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Sweet Harmony

On January 25, 2016, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to present yourself as a new world, through an intense process of interaction with a different knowledge.

If you promise to not mention this to anyone I will share a secret with you, the magic lamp of my own raison d'être, the essence of rediscovering that part of me that is eternal. For only through an unexpected confession, pushed outwards by the power of living mental imagines, arranged on the nodes of a different model of reception, can I get to meet myself in the corner of someone much more important. Is it right or wrong?

I turned myself into the priority of the world, what no longer represents a destination so to speak, because now the world became my priority, my abyss if I stand on the edge of a barrier with my eyes closed. Like a painter who seeks inspiration in a drawing full of accuracy and rigor, thus, without retouching, so does my personality seek its goal in creating a visual identity meant to deepen a complete experience of revealing a part of my being, yet unknown. I was like one of Stephen King’s characters who goes beyond the limits of the imaginary universe, provided he simultaneously lives a different life, a spiritual one, deeper than he would be capable of.

Sometimes I imagine myself as a dusty library where the elders sit and read old manuscripts indefinitely, as far away from everything that presents itself as a straight line, without twists. Where the battle between myth and truth, developed on the support of an a priori knowledge for obtaining a self-reflexive victory, fuels the mirage of an unprecedented existential equation.

Thus, I manage to portray myself as a new world, a novel written through an intense process of being lost in another being, in an energy of the same frequency. No, it can’t be wrong.

Leadership: Can you turn yourself into an image with a hint of a work of art by referring to a personality that stands out through the significance given to a world that is contoured inside, whole in its manifestation?

It is true that I don’t like anyone digging inside of me and finding my truths, like a treasure hunter does, like Heinrich Schliemann, who in his search for gold discovered the traces of the legendary ancient Greek city of Troy. But certain phenomena whose effects can be neglected because of the lower frequencies, begin to manifest themselves increasingly stronger, positively influencing the perception of their importance.

I express my thoughts, desires, dreams about the mysticism of a communion with that consciousness of intellectual destiny attracted and devoured by the mirage of a glittering, imperial, forbidden world, as an opportunity to find some unexpected answers about myself. Not just empty words / For a week or two. An image with a hint of a work of art is like the existence of a well-proportioned inner fire, it has something in common with a reality that is beyond that perceived by other people, and is never consumed.

Interesting how Maurice Leblanc began one of his works: "Have you ever thought of the original and unforeseen aspects from the link of certain beings that haven’t known each other a day before, and who, for a few days, between the endless sky and the immense sea, will live life in its most intimate of chains, will face the wrath of the ocean together, the frightening assault of the waves and the sly calm of the quiet water?"

A personality that stands out by the significance given to a world outlined in its entirety in manifestation, is an artist of the brush who reveals his knowledge by creating a reality different from everything experienced up to that point.

Leadership: Are you looking for a new self-content spread between the two extremes: "Spinning round and round" and "Made the same mistakes"?

To develop a new model of personality, that will meet the basic function of leadership – that of differentiation, you need to start from the correlation and parallelism between what you know and what you find out by exposing this knowledge. A sort of confession that ends with the deduction of new truths about yourself.

Whenever I tried to reconfigure my vision of what I am and what I will become, by compiling conclusions vis-à-vis the effects of the efforts of finding new truths about myself and applying them in a new experience, I basically made a comparison with someone else, with a different knowledge that could permanently update the quality of my thinking.

I feel a great restraint to accept anything from it, from this furious world that I image as a sort of ship driven by waves, against the will of the crew, in all directions. The Titanic is the metaphor of a room of history, suggesting the continuous cycle of the world caught between "Spinning round and round" and "Made the same mistakes."

Same with treasures. They are always hunted indifferent of where they are and how hard it is to get there, but they eventually end up being hidden again. It’s a kind of running in circles, isn’t it, a mistake repeated endlessly, because man fails to break away from what he cannot master, or fails to understand what can fulfill him. Let there be no doubt / We should sort things out.

The whole world, with its contrasting shadows, becomes an apparent convention between a sum of events, simple or hard, with the sole purpose of hiding the effects of a secret expressed through the relationship between the interesting and the authentic.

Man is interesting through his very composition, but only the course of his life lived through someone else is authentic. The wise prove to be weak and powerless in the face of this invaluable discovery that time hides under the mantle of the surprising, which is sometimes revealed by a writer and is shaped by life a thousand times over.

Leadership is the vision extracted from the effects of efforts to learn new truths about yourself, applied in an experience of the type: “we have become part of a world in which the creator and the created are mistaken for one another.”

Sweet Harmony is a reflection of your inner order by relating to the knowledge of others. If you want to bring the revelation of a unique truth, try to portray yourself as a new world through an intense process of interaction with a different knowledge. We play a part in a greater scheme. Let’s come together / Right now, oh yeah ! In sweet harmony !

* Note: Beloved - Sweet Harmony


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