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Emotional Force

On July 21, 2010, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Activate those inner forces through which to find the right path to the people's hearts.

Rick and Evelyn reached the oasis in the Ahm Shere desert, near the temple of Abu Simbel. They had to find their son at any cost and rescue him from the hands of the high priest Imhotep and his faithful servants. Only two of them, together with Jonathan and Ardeth Bay – the chieftain of a group of desert warriors, would have had almost no chances against the dozens of soldiers serving Imhotep.

Rightly thinking that they were fighting against more than one hundred well-armed men, knowing that the chances of victory were not on their side, Rick slowly got closer to his wife Evelyn. A good man, a warmhearted man, an adventurous explorer dedicated to his job, was then in her face, but pretty hopeless for the first time. Aware that Evelyn, already tired by the terrible emotions she had gone through, had fear in her heart, talked to her with a great warmth of heart, calmly, with a voice full of dignity, but in pain.

All fears and concerns had got ahold of their souls, sensing the danger just like before a terrible storm. Rick hesitated a little, as if it were hard for him to tell her that it could be their last moment together. Instead of telling her directly how much he loves her, how much she meant for him, how passionately he adored her, he gave her some last pieces of advice about how to shoot with the rifle, as he knew her free and assured character.

Leadership: Do you imagine the reality you are building through a message that invites you to verify a state of mind in which the unique essences of inner worlds intertwine?

Evelyn nodded approvingly at Rick's pieces of advice. With her eyes focused on him, she listened open-hearted the warm and emotional words coming from his lips. She felt a thrill pierce. A thought of hope burst for a moment in her soul. The power of this thought had accentuated so hardly that she almost cried. Rick kissed her tenderly, a kiss that almost meant “Goodbye ", and then, without a word, he disappeared in the oasis.

This entire moment turned into an inside force for Evelyn. With a tight heart, but deeply moved by her husband's gesture, she took the gun firmly in her hand and, driven by the impetus of the women seeking the true happiness in the man she loved, she prepared for battle.

If you watched the movie “The Mummy Returns (2001)”, you surely remember that Evelyn fought bravely, risking her life, succeeding in saving her son and husband.

The great power of a leader radiates from his being when the reality he experiences and expresses highlights the form in which he is revealed as a content of affection.

For the first time, the great power radiating from Rick's being got revealed – a power that shook seduced and dominated souls. For the first time, it manifested in himself the magical force that could mobilize somebody to be more ambitious. Who knows, if Rick hadn't taken Evelyn's interior pulse and hadn't lifted Evelyn's level of adrenaline, inciting that inner fierceness specific to a fearless warrior who fought to the death, maybe she would have become hopeless and wouldn't have given proof of that magnificent courage.

A true leader transforms the lives of everyone who is around him, appealing more to emotion than to reason. In fact, this is what his great power consisted in. Everywhere, unceasing, the super-energy of his being awakens in other people an unsuspected tension, excessively intense, in the form of attraction. The souls, bound in his spell power, are suddenly overtaken by a terrible devotion, listening blindly to his will.

A life full of trials, through the lessons learned from the experience of fascinating happenings, is the magical story in which two lives separated in time, but united in spirit intertwine.

It may be that people whom you lead to go through times of fear or doubt and, not having a tough interior, to decrease their interest for obtaining performances. It may also be possible to lose all their impetus and, instead of succeeding, to fail. In such moments, when their situation gets harder, your job, as a leader, is to give them strength, to make them feel strong and confident. You must take their inner pulse and start that emotion in them, that strange feeling in their heart that reveals their true value, their entire potential. If you succeed in doing that, it means that you have a huge emotional force.

Trying to lead a group of people not animated by any kind of enthusiasm is just as taking over the command of a battalion that didn't get over physical training. In order for people to try and reach their potential and accomplish something visible you must stimulate their ambition, making use of their emotions and feelings, not just reason. People can't become hyperactive if you don't convey that energy to succeed and, especially, if you judge them superficially. Rick helped Evelyn to channel her impetus by his emotional force, not by the “bandwidth”of thought.

Leadership is presented as the pillar of resistance when you are animated by the ambition of constantly assuming the responsibility of being yourself in a world that reflects the values ​​you believe in.

Conclusion: Great leaders have that art of getting into people's souls, establishing connections which underlie at the basis of their manipulation, with the aim of activating those inner mobilizing forces with the aid by which them can overcome the critical moments that sometimes occur.

P.S. The team's ability to get over obstacles depends on the leader's emotional force.


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