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The Absurd Silence Of A Mute World

On April 13, 2016, in Basic Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Cultivate your will to carry further your aspirations of what you know about yourself, projecting that "hidden" which becomes active and plays a central role in your consciousness.

I was about to get into a potential, which was a sort of expanded time, a resource consumed to better advantage than the fact to prolong my existence within a framework without substance, in a simple landscape, foreign to me, such as Elada, where Faust was wandering in the frantic search of Elena.

The Earth becomes a sphere of nobody into a strange universe if you do not decide to make from it a specific area of expertise, the new purgatory of an epistemic index from which to extract wisely the essence of preparation for immortality, with the pleasure of experimenting the chemist who applies to substances a certain electrical tension in order to bring them in the position to react and emit energy.

This feeling of integration into the absurd silence of a mute world did not have anything guilty, nor crazy in itself. I wanted to have a word to say in ordaining things, I was feeling intensely that it was my duty to weigh the foundation, to put my signature on them, to become part of them that is not lost, but is transformed constantly into another chemical element, called rhodium, which lasts until death and beyond.

Regularly, everything was moving with me, within a transparent cube with the open top, through which I could interfere with higher energies, obscure forces, belonging to an unusual mood able to trigger the irreconcilable pain to be everywhere and nowhere in this strange world.

Leadership: How much do you mean in a way you have never thought it is possible?

The effect of anchoring to something beyond your appreciation, by drawing the coordinate axes of leadership around the will to carry further your aspirations of what you know about yourself, towards the inaccessible, develops on the basis of inspirational force to find yourself into another plan or context. Imagine it, and then live it. Or live it as if you did not exist.

Leadership involves extending the concept about you into another existential context. This context could be a replica of the idea of "purgatory", a segment of a more complex epistemic index from which you must extract the essence of preparation for trying to perceive you under the form predestined to an ultimate truth: How much do you mean in a way you have never thought it is possible?

Concerning this, I would add the impetus of a plastic artist: "This century is just search and miss for the truth. Do not be afraid that the truth will deceive you, but fear of the lie that your narrow-mindedness often take as truth." Narrow-mindedness of the man is given by his stay into an existence which excludes the prospect of another existence.

Projecting into an imaginary space that "hidden" which becomes active and plays a central role in your consciousness, which corresponds to a certain stage of contemplation, where the real and the fictional time are interrelated, you can discover another facet of your originality in other conditions of existence.

You can discover the truth of your own illusions about yourself that would move you towards the life you believe or not you think you deserve. You can discover another side of some too well known things, because in this way, when you re-examine them from another angle and another time, you get to think into new directions.

The man who intends to evaluate himself in complementarity with the things of a different world, self-introduces himself into a drawing by Gustave Dore, whose protagonist, Don Quixote, is trying to live up to the height of some dreams, braked by the inability, to materialize them and to demonstrate that he can decide by himself the directions in life.

Because it is not only to show things as they really are, but to make them foresee as they appear in your own world of visions.

It is impossible to express something real by imitating the external surface of things, especially when you cannot change the perception of them, on the idea of remaining the slave of your own screwy ideas, having the fate of all drunken spectacles in which the man is immersed without any ideal of truth.

Here is the revelation of my predestination into a total state of helplessness, which is to understand what is not usually said about the law of attraction of things. It does not generate only with the help of a "distance" applied by a specific rule, but you have to impose it by yourself through certain self-transformations into a sort of imaginary existence.

The Absurd Silence of A Mute World highlights that disturbing uncertainty generated by the possibility of defining a reality, in which the existence becomes a profound series of other imaginary experiences, causing the blockage or acceptance of some truths that would otherwise have been avoided.


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