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On June 25, 2010, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Open the channels of communication with others, providing evidence that your values and belief system is working properly.

A strong personality, with firm ambitions, a fighter driven by the desire to obtain remarkable results, a man who ceaselessly imposed itself in the challenges and tests life was the Italian origin navigator Christopher Columbus. This man, full of life, always rushed on the road of discoveries, living all the passionate emotions of a navigator. All of the great four travels he made all over the world enriched the geographic knowledge of the time with numerous islands, such as Tortugas, Martinica, Dominica, Maria Galante, Guadalupe, Montserrat, Santa Maria, Santa Cruz, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the coasts of Honduras, the Mulata islands, the Darien gulf.

But what was the most helpful for the great navigator, what helped him overcome all the obstacles he had to face over the years was not only perseverance, but inspiration, as well. For always, a man motivated by high ideals, who tries to overcome his limits and live up to his claims cannot succeed only by being ambitious, determined and cunning. He needs another quality, far superior to all others. He must have intuition, he must be full of inspiration, ingenuity, inventiveness, creativity, in order to solve the problems he facing and overcome life's watershed moments.

Leadership: How do you highlight your experience as a result of an authentication error in the sense of maximum resistance to the dependency on the authority you designate?

The French writer Jules Verne tells in his book „Christopher Columbus” about an important event in the life of the illustrious navigator. Christopher Columbus was accused of injustice and cruelty towards the officers that he had sent home. They had really insinuated that he was trying to become independent of the king. Influenced by these unworthy statements, the Admiral, who wanted to keep his reputation and had a bold character, set out for Spain, wanting to justify himself as quickly as possible.

On June 12, 1496, Columbus entered the harbor of Cadiz in Spain, but this second return of his didn't enjoy the sympathy of the crowds at all. Instead of being enthusiastic about his arrival, the people regarded him with disgrace and hatred. Even his company men were against him, they were disappointed that they didn't bring with them the riches that he promised to find.

Only momentary inspiration saved Columbus from an early failure. He had to find a way to support his innocence, providing evidence that his values and convictions are the best. So, in order to prove his opponents that he was right, he argued with them hammer and tongs at the kings' court, using against them the weapon of irony. He proposed to them to make it so that an egg could stand in balance on one end. They didn't succeed. The, Columbus cracked the egg at one end and placed the egg on that side.

- You didn't think of this solution, he said to them. Well, everything is about thinking.

Inspiration means to unleash your creative power in the prospect of a difficult world that turns simple things into complicated things, from clear ideas to confusing ideas.

Inspiration is like an orchestra conductor - guiding you to be sure things are done properly, gives guidance in real time and act when things get out of control. Inspiration is your teammate to help you make decisions in the most delicate issues. It has a positive impact on the attitude and confidence you approach every situation.

Just as a conductor brings different tools to provide a novel interpretation - so the inspiration focus all your ideas, thoughts and emotions all in one place, printing you a pulse of action. Inspiration is the creative inner force that directs your attention and thoughts to the best possible solutions, offers better alternative than the traditional problem solving approach.

Inspiration helped Columbus to quickly find a way to be the winner in this dispute, instigating all his rivals to believe in him. Inspiration dictated him to do what was necessary, and say what he had to say. Inspiration suddenly provided him in his consciousness the salvaging solution. Inspiration and will guide you towards effective communication with beneficial results.

Leadership is an unprecedented interpretation of the effects of a journey that should lead to your dependence on how you value yourself in the extremes of an unprecedented situation.

To effectively communicate your ideas to the people, especially to your opponents, and to change their beliefs, you need an inspiration of the moment, of that magical spark to enter their soul and to win their sympathy. If you cannot change people's thinking around, surprising him with a different point of view, you will never win them on your side.

Paraphrasing the writer Richard Cohen, being a leader is just like sitting on a rocking boat. You will eventually slip. You will start grabbing all sorts of things. You will fall. But there's always the challenge to stand up and try to continue.

Columbus understood the grave consequences that will arise if he doesn't prove his innocence, but he knew that he can control the situation. He answered the challenge that his opponents launched. The first thing he made was to think of whom he could change their opinions. And he succeeded. He found an innovating way to confront the cruel reality. Inspiration never left him because he was an open man, full of imagination, a cultivated and wise enough man.

Leadership: Is the whole image that you project through the power of the mind in full agreement with the image that you consume by multiplying the weight of your own decisions?

In my book, “The master's touch” I mentioned the following thing: "As a leader, you must think of a strategy with the aid of which you can win people over on your side, to make them to follow you voluntarily, even if, at first, they lack confidence in you and they are suspicious.” And the best strategy in this regard is to prove your skill in establishing, improving and maintaining relationships by using your inspiration and imagination, just like Columbus did.

As a leader, you must always seek new ways to make things work in your benefit and others, you must act promptly and efficiently, showing them that you are a man of future, meaning competent and intelligent.

P.S. Inspiration is that quality which can help the leader get out of the hardest situations, it is the one which comes from years of hard work and practice and, many times, it can prove to be the life buoy for one who is close to drowning.


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