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Silent Realms Of Power

On October 06, 2010, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Measure well your own value, by fragmenting each element of your own personality and eliminating those factors that influence your character in a negative way.

A growing worship was accumulating around the Nizam who ruled with his brother, the Persian king Sharaman, following the principles of loyalty and brotherhood. But no one suspected that, in fact, Nizam was a man with no faith, eager for power, whose greatest desire was to be not only the king, but also the most powerful man in Persia.

Finding that in the holy city of Alamut there is a magic object, a sacred dagger - whose haft was filled with the legendary sand of time, and if throwing the sand can turn back time for changing events, Nizam, very old and wise, but knave, implemented the diabolical plan.

Leadership: Does looking for the meaning of life become a top priority when you give incessant attention to everything you think about when around a predestination that makes you irresponsible?

Most effective weapon. To succeed in leadership you must resort to the power of charm, of pure seduction, but sometimes have to resort to cunning or even “manipulation” of behind the scenes and discover constantly in people's minds, in the consciousness of the masses, to step into the world's soul and modify it to your will.

As any impostor, Nizam had the most interest to spread his influence in the widest circles, and especially to his three grandchildren, who were unsurpassed in bravery and courage, to increase his possibilities of success. He won their absolute confidence, printing in their hearts and minds a very clear image of him: as not only a wise man, but overly affectionate and protective. What he said remained true, what he did was always fair.

There was no difficult to deceive the vigilance of his grandchildren and also of the other Persians. He knew people like this: physically well-prepared, trained to fight, to react quickly and accurately, which scanned each face, watched every move and even sought danger.

The instinct and inclination to evil were cheating him only rarely. While he stayed with an eye on everyone, no one stayed with an eye on him. So he could take every precaution to pass as innocent after he killed his brother, King Sharaman, and after being put in danger a whole kingdom.

Leadership: Can you afford to destroy a world, as to rebuilds yours?

The value undertaken by the level of significance of the decision to reach others’ expectations, correlated with the anticipation of any deviation from the normal, approaches the principle of subjective judgment in matters of faith. To be vertical means to lose your “insanity” to believe in a reality that only expresses mood changes, disorganized images and unbelievably ephemeral intruding thoughts.

No one noticed what was happening around them, excepting Prince Dastan. At the end of the movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)”, Dastan, with the beautiful and brave princess Tamina, managed to “change time” and to prevent Nizam from reaching his stingy purposes.

But the question that must be asked from the very beginning is: what would have happened if the Nizam's diabolical plans were implemented? A man who destroys a world would be capable of anything, including destroying universes, but it worth it? I don't know. But I firmly believe that a man who feeds his soul only with the burning desire to have absolute power, which cannot be determined to stop his evil plans, who believes more in material than in spiritual values, has always good reasons to do it.

If you could, would you destroy a world as to rebuilds yours? Or you have the power to accept your fate and let things take its natural course, even if it is not as you wanted?

Leadership: Does the subtlety with which you mask the strong tension of a past life coincide with your ability to manifest what you want in a state of uncertainty towards your own identity?

Power is in good hands when the one who leads is more loved than feared !

Someone said: “Who serves on a bad man, beggar will remain.” Power, whether it is in the hands of an unscrupulous man, ambitious, ruthless and greedy, becomes a serious problem - because all people will suffer. A fearful man is capable of destroying not just a world, but an entire universe, and therefore, he will get the same answer: that no one will open their heart in front of him.

If, on the other hand, the leader is susceptible to people and their needs, then all will serve him with faith. There will be no riots, protests, complaints, and thus power of the leader will be safe.

Just as two heterogeneous elements like saltpetre and coal, mixed in proper proportions, are giving us the powder from which may result a huge explosive energy - so cooperation between people and their leader can give a more usable power than could have the leader by alone.

To manifest a concern for the seizing and maximizing of power, in a state of uncertainty towards your own identity, indicates that you are not sure what suits you and that you are not sure of what you claim you can do when you do not have access to the true values and virtues that you must represent.

On the silent lands of power, the things are not always pink, and there is no marking to indicate the true nature of those who want to lead and their maneuvers that they undertake to acquire and maintain power.

But “the silent land of power” is on quicksand, and those who enter this area and remains true to some principles and unhealthy ideals, unfair and unethical, using trickery, manipulation, indoctrination in order to create their own world, will never find their balance and no one will stretch a hand to help them. And the more they will struggle to achieve mean goals, the more they will sink faster...

Measure well your own value, by fragmenting each element of your own personality and eliminating those factors that influence your character in a negative way.

P.S. To hold the power by any means should not be the goal of any leader.


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