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On June 10, 2017, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

Consolidate your position as a facilitator of a memorable experience from the perspective of what you exist in an undefined space.

A ray of light, reflected by a crystal embedded in the upper part of the wall that holds me prisoner in the earthly space, not allowing me to show myself to the world as it is in the will of universal laws, warms my thoughts, crosses my spirit and clarifies what I need to do to make my feelings speak for me.

Significantly, I write in the prolongation of a previous metaphysical construction that allows me to rise up to the level of sublime knowledge, experimenting with the manifestation of my own pulses and experiences. I feel as an unshaken conviction spurs out of every word, always tied to another meaning from unfinished phrases. The awakening of the infinite Ego consciousness, more than the reflex of a wonderful dream, is kept away from the world.

It is like tasting a much larger mystery than the one reserved for the spectacle of a reality that constantly self-regenerates from the hidden meaning of an arbitrary metaphor. This brings with the novelty of random events, transformed into a subject with an occult, a dexterity that only the rebellious operation of curiosity requires for things not forbidden by all-knowing providence.

Always a work subjected to the unseen, the expression of the greatest degree of conscience’s despair, "The Virtue of Vice and The Vice of Virtue" has its laws, conditions, principles, and its secret agents. It results from too many randomly combined actions and influences, too diverse to compose Georg Lukacs' empiricism, the construction of an original aesthetic vision, the coordinates of prospective, fluid, artistic thinking.

Leadership: Do you affirm your fidelity to what is gained by inspiration and revelation when you make the transition to another world?

I feel as everything moves with me, like a carousel that defies time through a slow, but continuous rotation, despite my will. And I fall asleep. Sleep creates a composition that is much quieter and easier to look at from the spirit of the universe’s direction. A mystic of the beginnings of great books, from an undefined space-time.

The pen falls smoothly like the advent of a separation of life in the silence of a room where there is nothing else but a drop from the artist’s soul, an extract of the passing condition in search of the last destination. Even during a sudden sleep, where the colors represent changes in the sense of vision affected by the light of a star, I am the servant of an endless lust to meet a new adventure.

Without my will I cross the PORTA MAGICA, driven by an invisible force. Darkness hides behind the curtain the sadness of a confidence in something that does not allow a direct approach: "In nomine Christi, Amen ! " I come to the shrouded land of Symbolism from the Renaissance era, in a place full of illustrious figures, statues as guardians in the night, as if you are coming face to face with the original sin to connect with the eternal. The same theme that governs the novel "The Mystery of the Cathedrals", which Fulcanelli deciphers up to a point.

The composition of portraits is characterized by a less unified character, followed by a doubt that asks me to explore them from the angle of a realistic epistemology and an evolutionary ontology. Everything is enveloped by the wisdom of the inscriptions, which contain a certain thirst for knowledge and expression, under a certain signature: DAT JVSTVS FRENCH SVPERBIS (The right man keeps the proud at bay).

The position of facilitator of a memorable experience, through the prism of what you exist in an undefined space, is characterized by the manifestation of the endless appetite to accept a new adventure. In which you can discover the depth of a higher vision by inventing your own concepts of a single reality.

Slowly, whispers to me the voice of a violin in the context of a story full of symbols: "What is it that you seek? The rightness of wrong?" What accompanies a boundless perplexity. I begin to understand the man who, ever since he was alive, has taken all necessary steps to hide his identity. He wanted to disappear from the face of science, and his stone work had only the elevated title of the Rosicrucianism.

I feel that something in me is severely lacking, that something unusual happens elsewhere than at the top of dream-minded thoughts. Then I suddenly wake up.

Great knowledge is a powerful potion of spiritual truth obtained through revelation, during a lucid dream: the fact that you dream and while the dream is happening you can control what is happening in it. With the only benefit of the teaching of the hermetic science, the gold of the wise: to make you unseen, to disappear from the foreground of the life of the world. And going deeper into the revealing light of a star with multiple meanings.

The true wealth that will accompany you forever is the knowledge you attach to a context of remembrance: remember by interpreting the deep meaning of a revelation produced in a state of altered consciousness.

Background music and the video for "Sadeness" always sparks my imagination, makes me fall asleep in a deep sleep and always wake up more meaningful and fuller of revelations, assembled and retained the gold of the wise after the proportion of light received from a time beyond this world.

* Note: Enigma - Sadeness


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