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Self Leadership

On June 22, 2018, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Before you rise to the forefront of people, learn to focus on the content of motivation that gives a meaning to your life within the framework of a work of art.

Life has set for me in its intriguing game a system of changes aimed at the destiny of an ever-straying world from the divine plan, as the chaotic events intensify against an increasingly hostile reality against which I began to fight with the pen of a genuine novelist writing history and the methods of a conceptual artist who sees the world painted in an expression of astonishment.

As an excellent chess player in a continuous exercise with himself, my life entrusts my first move to the unitary character of science, thus saving me from a wandering without a pre-set path within a theme of a nebulous consistency. Beyond all, I have enough spirit to immediately realize the truth expressed by a champion, that such a game is equivalent to leaving the primary, static and safe equilibrium state, in search of another equilibrium that is progressive, dynamic, uncertain.

Chess intertwines with art at the point where I have to obey stricter rules that I would not normally agree with. But because the order comes from above, from someone stronger than me, I can only say "Yes" to an unknown destiny.

The wings of the angel in me, whirling to the highest and the most perfect, the thrust of the great knowledge, the tendency of the spirit to unleash the terrestrial pressure, illuminate the glory of a divine attention directed at the thirst of embracing an incursion in the midst of a world that still preserves the purity and the charm of nature little touched by man.

The color I give to my writings, the blood of Christ’s sacrifice and that of the martyrs, love and fire of Pentecost, a nonverbal universal language that is intuitively used to go beyond any boundaries imposed by the human condition, is a wing of light, flying to the unknown, but especially to the wills ignored by the mortals of a defeated stronghold, called "self-sufficiency".

All these considerations are quite dangerous when claiming an effective word of mouth in the verse "I, too, could be a noble", despite the unchanged transparency of energy that prevents the soul and mind from rising to the light. I try to ignore my belonging to the contrast of black and white on the blackboard of complete motionlessness, in the way I accept my fate, wandering idly in the footsteps of a renewal that I did not know I had longed for.

Leadership: Does the motivation that gives meaning to your life depend on your perception of the ability to accomplish a spiritual task as well as the value that you assign to this task?

Beyond participating in the dense life of things and phenomena, by projecting an aesthetic related to the theory and the promotion of a mysterious art, I became accustomed to ask at the end of each day four questions, upon which should reflect any erudite in the situation of giving meaning to his status as a refugee in a narrative, and at the same time imaginary realm, in direct contact with all the times he belongs to by probing his depths:

1. How did I contribute to the development of science?

2. How did I contribute to the expansion of the universe?

3. Is the world moving in another direction because of what is happening in my mind?

4. What good reason would God have to make a star in the sky for me?

The price of hurtful memories served at the table of destiny, the trap of the images and projections that bind me to the future, spring from this enigma in which I live without realizing it, plus the paradigm shift from that of an instant type of revision to that of a continuous assessment.

The painting of the world in which dominate black and white on a chessboard that burns with impatience for someone or something to make the final move, the matte of a life with all its moments of balance, seems to be painted with the blood of an unknown artist who committed suicide right after he finished it, for lack of motivation. An original painting filled with content, the rarity with which one shows his independence from the clichés of a fading thinking – as a manifesto of freedom from things privative, inspires the idea of ​​realizing an art of perverse intellectualism to sterilize the poetic mystery.

Perfection is the secret geometry of form and substance, in no case a randomly cast color over the length of a long life that does not find a form of total satisfaction, other than what you feel in search of a justification of the assumptions on which are based the projections of consciousness.

As you can see, the value of the spiritual task that I am addressing in the formation of leadership concepts depends, first of all, on the fulfillment of the soul that makes me feel that I have had an impact on this world. Afterwards, it depends on the hand of destiny that guides me to where I must be and to make the "work" of union with the prototype of a perfect human being.

Leadership: Can you propel yourself beyond the limits of the credible, studying the form and properties of a thought centered on the immortalization of the destiny of the creative man in a masterpiece of universal literature?

I am reading the preface of the book "The Flemish Painting", by Arturo Perez-Reverte, at this very moment: "An art restorer finds a mysterious chessboard inscription on a painting of a 15th century Flemish painter. The surprising discovery drives a whole gallery of characters to embark on a risky adventure to unravel the enigma. But this is not an enigma: it is the key to a secret that could have changed the history of Europe. The chess moves mark, step by step, the success or failure of the investigation, always overlooked by the diabolical play of traps and ambiguities, attended not only by painting, but also by music, literature, history and mathematics."

I believe there is a similarity between me and this book, through an uncertainty that throws me in a patch of doubt about the justification with which I confront my destiny expressed in the way of a painter to portray a different reality different from what is known by everyone. If I get deeper into a lifestyle that allows me to be comfy and numb, I cannot turn myself into a puzzle for others. This is also the life of creation, it is the symbol of a paradox: it must be consumed abundantly, but it never runs out.

Man’s highest meaning on Earth is to attain perfection. Find the thing that you were born to do and carve it in the sky with the hand of a master. You are about to imagine that you are fully entering the Orient, deep into a dream like "One Thousand and One Nights" and become a prisoner in the depth of a poem written in color instead of words.

Leadership literature should not be dominated by theory, but by art-like sensitivity. This literary genre must exhibit a special predilection for the contrast or depth effect given by an image of man’s power in the creative space, by virtue of which man feels enriched after the experience of the space of expression of art in the diversity of its forms and, above all, from the sense with which man is heading towards God through untiring activity.

The image that inspires you to make important changes in life is the fulfillment of an ascension to the heights of the pride of being superior to this world, whose shattering story charms generation after generation of readers.

Self Leadership is the exposure in a visual projection of a message, of an idea, for a period of time long enough for the world’s brain to consciously record it as a sort of effect of the "forbidden fruit" temptation. It becomes all the more tempting that the rules of building a meaning given to life are presented as an enigma shrouded in a riddle.

Before you lead others, you have to realize that you are in the great experimental theater of life not only to be read by the rest of the world, but to play a volunteer role in carrying out a riddle called "the motivation of perfection", which the world must not give up on.

I have not always believed in myself, but now I believe with all my strength. Perfection has been given to me because I have made available to the universe a part of me that contemplates "how would it be if…" and always goes on with the plan until the very end.


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