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The Unyielding Will To Overpower

On January 14, 2010, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Whenever you lower your standards, you will become vulnerable, and whenever you will find another better than you, with a stronger will, you will lose.

The one who has a great purpose and has the courage to launch out into the foamy waves and uncertain of hardships and life-tests, the one who, inspired by a high-aimed dream, bars all his ways to retreat and pitches, to the utmost of his power, into the unknown and unforeseeable, the one who, reasoned by the taste of victory, is well-grounded to take the bull by the horns and fight to the last breath that one will succeed with all his attempts. What defines a successful leader is that he always succeeds, with much proficiency and implacability, to surmount all perils, challenges and sorrows.

Through time, only a handful of people succeeded in distinguishing themselves among others, accomplishing what seemed impossible to realize. Fernando Magellan proved, for all generations to come that an idea, if carried on the wings of genius, is revealed to be, eventually, stronger than each and every element of nature. Genghis Khan proved that a simple shepherd who doesn't know how to write and read can outbalance in military skills the armies of the greatest kingdoms and that, at the same time, he is able to initiate a body of laws for fifty nations. Asoka, the first great ruler of India, proved that men can gain far more mealy-mouthed than giving orders. And Napoleon Bonaparte enforced the idea that, the one who establishes high goals for himself and is led by noble ideals can overcome his humble condition. And the examples may continue.

People with a will and an extraordinary toughness are able to transform into reality what for many is just an illusion. Their actions often surpass all the expectations. More than likely, their most important quality which they manifest in any circumstances and at any time is the firm will to defeat in the face of any challenges to overcome any hindrance and to triumph. Full of energy, fearless and led by an iron will, they manage to cover the ground from failure to success.

Leadership: Are you afraid to imagine the future of your relationship with the option that lives in your heart and increase its beats through a remote view that captures the peak moment of your strength of character?

You must have an amazing perseverance and a fearless willingness in order to rush, as Magellan did, into an expedition in which the chances of success are very small. You got to have an astounding courage, when you rush into war and you play first fiddle, like Napoleon Bonaparte or Genghis Khan. The journey towards the achievement of the “impossible” is, indeed, very hard and spiny. It is crowded, at every step, with challenges and dangers, full of hard luck, flat denials, delay, heavy croppers and failure. That's why only few people rush into walking that road. Only the truly brave, with a strong will to achieve their goals, will be able to "mark".

The path to glory lies only before those who are convinced that they can achieve what no one else can, who have the courage to start on a journey where the fair chance of success is minimum. Those slightly ambitions or shuffling, who are afraid to jump into the unknown and to assume risks, shall not struggle along such a journey, full of dangers and sore trials, where there's either no return journey, or there is only one, that's very hard to find. The great aims can be attained only by those having a brave will for achieving the victory, by those energetic, courageous, unyielding and tenacious.

A whole army driven by one will, that of their leader, can accomplish the impossible. Revealing a firm will, volition in his actions and courage without limits, Hannibal scored crushing victories against the Roman armies. He always respected the oath he made to his father when he was nine: “I swear that I'll hate the Romans as long as I live”.

Leadership: Is there any further processing of some authentic reasons for finding a way to trample the path of others, specifically designed to make your relationship with what becomes the final image easier necessary?

Hannibal knew, better than anyone, that lack of will is the biggest drawback for a true warrior. Only a tenacious leader, who knows no fear of anyone or anything and who possesses a strong patience, is able to encourage and embolden his warriors and win consecutive victories. he was a stupendous warrior, victorious in all his duels, used to initiate every attack. He used to always be the first of the equestrians and foot soldiers. He initiated the battle and returned last from the battlefield. No wonder that all Carthaginians worshiped him and his army's fame has spread worldwide.

A man with a strong will can only be defeated by another one with an even stronger will. Hannibal was a feared conqueror. He frightened Rome, which, for many years, was in a permanent state of shock. But, eventually, he was defeated by Scipio “the African” who had the strength to stand up against him and to fiercely oppose him. Just as Hannibal's only aim was to kneel down Rome, Scipio's only purpose was to defeat Hannibal. And, ever yet, when two great wills meet, just one gets to be the winner: the most unyielding and fearless, the most powerful one.

To measure your leadership, ask yourself if the balance between the requirements of the soul and the requirements of your level of motivation helps the final outcome of the struggle where the winner is your transition to a broken destiny.

The unyielding will to overpower involves the desire to achieve your goals, by contemplating various strategies and very well-regulated plans. But, in the same time, to achieve your goals, you need stamina, audacity and, especially, a will of iron. Whenever you lower your standards, you become vulnerable, and whenever you will find another one better than you, with a stronger will, you will lose.


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