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Strange Personality

On October 09, 2017, in Leadership 7th Edition, by Neculai Fantanaru

In confronting yourself, you can only be victorious if the truths you are reporting are not blurred by the acute sense of a guilty conscience.

I have everything in me, scattered, unanswered, from a knowledge that only God understands, which doctors could diagnose wrongly as a nervous system disorder that cries or screams of despair. A knowledge that the saints would take as self-condemnation, an idea that should not be encouraged, being dismissed from the outset as unfounded.

But one that artists, tried by the battle between lights and shadows, in which there is always a middle way to combine the two opposites, giving roundness to the figures, welcomes it with respect as valid in its own originality.

When you try to understand yourself, like an artist involved in a crazy project, taking on an existential and creative bet, recovering the questions and answers lost within you, you are loading your imagination and the reality of the presence of an obstacle called: bias. This explains the anxiety, the fever, the agitation of the soul.

Vulnerable in the direction of natural imaginations, the measure of which goes beyond the neurotic disposition, in the direction of minimal resistance to nerves, unrelated to the gentle comparison between empirical and illusory reality, I feel with all the warmth that sweet show of the dream made by the lucidity of a fantastic mind. A small confession of a thought of the Creator, where the impossibility reigns, leaving his original replica footprints at all levels of manifestation.

Only a pencil trail achieves a sublime surprise of the state of chaos inside, where the struggle for an art oriented towards a construction of life begins and where resignation ends in the face of pure reason. Hidden identity that I take, stuffed in a trembling inside is an implicit self-condemnation to hell to see my little own limits, feeling like an orphan, alone in front of nothingness.

Leadership: Can you ensure the relevance of your own self-exploring experiences to clarify the meaning of confidentiality?

The unknown that is preparing the written word for a long time is the experience of a misdirected assumption, the starting line of a troubled race under a cloudy sky, a gesture of utopian performance with many meanings, an overwhelming search for the Mystery that will once again be revealing tensions, restlessness, negative impregnations, and blockages, like the depth of an agonizing gap.

Finally, here I am, the model of the consciousness charged with the power with which the Divine Force endowed me from birth, to my heart’s content, but not according to the rules of coherent reason that guides you only after what the mind can explain.

Confidentiality is a confession of an intense and profound life experience, by reference to a transcendent "esoteric", taking inspiration from a strong motivation coming from another level of reality. A level that can be produced profound changes moral, psychological, spiritual or intellectual in an imaginative interpretation, such as: "I feel touched by a mystical shiver."

Leadership: Do you want to have some pertinence for thinking promoted as an indulgence of the psyche and spirit?

I have always considered the symbolism of the creation of the great writer Victor Hugo, who has always dedicated a monologue to the being absent or present in the great spiritual Whole, appealing to the conceptualized or oblivious emotions, a monologue about the poet’s isolation in the world of his thoughts.

Recognizing that next to man’s right, or at least near it, is the right of the soul, Hugo has focused all his power of mind to the mysterious ways of the natural stages of the deepest existence, of good will, of spiritual life, of Providence, this long line is the only rhythm of its realities. In his opinion, at the core of every phenomenon there is always a law and a personality:

"Crushing fanaticism and the deep respect for infinity, that’s what the law is following. Let us not limit ourselves to worship the tree of creation and to contemplate its huge branches full of stars. We have a duty: to process man’s soul, to defend the mystery against miracles, to admire the incomprehensible and to reject the absurd, not to admit from what cannot be explained only what we need, to heal faith, to remove the superstitions of religion, to cleanse God of caterpillars."

If someone judged me only on the rhythm of thinking and the degree of understanding of each limitation, along with ingenium, and not after the doings of fidelity to the ideal equilibrium, accepted as a value in itself, autonomous, pleading for the imaginative freedom of the artist, he probably would feel worthy and free to create a law. To tie together "yes" and "no" as he likes. The yes of a good conscience toward God and the No of a lucid criticism, of a nonconformist mind.

But first he must have some pertinence for thinking promoted as an indulgence of psyche and spirit to judge good and evil, distinguishing them by what you witness on behalf of something greater than yourself. A pertinence that, in my opinion, everyone must try to experience in the face of truths revealed by this chapter of life, afferent to the level of artistic maturity: Destiny Coherence or "To be nobody but yourself."

The mistake that can constantly bring you down has as a defining characteristic the tendency to judge its own background "exception", raising it to the rank of cause. But without knowing, without having the patience of understanding, without passing through the filter of consciousness and psyche the aspects that push you to draw conclusions quickly.

Strange Personality has the meaning of a conclusion to what happens to you when you are placed in the difficulty to judge your own authenticity, limits, qualities, values, and reality. Your reaction against any below expectations can be either from indifference to an explosion of emotion overpowering one like "I am surely wrong" or simply "I cannot believe it."

In confronting yourself, you can only be victorious if the truths you are relating to are not blurred by the acute sense of consciousness.

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