soul, as well, to assure them of your friendship for them to be always grateful to you. So, you must treat them with kindness and understanding, to take care of them as if they were your own children, your own family. This will further tighten the connection between you and them. And together, you will become a greater force.

Conclusion: Working with people is the most difficult thing. This “material” called human is fragile, and therefore you must have a special care for how you behave with him. You must show ability to ensure cohesion of a group, to manage to turn a crowd of people in a real team.

Focus your soul antennas to others, so that they attach more to you. People devote their heart and soul to you only if you are devoted to them.

The leader’s most powerful attribute is that he leaves his mark on the sharing of the emotions of others in order to differentiate between them and themselves.


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