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Remember Me

On Octombrie 05, 2019
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn how to relate yourself to a time of intense artistic experience, immortalizing it at a turning point in your relationship with a being that feels and imitates you in everything you create about it.

Whenever I am in the midst of roses, like a Harry Houdini among paintings, I feel like they are introduced to a story landscape, in memorable conversations between two similar characters, and yet as different as moral endowment, education and character. It is as if I am having an unimaginable experience in a world of sensations and the optical illusions spun around a unforgettable images, sober and at the same time full of sensitivity, in which two points, perceived separately, declare themselves united in one crossing of the history of art.

I agree with myself and take heed when thoughts capture the silence of a moment of affection and longing, questo momento è un santo segreto, that not everything I see is a bunch of organic matter collected in one form or another, at the same time something fleeting and pointless. There is also an aesthetic side in which the colors alter my perceptions of something existing outside of me, a dialogical monologue, a complex religious symbolism embodied in a suitable artistic form, an exquisite beauty that is enjoyed with the praise and admiration of all by constituting a point of reference: “The destiny of a transcendent reality”.

This perception of the rose, in the privileged moments of my break from the world, facilitates the encounter with an Alter-Ego inspired by the immortal brilliance of an indestructible whole, the horizon of an irretrievable situational understanding enclosed in an extremely tight space. Often, even the roses diligently do their duty of freely transmitting, as a holy prayer, what words fail to: a good mental focus, peace of mind, a mental creation of Everything.

Leadership: Do you have the ability to materialize some ideas in a visual form that give meaning to a concept of the type “believe in something more than you can see”, immortalized through a factor of attraction that subtly convinces you to adopt it without having rejection reactions?

In a way, I forced myself to listen to the silence of the roses, with pleasure and delight, only through the mere fact of my presence among them, as when the painter admires the landscape and visualizes it as a matrix of sacred space and devotional action, experiencing it with all the intensity it is capable of, before immortalizing it in a decisive moment of its relationship with nature.

The painting, once completed, is a great surprise because you have to recognize a new aspect of what God wanted you to see from Him, through the diversity and grandeur of nature.

Remember Miranda Gray, the character in John Fowles’ work. What she told the butterfly collector remains a defining emblem of the roses externalized by art, because they themselves feel as if they are a part of people’s lives, un ritiro dalle onde delle tentazioni del mondo , as they are set with many predefined colors of nature, with feelings and thoughts that I find in myself, in support of my story:

It is madness, it is sinister, but a sort of relationship was created between us. We tease each other, an almost friendly situation. Partly because I feel so alone, away from the agitated world, I do it deliberately so as to force him to relax. A part of weakness, a part of deceit. But there is another part, mysterious, that I cannot define. There can be no friendship, because I hate him, you prick the vein with some words of gray nuance even when not necessary. Maybe it’s some kind of interest to his person. Because I know so much about him. And when you know someone well, you automatically feel closer to him. Even when you would like to see him on another planet.”

Leadership: Can the object of your attention become the authentic version of a proactive type empathy through the plastic representation of a being who announces the discovery of a masterpiece of yours, so far unknown?

Attention focused on a splendor of nature is associated with the modification of an image of artistic value conceived in order to facilitate the extraction of information of interest for the construction of a sense attributed to the activity experienced through a character, through his conscience, following his thoughts and feelings. Whether as an emblem of purity and candor, or as an emblem of power in terms of imaginative or intellectual knowledge.

With much inspiration and passion, I know that I will be able to bring about a change of artistic mentality, oltre ogni dubbio, a lasting enrichment of the vision about the infinite creative resources of the human genius with a source of the power of expression of the language, only if the object of my attention will place an increasingly stronger mark on the need for diversity. He must also motivate other currents of opinion to embrace the aspects of revitalizing the aesthetic feeling towards nature.

Being proactive means being a man of the ideas of art impregnated in the mind and soul of the person who completes your experiences with a certain intensity. And the masterpiece of an artist consists in rendering the intensity of this experience as an expression of a symbiotic success between the visual and the conceptual, between nature and the contemporary man.

As I recognized my inclination to portray the beauty of roses, as the very fact of immortalizing a unique moment in my life, being able to be transposed into a story, I began to introduce in my pictures the content of meaning attributed to a life experience of impressive force and vigor, captured in images, as the writer Artur Silvestri does in the work “Perpetuum Mobile”:

“Undiscovered music made him dream with his eyes wide open. It was something like a magic he had never tried before. He had begun to see landscapes, motionless scenes and unnamed faces – almost like photographs – that he had known before, perhaps long ago, even from his life perhaps. He seemed to be reliving concentrated moments, which had only happened to remind him of another time, sometime, in some random future, coming just now without having announced him.”

The great secret of creation is experiencing the feeling of being ALIVE, detached from the words that remain imprinted in the minds of other people, only if you communicate them in time by artistic reflection of an object, of a landscape, of a painting, of a reality forgotten in our daily lives.

Words are the paths that my art also produce in view of a brilliant, completely inexplicable work, which nature calls Logos, the expression of God, His expression of Himself. At first it was the word, then the telling of a reality to which I am deeply subjective, giving great revelations about myself. Getaways from those found only in the poet’s vision of nature, in the thoughts of peace, harmony, tranquility, inner love that I give to all those who want to be a permanent novelty in the landscape of art.

Remember Me is the urge of the rose expressed by the artist’s personal perception of changes in mindset, thinking and attitude, made possible by his contact with a sensitivity of a structure other than that of the limits that push the expressionism of comparison, but rather that of a vibrant expressionism, with symbolic inserts, anchored in the reality of an event called “La Creazione Incessante”.

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