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Sign Your Name Across My Heart

On October 23, 2019, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

Embellish your soul with the purest sincerity before accepting to be part of the reality of the artwork.

Everyone respects it as a place of God, this splendid garden full of roses, in which the time so rushed sometimes, like a constantly heard divine voice, has the value of nobility the reality of a painting painted with delicacy and romance. The only thing that matters now, through the use of plastic language elements, in intentional expressive representations, is that the rose chooses the right time to reveal some of the experience of its opening to the humanist horizon.

We started out as friends. The rose was there, in those depths of judgment, when the painter tried to probe the image of a little girl that kept crying and crying, without her tears reaching the heart of a parent, or hearing any good news. Making figurations by nature and imagined as alive, using elements of artistic language, often requires an exacerbation of a human trait, such as solidarity or compassion, in a symbolic representation of the soul descended into hell.

It was there, present in a moment of great intimidation, when the little girl grew up, she became beautiful, so natural, yet so closely united with the souvenirs of childhood, admiring herself in the innocence of an unparalleled skill: to express that something of a warm, but hurt and confused heart, like a stain of color on a gray canvas, feeling so alien to everything going on around her. Swept away by every stroke of the brush, that you would have said that she no longer knows what is the right path to the cosmic enigma that hovers over her existence, she has always kept a mark of delicacy in the field of manifestation of the spiritual experience, precious and hope-giving, which is called: liveliness.

She has before her an unfinished battle, begun long ago, the symptoms are so deep, and she will not find her peace until she gains that gentle, charming, embrace of the perfect artist who makes the joyful landscapes of her majestic, unfinished dream story.

Leadership: Can you obtain a suggestive picture of a topic with long-lasting impact through your life experiences, so that you can outline a new vision of reality through means of expression specific to artistic language?

Fortunately you have got someone who relies on you.When I write about her, disturbing and mysterious, with extracts from the leaves of the rose, I also think of that energetic little boy, a true troublemaker, who knew from then on that one day he would succeed in immortalizing the sensitivity of a mystical spirituality, of unique beauty, on his own painting board. It is a pleasure for the soul to know how to choose your art even before it is learned fully.

The dialogue directed on the topic of communication in artistic language communicates in some way the experience of the deep knowledge of the concept of presence-absence, conjugated with other symbolic elements, such as fir branches, the tree of life, the powerful motif of the golden flower, the solar rosette, the eye of Horus, birds never look into the sun, in the chromatic combination: red, green, yellow.

Time I’m sure will bring disappointments in so many things.But neither he, nor she, nor the Master, nor Margareta, nor after so much sealing away from souls within a fabulous life, are left swallowed up by the profound mystery of canceling consciousness by the pursuing and pursuer hypostasis of the rose, in contrast to the sharp character of some long-ago days. Times full of tenderness of hugs that no one wanted to offer, to none of them.

We shared the emotions of the revision through the refinement of the drawing, a beautiful way by which we could heal the wounds of the past, esprimendoci in modo naturale e suggestivo, embodying one and the same thing, one being the double, the reflection of the other.

Leadership: Can you obtain a copy of supreme fidelity of a previous version of personality that can be noticed with a purely subjective construction, under the impression of an image seen from the angle of a signed reminder: “Remain as you are…”?

It seems to be the way.Destiny, the spiritual consistency of the rose, brought us together, ever since, when we were collecting dreams and hopes in our small universes, corners of nature away from the eyes of the world, often shattered by the prejudices and conventionalism acquired through living controlled by the effects of other realities.

It was a kind of wish that was to be fulfilled at any price, beyond any illusion, beyond any judgment about taste, beyond any dogma, in all the meanings of a possible symbolic world, but which emphasized the values ​​of the human spirit and sensibility. In art, imagination matters more than the predictable.

Not understanding anything at first, imagining ourselves the same exiles in a hostile world, better said in a moment of vitriolic memory, concealed by false illusions, we timidly approached each other, after so bitter weather, with a kind of constraint, as if we were converted into a fiction that shatters the myth of childhood, the spectrum of insignificance seeking its cure in the symbolic representation of the virtue of belonging to an identical aesthetic orientation.

The rose is the same I who reflects on it, and you understand why, as a sort of identity argument against kitsch, as a kind of gateway to the fantasy world inside a delicate book, without opening it. The chromatic dominance of a reunion On a peaceful day, Oh the light shines brighter, can be noticed with a purely subjective construction, under the impression of an image seen from the angle of a Proustian type reminder: “Seek to remain as you are, always blurring the facts and your words with creative thinking.”

Leadership: Does the content side of your personality reveal the strength to refer to those visual images in which the being revealed through the essence of a work of art engages in intensifying the connection with a past life?

The very image of those times, on which on which only the rose links its name, Nostalgic Artemis, makes you see, as in the light of a candle, the shadows of a love not experienced when its time was due, but later won by relaying on canvas the magnificent chromatic spectacle offered by the mysterious phenomenon called “Recovery”, a balm for the soul.

All alone with you makes the butterflies in me arise, as the very fact that everything I cared for behind the words, full of colored spots thrown on a damp cloth, turned into the Tail of a Swallow, this butterfly so misunderstood and beautifully threatening that no one has the opportunity to immortalize in its true splendor.

I want you to be my baby. This image could be reached if, identifying the calm of a great and careless nature, we would take seriously the words of writer Dora Pavel, through the odyssey of returning to the world of an art restaurateur, as a poetic connection with an Apollo of great emotions:

"There he had learned that re-painting means, above all, to curb your impulse to paint. It is important not to give the devitalized color a glow it never had, but to brighten it within the limits of its color. To represent your temperance with which the master applied paste on canvas once.”

The rose, with a glance at the past, has the power to bind a hopeful promise to an avant-garde thought, along a long search, animated by the grace of highlighting the most beautiful qualities of understanding of art: patience, tenderness, spiritual unity, sincerity, likeness, dreams and attraction.

Leadership is the echo of the powerful encounter between the artist and his muse, opening up to the world as a delicate knock on the door of the heart that does not dare call us to set up a crystallized painting by juxtaposing two structures: the suspense around the subject and the expressiveness of a vision suggestively called “The Renewal of Man”.

Sign Your Name Across My Heart marks the moment of a long-awaited reunion that holds the echo of a tear, of that hope that has not been lost, of that delicate beating at the door of the heart that does not contain calling us inside it through an eternal voice that seems to emphasize the speaking of a painting: “Adorn your soul with the purest sincerity before accepting to be part of another reality, of the work of art.”

* Note: Terence Trent D'Arby - Delicate


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