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On December 27, 2009, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Overcome your limitations if you want to take the leap to the next level.

Often people who know their limits and weaknesses stay in one place, depressed and disappointed, ready to take a step back from any hardship life lays in their way. They don't have enough physical power and moral strength, they are afraid to react and therefore, instead of defying their fear, of trying to become more confident and more courageous, they accept their faith (whatever it is) and withdraw into their world.

I hope my words will not sound bad and threatening for those persons who don't like change, but prefer monotony, who don't take control over their lives, over their own decisions and who are not convinced that they will succeed to achieve their goals if they mobilize.

It is not a novelty what once was saying the writer Burke Hegdes: "Heaven helps only the people who take action." Faith means action. Means moving, doing something in order to fulfil your dreams, knowing that God will always be by your side and will guide your every step. Probably you remember that joke with the guy that prays God to help him win the lottery. And after an entire life lost with prayers, God says: "John, buy at least a ticket." Means, I will help you, but make at least a small effort.

The reality is unfortunately much crueler, when we think to the fact that some people don't make any effort to achieve their goals. Probably there is a mute battle in the soul of these disorientated people, too controversial battle between good and evil, but which represents only an unnatural attempt of justifying their own incapability, i.e. the lack of faith.

I'll try to give you below a good example illustrating the magical power of faith, hoping that you will listen to me until the end.

Leadership: Are you aware of your permanent connection with "All That You Are" in a dynamic of the potential to deform a reality, knowing very well that the truth is elsewhere?

Considered one of the best movies of 1997, "Gattaca" falls into the category of motivational movies, which draws the public attention on the fact that nothing is impossible. And other movies can enter this category: "A Knight Tale", "Fighter in the Wind" not to mention "Neverending Story". Why are they called motivational?

For one reason, they stimulate us to take action. Namely, they make us to aspire to more, keep us plugged in, causing us to take a positive attitude, better orient us in choosing the paths to follow and to act with more impetus towards achieving the proposed goals. Personally I harbor a tremendous admiration for this kind of movies, and I don't think I'm the only one.

Vincent Freeman is one of the last people born naturally, not in the genetic laboratories. (The action of the movie takes place somewhere in the not too distant future). Since his birth, the specialists said that he will die at the age of 30 years old. Myopic and sickly, Vincent had no chance to make any career in a dynamic and professional company. But, since he was little, he had a single passion, planets, and his dream was to go in space. Even after he turns 17, his biggest dream was to go into space. He tried to get employed at some companies, but nobody hired him because he didn't have a "clean profile".

Faith means to turn yourself into the glory of a shining torch when the limits of your own condition are clearly negotiated from the beginning by a full authority that restricts your manifestation in the world.

Vincent then realized that he needed "more than a landing to get into space". So he resorted to extreme measures. He had to outdo himself if he wanted to make the leap to a higher level. He had to do something more for himself. He had to confront his limits.

Through the help of a specialist in such cases, he managed to get hired in Gattaca as a navigator, which implied a lot of sacrifices. Every day he had to remove all his dead skin and his body hair to limit any suspicion; he put contact lens, change his identity with an ex- performance athlete (but who had all the characteristics of a "valid" person), not to mention the changing of fingerprints or increase in foot surgery. Finally, Vincent succeeds in accomplishing his dream.

Leadership: Are you prepared to discover the meaning of a life full of substance, constantly following a fiction that can turn you into the mirror of reality in a way that is more faithful to advancing to a higher level of evolution?

But a scene from the end of the movie I will never forget, and this is where I wanted to get. Between Vincent and his brother Anton (who had a clean profile) takes place a last swimming contest. Since they were little they were contesting, and who abandoned first and was returning to shore was considered defeated. It's not necessary to remind who were the healthier, the strongest and the apt between them.

But this time, Vincent won. Anton, who could barely stay at the surface of the water, asks Vincent: "How do you do it? How did you make all of these?" Like how could you, an invalid, to accomplish the impossible?

The fiction that turns you into the mirror of reality is a dream that deserves to be experienced fully, with the risk of sinking into a hole of despair and perdition.

Even if they were far from the shore, Vincent stops swimming and answers his brother: "Do you wanna know how I did it? Do you really want to know? Look how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back."

Leadership: Does the image that you make of yourself refer to a condition of “IF…, THEN”, judging everything you do following the urge “To become someone, you have to start by being nothing” ?

"I never saved anything for the swim back" is an affirmation that I hope will remain in the mind of the future leaders. As this is true faith, to not doubt any second of yourself and once you proposed to achieve a certain aim never saved anything for the "swim back".

"Straight ahead" is the motto of strong people who have the faith that they will be able to move the mountains. Are you sure that you can achieve your goals?

People, unable to make things move in their favour, wait to get the best from life suddenly, without making anything. Unfortunately, all of these unworthy expectations which are deep rooted in their "dysfunctional minds" at changing never fulfil. It's not a surprise that the undecided attitude of these people gained a bad name which, in the opinion of some people, guarantees the failure of any kind of action.

Leadership is mirroring in a dream that is higher than you, stretching across a race in which you have to set the fastest lap.

What should happen so that these individuals change their way of thinking and approach to life?

More faith, this is probably the best answer to this question. Faith kindles that powerful flame, that intense and determined desire of victory which had shown all the great leaders. Without faith, the fire inside us will die at the first obstacle that we meet and it's not a surprise that no matter how much we would try to get over it, we won't. We'll even sink into the swamp of helplessness.

Probably Honore de Balzac was not wrong when he said: "To become somebody, you must start by being nothing".

But I would add, you must have strong faith that one day, you will get where you have proposed, and this can be achieved only through action. What matters is your will to take action, having faith that you will succeed in everything you undertake. Overcome your limitations if you want to take the leap to the next level.

Faith is the measure of the sacrifice you are able to make to reach an as absurd goal as a fiction that only you can invent.


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