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Power Of Persuasion

On April 06, 2011
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Qualities of A Leader by Neculai Fantanaru

Communicate to people your point of view in such an effective manner so that they will be convinced of its justness.

At least for the gymnast Dan Millman, all his life was limited to those 20 seconds in front of the referees that could give him the gold. A very good score did not please him; he wanted by all means the first place. But his dream was still far from becoming reality. He was not ready for the big trial. Ten months ago, he got seriously injured. Doctors were skeptical about him, and if they have not seen in him strong evidence to indicate that he is strong enough to compete then, they would not allowed him to participate in Olympics.

His coach was also very skeptical. Nobody gave big chances to Millman. Not even he himself was not sure chance of his success, although dogged by nature, relapsed seriously into training.

Leadership: Do you feel that you can be above yourself in the circumstances of a sensible resemblance between the content of the experiences you have experienced and the profile of a pattern of reason that determines your will on the grounds of its occurrence?

The ability to establish relationships highlights all your qualities. If you watched the movie "The Peaceful Warrior (2006)" then surely you remember the story. In Millman's life everything was changed after he met a mysterious stranger named Socrates (represented by the actor Nick Nolte). They began to meet more often. Among them has formed a good friendship. Socrates taught and trained him daily the things which in turn he had learned from his own experience of life. And thus was able to change him.

With a subtlety worthy of a great psychologist, Socrates seized deep into the Millman's psyche, suggesting and the ways to avoid falling into that mental state of limitation. One of the most valuable advices that he gave to him is worthy of note:

"I want you to cease in believing what others say and start to believe in you. Throw out the thrash, Dan. The thrash is anything that stands between you and the only thing that matters, the present moment. You'll be amazed at what you can do and how well you can do if you focus on the present moment. Only if you really concentrate on this, you can change the future."

Leadership means to determine a great extension of the experiences that you experience by summing the value you bear for those inferior to you.

As to influence people, you must first have a common view with them. Can you, even for a moment, to play the role of Socrates? Can you convince at least a single person around you to make things of it is not sure that can do?

To influence people you must be able to "get" first into their thoughts, to guess what's really going on inside them, then to awaken in them a new awareness, to provide a new understanding of things. And finding a common point of view is the first link which facilitates your access to them.

Just as the power of emotion to a painting is primarily due to the artist's spiritual vibration transmitted to the viewer - so the power of conviction of a leader is due to his access to other people, demonstrating all his full availability and willingness to support them emotionally and psychologically and to capture them by his side.

Leadership: Will the content of your character serve a higher purpose, beyond the process of supporting some revelations that you become addicted to in the penetration of spiritual things?

People need to feel on themselves the truth you express. Socrates said to Millman that people are afraid of what it is inside them. This was the first step toward a deeper understanding of things. It was the midway point, brief, but necessary for transition to the real stage, the most important of Millman's life - the stage where he can grow again, in which he can recover his lost confidence and demonstrate a greater commitment to his purpose.

Ultimately, Millman has finally convinced of the depth of Socrates's wisdom, putting into practice all his tips. He learned to focus his attention on his own abilities, rather than listen to others around him who gave him not too much chance of success. And finally he won the gold.

Your effectiveness as a leader is influenced by your ability to impose to others your view in such an effective manner so that they will be convinced of its justness. If people do not feel on themselves the truth you convey, then sooner or later they will leave you.

In leadership, it matters how you see yourself both from the perspective of reviewing attitudes towards understanding the essence of a reality, an experience, a thought, a feeling, and accepting their terms. And from the perspective of the significance they attribute to learning and motivation experiences.

Conclusion: A good leader must possess that power of persuasion with which to establish a common view with the people that he leads and to convince them that they are actually the basis of the present changes for a better future.

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