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Roses Have A Background Experienced At Great Heights

On May 01, 2021, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

The Great Science is what you say to a rose, naturally, so that it feels abundantly endowed with the gift of speech.

It’s as simple as talking to you, as simple as it is for me to talk to myself, without anyone around hearing us. And if I knew how to be simpler in expression, with more power in a writing without variety, then surely you would admire my words for their simplicity. I add a clarification here: for me you meant a friendship experienced at the majestic height of the eternity of art, which gives free reign to innocent youth, to the fulfilled dream of a colorful artist.

In this way, whether the hand moves away or closer to an object, the eyes always see it in the same light of an easy-care shrub, which if you embrace it with your mind, thought, voice, soul, you feel carried in a fairytale land in which summers last for decades, so where space and time acquire their own logic. Thus, the rose came to represent a continuation of my story over the centuries, but also the first step of exposing what I write.

As for the distant ones, nothing can limit the sight of what is close. The rose appeared out of nowhere in my life, as a desire arises from a bouquet of roses that charms you at first sight, or perhaps from a simple consideration of an isolated phenomenon, da un semplice punto di vista visivo, thanks to which I learned that the connection between the beauty of art and the so-called beauty of nature means to distinguish the difference between the initial image and that obtained by inspiration at every step.

Leadership: Does your creation express those things or ideas that speak to you about the act of perception of external reality, supported by the image as a representation of one Self in relation to the Other?

Me, myself and the “Double Delight” rose form a chain whose main link is the reflection of a deep reality in a mirror with illumination and zoom, of which art, the exercise of the spirit, the processes of changing reality, are just a reflection of an inner state or situation of inspiration. But this impression of authenticity, that everything is something natural, greater than greatness itself, varies proportionally with the distance between me and myself, between ideal and reality, because imagination decreases or increases in the same proportions.

It is just that. Self-consciousness escapes into oblivion and derision in the face of a Work that leaves you speechless, but which regenerates itself incessantly in the spiritual world through stretching, materiality and strong contrasts of color. More precisely, this Work is distinguished by the materiality of a reality that constructs its meaning outside the intrinsic meaning of life, from that matter of words that is of the same origin as the form of a particular creation.

And that is why the rose is the result of my words, entirely dedicated to art. Because thanks to it I saw a vast space from sight to vision, from sight to the desire to touch, from contemplation to empathy. In it, in this miniature universe, permeates everything that is truer and more alive in my being, the motive for performing an act of beauty, in connection with the triggering of an imaginative interpretation of the viewer that surprises us both with a reaction such as: “Look for those things that speak to your heart.”

Leadership: Can the source of your creation be attached to the knowledge of a theme that does not disappear in time, but evolves with the uniqueness of your model of visualization of a more comprehensive self-image?

Sometimes I discern in the existence of the rose, having a daily dialogue with it, as if by virtue of an “avant-garde conscious act”, the will to crystallize a Parexpriothyssconception according to which the artist’s attention should not be directed only to the permanent exercise of attitudes of responsibility towards nature and environment. But, especially, to the virtue of enriching one’s vision by allowing intellectual access to the mechanisms of functioning of inner reality.

From the same sphere of meanings attributed to the reality that I discovered with the help of the rose, from which Occulta Philosophiafeeds, is part of the theme of the novel “The Philosopher’s Stone”, written by Marquerite Yourcenar, when at some point we meet, in a completely transient manner, a rather interesting character:

“Man agreed to for there to be an opening for him of a happy or unhappy immortality for which he was directly responsible, but not to be surrounded everywhere by an eternal duration of which he was and at the same time was not part. It was Origen’s error, the eternity of the soul, which led to indignation because it reduced the immediate adventure to nothing.”

We are dealing here with that part of the soul which is, by its nature, attached to the knowledge of a theme which does not disappear in time, but evolves with the uniqueness of my model of visualizing an image of great art. It is, in particular, an image that captures the duration of an emerging state of mind, never quite tense, making the transition from virtual to real, and this state manages to materialize in an act of perception of the feeling of otherness.

Alterity means being someone you deserve to meet whenever you want to be alone, with yourself, in a way full of originality (and full of meaning).

Roses Have A Background Experienced At Great Heights if we think that each artist has his own world that represents the cognitive value of a creation meant to include, in its horizon of beauty and significance, the soul, to stir and delight it with echoes that last beyond the bounds of the moment.


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