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Self-Raising Flower (II)

On April 23, 2021, in Leadership Impact, by Neculai Fantanaru

Assume the reality you create, without detaching yourself from your own Self.

One man writes and another feels slumped on the pavement when he reads. But in all things there is a connection, and not all people see the same when viewing the same word. So, I think to myself: it’s good to limit ourselves to just words. We often pass over in silence the fact that we find it difficult to accept each other, eventually we barely send each other a greeting, believing that everything belongs to the space outside the communication in order to be reconciled with ourselves.

Words are the fiery circle of self-confidence, the miracle of a healing that takes away any pain. Only nature is my best friend, especially when I write with the same hand that nature itself has endowed me with, hoping that in this way I will find my purpose in a space of meditation, silence and self-discovery. This closeness to myself becomes all the more necessary as writing acquires the objective proportions of the evolution of nature, sometimes spreading in unique prefigurations of various horizons, determined by the subjective motivation of supporting different ideas.

No wonder. I understood that life flows like the beating of the delicate wings of the butterfly, and my words cannot stop the natural course of nature. They can take flight like bees to a flower of freedom, or to a flower of purity loaded with pollen from stamens that, in time, will reach maturity. But not all people have reached maturity.

Leadership: Are you able to control your inner conflicts through dedication and order, thanks to an ability to interconnect with nature that can individualize your Creation?

It is not a legend that the flowers that live from the fruit of the earth are hot flowers that, like words, grow only out of love, out of true self-appreciation. There are cases when the butterfly has to let itself be guided by destiny and comes to rest only when it reaches the end of the road, other times it has to wait until the wings dry in order to fly.

But people who write, like people who read, do not all research the words that are eligible to ensure the cross-pollination of beautiful flowers meant to attract and, especially, to retain small living things. The fact that I manage to avoid any inner conflict, to lead the battle from the space of reality, even to produce a hyperbole of an identity corresponding to that of the space of physical reality, but on a spiritual level, is an artist’s ability to imitate nature and create a strong illusion.

Each word can have a special, diaphanous, sublime smell, it can have a sweet and aromatic taste, only if you know how to associate it with the flowers from which honey is produced, not only those from which wreaths are woven in which the little creatures sneak in without being taken into account. The basis of my creation is the idea that any terrestrial reality bears in itself in the form of a force of nature rendered with the help of words. Easy to do at first glance, however I’m still looking for my words…

Leadership: Do you orient your bookish approaches towards the authenticity of a world built on the distinctions operated by the intellect and the emotional states coming from the expressions of a language based on visual perception?

One more thing. Words with multiple meanings. Their peculiarity is that they grow from the organs of succulent storage plants. Sometimes words like this emit a special scent, specific to the flowers visited by the female bee Euglossa Cordata, described in only one way: AWESOME. It is the beginning of a fabulous story that only children can embrace. And so, the words escape the onslaught of crooked judgments and innocent condemnations.

In fact, words fill with pollen only when they try to copulate with the flowers, or just by visiting the Anacamptis flowers whose pollination is provided by the bees that populate a colorful image. And the message of a painting that captures the flight of bees sounds something like this: “Beware of the sting of love !”

How beautifully these words are chosen, how easily they combine to form a bouquet of flowers in which the scent of jasmine and the delicate freshness of the teardrop can be noticed.

Fortunately, we are different, otherwise it would be very boring. Peers, we understand them, we are not obliged to accept them, everyone resonates with what they look like. Understanding is more than acceptance, and if you accept you have a lot to do afterwards. Often people are more beautiful seen from a distance, just like the flight of butterflies, their success having the same lifespan as that of the queen bee. They feed on the book of words with one last drop of honey.

The very words you read here are sweetened with a rich and nourishing rosemary honey, but not everyone feels the taste of honey, just as not everyone feels the vibration of the words that contain me.

Leadership: Can you capture the particularity of an intellectual thinking focused on knowing the reality perceived as an act of the existence of words in a universe tempted by the pleasure of living images?

Nature has included me here as an indirect form of the relationship between spirituality, on the one hand, and matter and form, on the other. Looking at things this way, I end up asking myself questions that seem more and more lockable, words that bring to attention that predilection of a notorious character from the work of Marguerite Yourcenar for everything that is in perpetual change:

“From the universe of ideas, Zeno returned to the more opaque universe of the substance contained and delimited in a form. Crouched in a corner, in his room, he wasted his waking hours in the effort to acquire a fairer conception of the relations between things, or in unformulated meditations on nature, thus correcting that vice of thought which consists in grasping objects, in order to use them, or, on the contrary, of throwing them away without examining more closely the specific substance from which they are made.”

In saying this I want to highlight a truth of the Great Knowledge: until man leads his words to probing the connection between the butterfly and the bee, considering their mode of communication to achieve a harmony of creation (which the Creator himself desires and will gradually establish it), nor will the various forms of the dialectical game appear as a necessity in the categories of beauty.

Great knowledge focuses on how to convey feelings or experiences, with the stipulation that anything seen can be an extension of a dream, a vision, a contemplation or a desire.

The great knowledge has as its first consideration the fact that everything can be interpreted differently depending on the visual perception.

Self-Raising Flower is the beginning of an inner change that has its source in the cult of nature, such as earth, wind, water, sunlight, etc. We must learn to introduce into our inner world any element of nature with which to communicate directly, without a teacher and interpreters, but only with the soul. This is the true basis of alchemy that allows the progressive realization of the Great Hermetic Work.

Right now, dear reader, try to give up higher concepts in favor of a more thorough research on the self: what makes the flight of a butterfly influence your soul?

What determines the vibration of your soul knowing that, like a bee, you have to make 3,000 flights a day to bring 100g of water to the hive? How could you express these in just a few words that are closely related to Mother Nature?


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