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On January 08, 2009, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be open to a new way of thinking and basically to a new way of seeing things, to assure the optimum development of your leadership.

Imagine for one moment that you are sent to follow some special courses of secret agents at a school for espionage. Here you can learn first of all how you can discover if you are followed. At the end of the first semester, instead of a written exam, you are sent in Budapest, dressed just like the locals. Your mission consists in arriving at a certain hour at the fountain in downtown, surrounded by a beautiful park also escaping trackbacks, role that is given to another colleague of yours that you don't know.

Question: Do you think that you will succeed rid of the follower and will arrive at the fountain?

Even if your answer is: “Yes, I will succeed”, be convinced that you will not. Why? Because it is not easy at all and, because nobody has to promote this test from the first attempt. This is the first lesson you have to learn in every spying school: “If you are not vigilant and perceptive, if you are not creative and you don't prove that you have imagination in critical moments, you will never accomplish the mission. Actually you are a dead man.”

Therefore, in order to promote this test the second or the third time, you have to:

1. know very well the place where you have to arrive, and the surroundings too;
2. move fast;
3. be very ingenios, to know how to use the elements of that place to create yourself an advantage;

Leadership: Is the anticipation of a situation that you build in your mind when you expect a result directly proportional to the perspective of a logic from which the steps to solve a riddle must emerge?

I am convinced that you don't want to become a spy and to put your life in danger, isn't it? But it is very useful for you to think as a spy when solutions near at hand do not harmonize, to be willing to consider any idea, especially those seemingly ridiculous, and to never limit yourself to only one viewpoint. As a leader, it is imperative to develop a way of thinking different from the others and to learn how to anticipate all risks.

One thing is certain: if you want to achieve all your goals, and especially to become an efficient leader, you have to be creative in the domain you act. The truth is that you won't be able to accomplish any mission, complicated work task, important project or anything else you want to do and, also, you won't be able to find valid and fast solutions to solve problems that you will surely face in the future if you're not creative and perseverant enough. It takes effort and imagination to overcome all barriers that may prevent you from achieving your goals.

But just like a spy, you have to learn to stay sharp, to be attentive. Having a high level job in a company it's not as safe as it was in the past. Managers are looking for very competent people – capable to inspire the others, in theme with the news, determined and creative. In the present, technology develops very fast, changing is very risky and if you don't act when it is time and in the right manner, you risk to lose the position you have and to be replaced.

Leadership: Do you amplify your intention of being the result of deciphering some puzzles in everything that happens to you during the tendency to maximize the importance you give to leaving a boundless labyrinth?

And if you are a manager, it is very important to find innovative ways to overcome all obstacles that may occur, to learn to handle crisis situations, to know how to proceed when you wake up surrounded by all kinds of problems, which they are more complex, more strange, more pressing, so that you quickly get entirely rid of them. Will you really succeed getting rid of them, and reach the objectives set? You will promote the test of skills and acumen, or you will fail?

Please note that, no matter how much you work, how much you wish to make things work and how many sacrifices you will make, if you don't have the spirit of initiative and are not creative in the domain you act, you will never be able to get on top. To succeed in leadership you must be willing to follow without reserve the path of imagination and creativity.

And if you will not take risks, if you will not have enough presence of mind, a strong sense of creativity and great persuasion skills, you will not be able to manage crisis situations. Therefore, you will not be able to climb in the hierarchy.

The biggest risk you are subjected to in trying to show your vigilance is to keep yourself motivated by a way out of a labyrinth whose meaning eludes you.

Leaders are extremely talented in the domain they work. They know how to combine new ideas with old ideas, how to make connections between different things, how to make associations between opposite aspects or apparently incompatible of things. Leaders are always attentive at details, they analyze any kind of way of solving the problems and adopt rejected ideas or apparently without any mean.

If you want to become a perfect leader you need passion for what you do, persistence and especially creativity. How can you become creative? Through exercise. Try to find everyday solutions to the problems you have. Generating ideas, creativity and innovative spirit have to be close to the pulse of any successful organization.

The way you perceive yourself according to the requirements of a mission with no return is a labyrinth whose architect and prisoner you will keep on being for a long time if you fail to find the “exit” that sends you to the next level.


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