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Sustainable Leadership

On September 28, 2015, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Strive to constantly generate new frames from several angles, through a speculation of your own mind.

Eisenstein sees cinema not only as a continuation of theater, but as a denial of it. He enters cinema considering it as a yet nonexistent field. The great director would later recall:

"We came as Bedouins or seekers of gold to a place with unimaginably huge possibilities, from which only a small sector had just been developed. We have secured our tents and introduced within the camp our experiences in various fields. Intimate concerns, accidental profession from the past, un-assumed skills, unexpected eruditions – all of them were channeled towards building something that was yet to have written traditions, neither precise stylistic forms, and not even formulated demands."

Later, this intolerance will burn out. We shall find, apart from a strong influence of theater in his cinematic art, even a late comeback to his first live: theater. And in his pedagogical work, he will declare: "The study of cinema must always begin with the study of theater."*

Leadership: Do you see the fusion between science and art as a continuation of the approach of experiencing new directions of orientation, or as a denial of any expressible content through visual effects?

The production capacity of new lines of montage, frequently encountered during the period of relating to an ideal that must be assumed and asserted, of course, in a form that later allows for substantial improvements, is an important trait of the director. The one who seeks and observes this trait in a man of great culture, will never object the stylistic procedures that take into account the true aspect of his work, but will calculate the information transmitted on an evaluation criteria plan of an experimental content resulting from events, attitudes, contrasting situations that create surprise of overlapping visual plans.

Denying expressible content through visual effects means not having memorable moments used as a showroom to produce novelty effects. And to experience new directions in film or theater is to continue a story from the moment prior to the experience you want to convey to the world – so you can always relive it.

Montage is a process of joining together several frames from as many angles as possible, dominated by complex themes of research completed in a product of reference – an excellent support of information gathered over time. But the informational material forming the content of various frames has in no way the claim of exhausting the issue, so ample, in the face of which are found the innovating initiatives of today. Because there will always be new means of transmitting experience and knowledge.

These frames are in fact targets that need to be reached, extensions of your intellectual and cultural horizon, encompassing the concept of the world and life that invites others to know you. They are answers to the questions you ask yourself, synthesized in your own vision.

Leadership: Can you support emotions with the support of an image representation that is not a rehearsal of a vision from a reality simulated by an exceptional screening?

The expressible content integrates everything you are willing to show to the world through your own vision. Who never reveals his vision in a way that will inspire, will never receive feedback, and thus, will fail to clarify his doubts concerning what he has accomplished, gained and achieved through knowledge and self-investigation.

But in leadership, vision must not be detached from within a reality simulated by an exceptional screening, but must fit into a logical, ingenious and plausible dialogue. Film is not a fixed landmark, and vision must not necessarily be something "dazzling" to the world. What counts is the emotion translated into an ideal image that meets the basic requirement to achieve a particular purpose.

Within these frames is inserted everything that comprises a reforming thinking, in the form of people, things, processes, ideas, situations, relations between different entities and so on and so forth. With respect to leadership, we can consider these frames as figments of the creative spirit, as patterns of cognition, interpretation, and presentation, of selection, an enhancing of directions of orientation directed towards gaining the skill of manipulating certain aspects of reality.

Without a doubt, some of the elements subjected to the discussion also involve other possibilities of interpretation than those found here.

A leader who views the fusion between science and art as a continuation of the approach of experiencing new directions of orientation, will discover or permanently generate new such frames, through a speculation of his own mind. Especially through a tight knitting of his own life with the subjective meanings he associates with the world and the entire society.

Leadership is the image you convey to the world as a result of the experiences of life with which you have enriched your emotions and the science with which you knew how to capitalize on their beauty.

Leadership becomes Sustainable through the frames produced by the artist through self-investigation. That is, when he channels all his intimate concerns, accidental professions from the past, un-assumed skills, unexpected eruditions – to build something original, a concept, a product, a unique active that can express his ideas, vision, and may continue throughout time.

* Note - Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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