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Rhythm Of My Heart

On February 10, 2020
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Alpha Leadership by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to rediscover yourself in a hypostasis that you will remember with pleasure in the pure red of an immeasurable time.

I began to paint the rose, with finesse and great talent, In The Rhythm of My Heart , as I would paint myself in the vivid colors of a sublime meaning attributed to the remembrance of a life started from the very core of a non-figurative art that is perceived only through the openings of a Heideggerian metaphysics. A bright red is reserved for the tip of the petals, before they open in front of an eternal universe starting from a pure coincidence, or from a trivial resemblance to an inverted pyramid concentrated in the shape of a diamond.

The rose is the object of my observation, of my interpretation on the aesthetic level, as a kind of abstraction capable of symbolizing any possible object invested with the fervor of a holy soul. I have to sit still for hours, just like the object of my creation, knowing that we both have the power to experience the same dream from a time that relates exclusively to the phrase “Let me still exist in another place” , so as to keep that feeling of “self value” in a dual universe.

Perceptual comparison calls as an artistic basis, in a way that the metaphysicians would call Asqachumensi (gratitude to the makers of the Great Union), a process of drawing with the soul, so as to capture the double movement of the trajectory of a voice, a line, sensations of shape, light, temperature, all reinforced by means corresponding to art: figure, color and orientation in space. The great art of Kabbalah deals with the perception of the exteriorization of a mystical world similar to the one you live in feeling level, but in another space and in another form.

Leadership: Can you allow yourself to be guided by the accessibility of an emotional charge that comes from a truly imagined image of how the world can look in a higher artistic plane, so that you can recognize yourself in another hypostasis?

The wind blows lightly. The sun pleasantly warms the atmosphere of a poetic realism with symbolic accents. I feel the artist’s brush as it sketches my soul, before the painting gains a beautiful shape, suited for me, concentrated in the eye of a diamond that shines through a metaphorical operator: “Where the ocean meets the sky”. My master told me often as he mixed colors in a mix of physical effort and mystical quest: “Play with science as you paint a soul, without ever having seen a painting before. That is the whole magic cabal ! ”

The last of the Kabbalists, in life and immortality, tries a new way of integrating into other worlds, on the chorus of an affective load, belonging to the divine plan: “Burning down the bridges of my memory”.

Delicate as a runaway touch, recreated by an intense brushstroke movement – doubled on the trajectory of the whole parts difference, I feel transposed into another reality by strikingly resembling the figure of an Egyptian pharaoh that suggests royal power and beauty. Others look at me in the shape of a big teary eyed and candid Bamby. It depends on the angle in which the figure and the spatial orientation are maintained in the same state of mind, open for visual-conceptual research.

I am an unusual rose that often defines the experience of controlling the space between worlds, in the same way in which the artist integrates, with the divine soul and feeling, into the main subject of his painting. The artist speaks, becomes a dialogue, becomes the binder of the worlds, a conditioned reflection of a higher order, forced to follow the course of the action of a “With the words I love you”.

You can look at me as much as you want, but you will not be able to understand me with the ordinary eye of the mortal, but only through an activity analogous to the creation marked by the possibility of crossing the worlds.

Leadership: Is providing a safe and easy viewing experience for projecting an image that you can only see from a certain angle valuable by simulating the conditions for viewing a new format of reality?

You reach the recipe of creating a thing only when you understand its nature, the divine in harmony with the essence of man passed through the filter of matter. In fact, the significance of a rose can be recognized by the way in which the artist realizes the illusion of movement generated by his Alter-Ego in the form of divine spirit. And I don’t know how it is done, but every time the artist tries to give me a new touch, always with the immense breath of an immortal god, I feel as if I am experiencing an illusion in a physical dimension that simply looks real to me.

Through all kinds of artistic representations, I often allow myself to combine the different elements that symbolize spiritual values: sacrifice, revelation, purity, majesty and distinction, randomly immortalized on the fine linen canvas, from various abstract forms to a gradation of brushes that gives the impression of three-dimensionality. The forms are united compositionally by a force mobilizer “Love may still be alive”, but also visually interpreted as having only one meaning: Elscogrellar (imagining an unusual writing).

Light up my darkness ! The only condition for viewing another reality is to transform myself into a beautiful dream that repeats itself, into a higher plane from which to look at my life as if I were at the cinema.

I am an unusual rose because the red of a divine blood flows in me that demands externalization in ever more intense thoughts and experiences. While the world admires my appearance, but completely ignores the depth, the unifying force of the coherent figure used symbolically in a specific space, sheltered from other relationships or social interactions, the artist remembers his destiny on the stretch of canvas so revealing, dominated by the secret teaching of Papus:

“As in the invisible man circulate fluids and cells (blood and nervous fluids), active factors of the body, so in the Invisible Nature circulate forces and beings, active factors of the physical plane. The occultist who has found in man the existence of an astral body, factor and conservator of organic forms, does not stop in the study of Nature at the physio-chemical forces or at the results of evolution. He knows that these visible things are nothing more than the result of invisible principles for our senses.”

Leadership: Do you manifest your sensitivity to the receiver’s perception of his high mission as Creator, faithfully rendering your image seen through an analogy with the term “resurrection in another plane”?

The great science can only be perceived by the means of artistic expression in the field of a perfect means of analogy: “As in heaven, so on earth.” In this case, the rose is personified in an artist who knows how to accurately reproduce the image of divinity obtained through a striking analogy with a spirit word: “With the words I love you”.

Perhaps from the point of view of cabal, however, I am the equal of God, because I know how to be a rose painted with the soul of a genius artist, and because my soul knows very well how to make the transition into other worlds and other universes through artistic means. But today’s world has forgotten the noble significance of art, because the world itself has lost the coordinates of its significance in the universe. Only artists can bring salvation and immortality to light. And if it had been determined before the providence, humanity could have never experienced the wonder of transformation.

The artist who knows how to reveal his sensitivity by integrating himself into the life of a rose, also knows that Jesus is a parable chosen with debate by the old Kabbalists. Son of God has risen from the dead because he knew how to turn, changing the composition of the solid spirit, and vice versa. Therefore, it is essentially about how you can integrate yourself into two similar worlds: through spirit, through deification, through salvation, through call to incarnation, reincarnation, resurrection and ascension into heaven.

The artist is the personification of a rose, being a receptacle for emotions that come from everywhere: from heaven, from the earth, from a piece of paper, from a transient form, from a spider’s web, or from a sound wave. Picasso knew this best, before moving in time, before embedding himself in me. And I brought art back to the forefront of the highest science.

Leadership, from an artistic perspective, is sustained by the idea that an image can remain imprinted in the memory of the world and of time as long as its Creator departs from reality to go into the depths of a vast cosmology.

Rhythm Of My Heart is the consequence of the breathlessness that arises from the merging of two realities, different in substance and manifestation, the immediate and the long-lasting, in order to reach a common denominator called “artistic construction”.

To love art means to look at God’s wonderful creation with the eye of an artist capable of spontaneously capturing that actuality that has the chance to withstand the test of time.

* Note: Rod Steward - Rhythm of My Heart

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