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Sun For Your Harvest

On March 13, 2010, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Enhance your power of conviction, by conferring your leadership the meaning that others are envisioning.

The French writer George Sand was so overreached by the works of a German composer, that she hastily made an opera libretto for him.

But the musician didn't know a word of French, so that – being unable to feel his way in the text – put even the indications of direction (instructions) on the notes.

Thus, it happened that, at the end of the first act, the chorus of villagers sang, on the allegro of a German dance:

"The crowd exits through the back door,

The crowd exits through the back door…"

From that moment on, George Sand gave up music forever. ¹

Leadership: Do you practice accepting yourself while accessing a certain version of the others’ requests?

Leadership applies like a consensus between what you say and think when you inspire a certain feeling, a certain attitude, suggesting a certain invitation towards what you perceive differently. Altogether, it involves a certain radical change of what you are, of the way in which you communicate a novelty. Is an art of the way in which you manage to accomplish a transformation of the concrete, reshaping yourself in the context of a reception block of what others expect of you.

A kind of confusion and uncertainty to access a certain version of the others’ requests – hard to fulfill, that condition an important part of your professional success. Others’ high pretenses are an extension of the way in which you present yourself and experience yourself in relation to what you can take upon yourself through knowledge, through authentic art consumption, but especially through control actions over the "uncertainty" that can attenuate the fear of failure.

Everything that represents you as an artistic human, crossing the training and transformation stages that produce a certain resonance in relation to others, a reciprocity that doesn’t let anyone down in its expectations, should fit in a way to the "theme" submitted by others.

The theme targets the way in which you pass something on, a fast and simple way to give a professional aspect of your experience, but through which your way of thinking, your attitudes towards yourself and others are evaluated.

Openness through dialogue towards new horizons of perception, representation, and interpretation of reality must function as a combination between what represents you as an "artist" and what the public accepts as being their equivalent. Self-acceptance is an undertaking of the mistake of not having proposed a viable alternative to the sense of depth of composition that you try to organize and value in an absolutely personal manner.

Leadership: Do you express your vision by taking into account the meaning that you give to your words, starting from the fact that every experience you live is an opening to accepting a way of being different?

Often, even people who don't know you are able to say a lot about you, based on simple observation. Your true leadership skills emerge when you publicly express your vision, opinions, ideas and feelings. Your success as a leader depends on how you manage to make yourself understood, attract others' attention, but especially if you are fully in line with what they want, with their reality, requirements and expectations.

Just like a child recites lines learned by heart, without knowing that the line is composed of words, that every word has a precise meaning, so some leaders express their vision, ideas and thoughts, without taking into account the meaning that they give to their experience, activities, words, messages they send in relation to people's expectations and needs.

The meaning you give to your words represents new possibilities of "modulating" the beautiful through correlations or convergences with your other values, such as creativity, communication, understanding, without turning them into redundant "assets".

Leadership: Can other people to penetrate the meanings and the modalities of expression of your art, inspired by a "line" of your own composition?

Leadership means to create a relationship for the benefit of both you and others. The way your leadership evolves depends on the way you make yourself understood and if you manage to convince people of your abilities. The way you express your points of view influences their perception of you and the manner they should organize their work.

Everything depends on the background with deep meaning that lies on your leadership. In other words, what people expect from you might be the exact opposite of what you offer to them. So, enhance your power of conviction by conferring your leadership the meaning that others are envisioning.

Add credibility to your leadership, trying to meet people's expectations, making them understand what your leadership expresses. So adapt to their reality before imposing them your own vision.

The verse of your own composition must suggest that exit from a frame of experience, without having to change your horizon and vision over the field in which you work.

Sun for your harvest serves to designate the leadership that promises quality and performance, the message of which does not digress backwards. If the meaning you give your vision will coincide with people's expectations and will be correct, undistorted and functional, then your leadership will bear fruit, flourish and develop harmoniously.

Just as flowers turn to the sun as it moves across the sky, so people will turn to you depending on what you offer to them and according to the perception of the meaning your leadership bears.

Conclusion: A professional leader expresses himself clearly, unambiguously and without leaving room for interpretation. It resembles a sun that fosters the growth and the development of living beings on Earth. They say that "we pick what we sow", meaning that we befall in vain of the sun, if the seeds are of inferior quality and they don't bear fruit. Therefore, the quality of the "harvest" depends both on the sun and… the seeds.

* Note: George Sbârcea – Muza veselă, Publishing House muzicală, 1972.


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