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On December 22, 2008, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Continue to stay true to your beliefs and ideas to penetrate beyond the limits that others impose on you.

As a poor boy that has no friends, no toys, but has the Aladdin's lamp, Fernando Magellan has a thought, a great thought that he wants to see it being achieved at any cost. He wants to launch forth into seeking the strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, a strait that even the most experienced navigators, such as Vespucci, Columbus, Cortez, Cabot or Juan Diaz de Solis couldn't find. What were the odds for him to find it, a crippled man, no longer in his youth, as poor as a church mouse, a solitary man with no family, friends or a place of his own?

According to his calculations, for such a journey, he needed three large ships, an experienced and well-trained crew and, most importantly, enough bread for at least six months. But where could he find the support he needed in order to carry forward with his necessities, if not from King Manoel?

Leadership: Can you be superior to the one you were yesterday by exploring the area of encompassing a self-image that synchronizes with the ideal of representing the virtue of believing in yourself?

For almost two years, Magellan tried to get a sponsorship, but no door from the countless doors leading to the king's audience room was opened for him. How cruel pain can feel a man when he sees himself constantly being drawn away from his great dream. But not Magellan, since he was a stubborn and tenacious man. All these hurtful rejections, even pungent I would say that he had to face out, had armed his decision even more. A man like himself cannot control his heartbeats. Once he set his mind to accomplishing a goal, he tries his best to achieve it.

Thirsty for his passionate interest, Magellan finally manages to find a sponsor in the person of the famous ship owner Christopher de Haro, a rich man who considered the action commercially promising. Finally ! Finally, after two years of running about left and right, trying to get a sponsorship from one or other, the chance arose. After years of honest, serious and straggling fray, not being able to find anyone whom to discuss with his weird and intricate plans, finally there was someone offering to help. But the hard part was far from being over.

Leadership: Is the meaning that you give to your journey due to an open attitude towards an endless search?

In front of a massive mission, only a particularly persevering man can impose himself. Tasks, struggles, responsibilities, they all fell upon Magellan. So much trouble, so much pain and such a struggle with the officers and traders in those five months before his long awaited departure, so many sleepless nights, such an anxiety ! It's a true touchstone to deal with almost everything on your own just because you lack a reliable friend beside you. Anyone would have been in Magelan's place would certainly have abandoned his dreams.

On 20 September 1519, Magelan, once again controlling all goods and cargo, after he inspected the supplies, after he made sure that everything was ready that no sail, rope or screw was missing (this meticulous he was in order to succeed), Magellan piped away, and the fleet left the shore in search of the “el paso”.

One year of endless searches followed. A year in which the crew rebelled against Magellan because of starvation, fatigue, and especially because the strait Magellan pretended to know the location of was nowhere to be found. But everybody bows down resignedly before a persevering man. Magellan succeeded in controlling his crew and, after having drifted for a long time, he finally succeeded in finding the strait.

Leadership: Do you stimulate your motivation to engage in the process of brand activation in the midst of a triumph that produces an unavoidable consequence?

The brand is the source of a promise made in genuine form, which introduces an action to obtain an offer. The leader’s brand is the way in which he is perceived and seen in the minds of those with whom he interacts, through the role and the actions he assumes in an unpredictable temporal horizon.

Magellan did not live to enjoy his success than a moment; since he was killed in an unhappy confrontation with the natives, on his road to home. But he proved that a man, no matter how poor, crippled or solitary, can achieve what the most famous and brave cannot achieve. He proved that a man can keep under his command an entire crew and any opposition. This is one true leader's fabric. If you are enough persistent and determined in your decisions and actions, you'll be able to reach any goal, no matter how impossible it seems to fulfill.

A leader made from a harder wood. He faced the cold, fatigue, hunger, and all unimaginable deprivation, rejection after rejection, years on end, but in spite all that, Magellan went further and further. Here's what it means to be persistent, this is what it means to commit enthusiastically to a noble goal and to get up from the anonymity of your existence.

In the face of all obstacles you can emerge triumphant if you are persistent and persevere with confidence in your steps. You cannot become a great leader if, filled with fear, you draw back from the storm waves. You can never reach your goals if you don't always go forward, if you're not always attached to the mission you've undertaken, if you don't follow up your ideas and if you don't have the courage to face any difficult situation.

Conclusion: “Fight, search and never give up, but continue to be persevering” here's a motto for any leader who actually wants to achieve his goal. Continue to stay true to your beliefs and ideas to penetrate beyond the limits that others impose on you.


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