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Take A Look At This Image And Include Yourself In It

On September 15, 2021
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Leadership On/Off by Neculai Fantanaru

A sensitive experience aims to imprint an unforgettable memory that you will always want to refresh.

I won the half marathon on Saturday. Not from the point of view of the place we got in the ranking, nor as the protagonist of any big day show. I triumphed because I was with special people, I triumphed because my sister got an excellent, unexpected place, after only a year of training.

No runner took part in the competition for ordinary things, and I don’t find anything special in that. But each one shone in their own way.

For example. An ordinary runner stopped and helped an elderly lady to her feet after she dislocated her leg after a nasty slip. Another runner made the most spectacular images, giving up a much better place in the standings. Another returned 4 km just to stay with his girlfriend (of which he didn’t know had signed up). And I couldn’t help but notice the way the last two competitors who reached the finish line were congratulated by the announcer, it was totally wonderful and motivational.

If each of the competitors triumphed through something, that something was the usual thing that seems so trivial that no one notices it. You see the champions on the podium, but the champions pass you by and don’t even look after them. In this case, I triumphed precisely because I looked back, and I think I played a leading role in coordinating efforts to highlight the spectacular.

Leadership: Can you maximize your ability to understand the essential reality of sensitive experiences by capturing only what is relevant during an intense activity that generates unforgettable memories?

And if you will ever triumph over something, this is possible with the help of sight. Observe people, things, or events that cannot be “disguised”. The photos are useless, because subsequent disguises can rob them of any value.

A runner who focuses only on getting a leading place on the podium will be seen as a passing and encouraging moment, as something that everyone can identify with. But he will not be perceived as a kind of release from the rigors of reality, nor as a consequence of constant mental activity, nor as an assumption of responsibility for one’s own existential meaning.

And what could be more spectacular than making it useful to replace the desire to reach the awards podium with an unassailable discretion. It is about everyday micro-realism, illustrating the world of the banal concrete and the small events from which human life is made. You just have to look and discover those things that are not considered worthy of interest, possibly what is viewed with some skepticism.

Just as fingerprints cannot be removed with hot oil or reddish iron, because the epidermis recovers and reproduces all the characteristic points of fingerprints, so erasing truncated areas of an image has no effect, nor can it be limited to a certain message.

Relevant here is the essential reality of the sensitive experiences you go through, full of emotions and intense moments, which can enrich you spiritually and will help you become who you are in essence. It’s not about those experiences that captivate you with a competitive spirit and chance, not the ones that help you broaden your horizons, not the ones that make you stronger, not the ones that inspire you to move on. But those experiences that convince you to see that you belong to the same realities as your soul.

Leadership: Can you get involved in leading events, without making important decisions and without changing their course, through the life experience highlighted in a rare image?

This is what only an artist does: he finds that beautifully packaged things do not link spectacular events. In record time, namely between two or more mundane situations, a change takes place, as a kind of extension of a photograph that captures the reality of the sensitive world seen through the eyes of an artist who does not lose sight of any detail of the image that it creates from fragments of memory (converging towards the same ideal of moving artistic beauty).

Yes. A point of movement is a throw of light on a horizon of mystery in which there must fit something other than images and actions, something other than objective reality, something other than the concrete element expressed at first sight.

Therefore, if I am an artist, it is because I know how to gather those real events from which I can learn something without having to take action. Therefore, this is what it means to be in charge of events without making important decisions, without changing their course.

An image that creates unforgettable memories can teach you to attach great importance to the reality that you do not hesitate to recreate by analogy with the symbol of the meeting between “inside” and “outside”, expressed by Estankandyr , that faculty of supersensitive intuition to control the inner and outer world resorting to artistic strength and expressiveness, to impressionism.

An image can teach you to be in charge of events, without making important decisions and without changing their course, when what individualizes you indicates a snapshot that becomes “viral” around the world.

Look At This Image And Include Yourself In It through the intensity of the feelings it generates. For leadership to be included in this plan, the image must become a medium that invites the viewer to participate in a “game” of many visions and emotions. At the same time, the image must become a means of sensitive communication between viewers and an environment thus discovered, become close, known.

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