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Repent And Die !

On November 08, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Start considering leadership as a moral force, outlining your sense of life as a form of excited emotionality for something that can relentlessly represent you.

Indeed, for an hour now, he had but a side of his misfortune in his sight and behold, suddenly another side came to mind, no less dire.

Towards his wife, he acted as an unyielding judge and even condemned her to death. And she, terrified, crushed by remorse, collapsed under the shame he called upon himself in the name of spotless virtue, she, the poor woman, weak and defenseless against an absolute and supreme power, maybe even in that very moment, was preparing to die !

An hour passed since her condemnation. It was without a doubt that she relived in her mind all of her crimes, she was asking for God’s forgiveness – all criminals turn towards the heavens before death – while writing a letter begging forgiveness to her virtuous husband, forgiveness paid by death.

Villefort shrieked again in pain and fury. Alas – he groaned as he rolled upon the carriage’s silk – this woman only became a criminal due to living by my side. I am the one infected of crime, me, me ! But she contracted crime such as you contract typhus, cholera, the plague ! And I am punishing her ! I dared say to her: "Repent and die ! " Me ! No ! No ! She will live ! She will follow me, we will both run away together, we will leave France, we will keep going forward, as long as the earth can endure us.

I spoke of the scaffold ! Good Lord, how could I dare use that word ! For the scaffold awaits me as well ! We shall run away ! But I shall confess everything. Yes, I will tell her every day, humiliating myself, that I too have committed a crime… Alas ! The union of the tiger and the snake ! Eternal wife of a husband such as I ! … She must live, my wretchedness must make hers fade away ! *

Leadership: Do you show your exclusive concern for the phenomenon of “remorse by delegation”, expressing your gratitude for the relentless end of your own evolutionary cycle that supports itself with the unshakable testimony of the deeds that deserve their reward?

The starting point in the construction of a personality that changes the world, can be investigated and interpreted in any type of experimental science by integrating dynamics and the mental processes of man in a context of training and responsibility. Any such personality is based on a strong motivation: to live and think positively.

And man’s stopping point, which may have as a moral the negative effect of an action served and manifested in excess, or an omission which in a moment created an imminent threat of harm over your own environment of training, must be considered as being a less finished version of "yourself."

A "yourself" that is associated with a weak content of positivity. A "yourself" that is a partaker of that state of waking consciousness, in which the "guilt" solvent is activated, enabling a form of ethical paralysis, that feeling of sad resignation in the face of an undesired reality. Guilt means mercy, it means a weak conscience, it means running away from yourself in an attempt to find another reality in which to take refuge, knowing that you can always get lost in another area called “confession without surroundings”.

The experience of being a judge and a defendant belongs to the man who consumes his existence through continual confessions related to his deeds, proving that he is not interested in knowing the truths of the world, but only in his relationship with himself.

The inadmissible end is always the result of "it’s my fault", with a large dose of resentment at an individual level. What man tends to know about the whole world is directed to the center of his inner world, as it is in relation to the phenomena of the soul, to the product of his consciousness. So, his relation to the possible that he can bear in connection with his deeds, is the result of reaching a point where the mind must be accompanied by balance in order to move toward wisdom. Otherwise, man is compelled to no longer recognize himself, reawakening deep pains that will move him to tears, and moving further and further away from godliness.

The man that doesn’t shape the meaning of his life as a complex experience of attachment, as a form of excited emotionality for something that has to relentlessly represent him, will always have accents of resignation after the wars lost with himself. Always will the man defeated by his own weaknesses start off actions as early as his youth that will, in excess and over the course of time be incriminated in the occurrence of unexpected events. He is prone to changes that can often be dramatic.

Leadership is emerging as a mental strength when permanent changes and the surrounded mess that constrains you into feeling weak and stuck in a nostalgic bewailing of losing epistemic self-control, emotional and moral, and yet choose to believe in something good, in greatness and the beauty of life.

Leadership is the tendency to enter the vein of existential meaning of the man who shapes his own existence, meaning sensations and moods, as it is located at the center of events: as a victim of chance or as an instrument of chance.

Repent And Die ! is the alarm signal suggesting that you are on your last journey: that of loneliness, vanity and perdition. Proof of repentance is valid when you have to go forward, as long as the earth can endure you to escape a guilt that must be immediately punished by the laws of the world.

The proof of your own narrow-mindedness and scarcity is justified when you only see one side of your misery and when, always and unexpectedly, a new side comes to mind, no less dire. And you are forced to violate the principles of equality.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo , Youth Publishing House, 1957

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