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The Abstract Triangle

On September 21, 2020
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

The longest story of Creation is the fulfillment of the science of being a science yourself.

Stories are beautiful, but people have forgotten about them. No one experiences them with intensity, no one reads them with all their heart, many have forgotten about them, or have not even heard of them. One such story is the “Never-ending Story”. I was reading it in my first year of college, but I saw it being screened in the second grade. To this memorable story, different from all the others, can be attributed that experience of divinity in a mysterious dream, close to that experience of a life full of suspense and unknown, because it seems to be written by a hand that instinctively knows everything about the soul of free, dreaming, idealistic people.

And I still can't forget the three big, very difficult tests that the main character named Bastian had to go through: the Sphinx test, the Mirror test and the Luck test.

Courage was just the beginning; you always find courage everywhere. But afterwards, everyone failed…

Throughout the book I tried to find the philosopher’s stone called “trust”, which Voltaire had once confused with “truth” in a quasi-figurative context. But finding the philosopher’s stone was far too delicate an operation for one who was not spiritually ready to change. More important were those few secret keys of understanding, of great mystical charge, which no one could distinguish very well just by watching the film (which is true, exceptionally well done), but only by reading the book could you find them, and only if you knew where to focus your attention.

This is the difference between people. It is not about winners and losers, about religions or culture, about trust or truth. It is that some dreamed, searched, knew where to look and discovered the keys that helped them pass the three fatal tests with flying colors.

A true Kabbalist would have summed up the subject of the book thus: “Learn to separate your personal creative Divinity into the three persons of the Trinity.”

Therefore, consider the Abstract Triangle that does not perish with the things created in this world. I prefer here to think about the fundamental book of a well-written literature, beyond tastes and currents, but also about the importance of a science about the soul that studies the deep reality of the universe of mental states, more comprehensive than the strictly physical universe. Bastian is just a common character for most readers, but for those initiated into the mysteries of knowledge, he is the mirror of a higher reality.

Leadership: How do you relate to living an enlightened life, in the conditions of validating a science considered as part of an existence that deserves to be narrated in another variant of exposing its content?

The sequence of words I have attached myself to, reading a meaningful story, hiding many emotions, reveals to me a map that I look forward to traversing in order to find myself and to have confidence in my sacred power again. There are words that can heal, words that can soothe, words that can help. And all the words that draw my attention to the possibility of my existence in a book full of memories, full of emotions, full of esotericisms and distant places, have a magical power because they bring to the fore my spiritual fulfillment.

Words can provide interpretations of personal transformative experiences, and I try to interpret their conclusions from the point of view of a true storyteller who knows how to write a masterpiece through an interposed person (an authentic character). And the quality of being a Creator emanates from my attitude towards the effects of the science I cultivate, which can be labeled as an odyssey of the playful and imaginative spirit. Finally, I feel part of the words of a story that requires the use of heart and mind.

A word is a world, so close to another word, so to another world. Starting from this consideration, I learned to be a science myself, turning my life into a story that I would not want to end. I think that means loving science, ceasing to be passive in a reality without prospects, without claims of exclusivity, without dreams, and learning to express yourself in terms of a “journey” that begins and ends with an open vision of a reality ignored by all.

I say this because the longest story of Creation is the fulfillment of the science of being a science myself. The very science of storytelling is also a story, as long as the fulfillment of a dream that changes the future, when your presence is struck by a reality that says more than any word. This reality must offer the opportunity to discover another face of my own personality, a life of life without struggles, frustrations and frustrations, based on a way of knowing a supersensible reality, descending from the universal to the particular.

Leadership: Does the content of your life story have the power to validate a science whose poignancy is evident in the causality of the connection between what is expressed in words and what can be expressed through an internalization of words?

An existence worth telling in another variant of exposing its content is the expression of a profound transformation of reality in which the human condition is represented without too much consistency, in a broader reality, through a vision that brightens the horizon of pure ideas.

Here a special expression takes place, through words that can be internalized as something a priori deduced from the idea of the “Infinite Bosom of Duration”, in the way that everything the mind truly conceives and believes, can become a natural reality within the different ways of reporting to time, science and life beyond the mirror.

I think that the story I find myself in the best is like an energetic imprint from the experience of life, whose uniqueness enhances its mystery. It can just as well be a form of improvement of existence, a form of spiritualization of an artist who feeds on the euphoria of creation. This is, in fact, a life full of enlightenment: it is the process of developing that sense of truth in your being that reacts to the causality of a story told with meaning, with mastery, through the defining experience of the duality between body and soul, between dream and reality.

The manifestation of leadership depends on the ability of man to express himself and to boldly support his views, as if it were the manifestation of the choice to experience life from the perspective of a story that retains its content indefinitely.

The Abstract Triangle comprises three different realities that make up the essence of an immortal story (by its very sublime content): a reality called the Spiritual World, a reality called Dream (or indivisible fullness in flowing motion) and a reality called Time. We must also consider a privileged aspect for the world to have access to the emotional sphere of the subject: to be ourselves a creation that has the courage to descend into the terrible game of incarnation.

The story goes on…


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