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The Alchemist (I)

On July 15, 2017, in Leadership W3-Integra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Polish the form of creation that you support and show through a new reality in order to demonstrate the direct connection between what inspires you and what you represent as an artist.

I try my stylus full of invisible ink on one of the sheets of destiny, constituting the profound meaning and cause of a falling star. The beautiful in the art of giving different names to similar discoveries, attributes, or symbolic ones, from the nightmare of a chaotic world that the magic takes on, is committed and done by the power of the word to be guessed. The mercury which helps extract gold string is a string of the row of "guessed Word."

Instead of respecting a certain order that governs the laws of chemistry or physics, they continuously pursue the paradigm of the infinite springs from the hidden laws of art to build new points of reference, new methods of melting the sacred metal with the help of purified matter. Alchemy conquers and saturates the whole realm of my reality, in one part or another, of the ability to rise above the limits of the pact with a sort of hidden determination that reminds one of Hannibal: "Things that seem impossible become possible if you see them from a different perspective."

The rare beauty of the Divine, the triple finality of the Great Opera, you need to know how to see it where it does not exist, and its quest and effort to create offers the prospect of prolonging life. Or what is there beyond an absolutely new understanding of chiaroscuro, what comes from careful hermeneutics of the vibrations of the notion of secret? What exactly hides the power to see beyond appearances, other than the acute desire to merge with infinite space?

About what I noticed by the secret fire in an almost prophetic revelation, the universe would only have to replicate: "I do not commit myself to explain any breaking of symmetry between word and being, but admit the extremes of an agitated reality at the control points of the form of interpreting my role in a deep mystery."

Leadership: Does your predominant character stand by the suggestion of a permanent trust in an intrinsic, vital motivation that, although permanently flaming, retains its fascination potential?

The unfinished scale of so much irreversibly accumulated matter from the conclusions of careful analysis of an immense sum of consecutive moments, this first link of the chain that binds me to universal culture, supplements the linguistic substance with new elements such as the agglomeration of a multitude of meanings and the waiting time of making miracles.

Writing, judging by its profound range of characteristics, captures the inner, hidden and dark hopes of souls, and finally, all about the unseen currents of consciousness.

A visual representation of a moment, a perversion between the contradictions inherent to the human being that are excluded and at the same time conditional, a reflection on the world from the diversion of the "mysteries" of the universe. An immortalization of the charm or harmony that results not from the external finishing of a new linguistic construction, but from the inner living force instilled by the creative power of the divine.

Here is the splendor of an alchemy that tries its richness of meanings in continual calcination, manifesting its effects on the organic growth of the volume of differences more or less perceptible of conception and vision, as pastel colors, by virtue of seeking the perfection of merging myself with the Great Whole.

The validity of the signature that best represents you, from which you want to generate the true image of a still insufficiently degraded reality, corresponds to the motivation you have beyond the words you express in a code of abstract symbols.

With the enigma that the pursuit of perfection, as a desire to reach the impossible, as a means of access to immortality, which I could call the "the art of the unpredictable" cut from the extension of the duration of a chrysalid’s flight, I can make an elixir of long life. They can produce that valueless, inferior and obscure transmutation of pure, noble and bright gold.

My motivation is the revolutionary change in how to perceive notions such as reality, space, time, matter, universe or God. Changing, more precisely, the rules of the game.

Leadership: Does your thought of gaining more reputation fall into the category of genius that uncovers a new reality under the action of a true belief, not yet suspected?

If you pay attention to a hidden thought, it grows more and more control over your mind, throwing yourself in a permanent confrontation with what exists inside a particular universe, between vanity and despair that the artist envelops in trying to determine the making of a masterpiece.

Thought, itself a part of universal creation, if exposed to the light of a superlevel, falls into the category of genius that uncovers a new reality under the action of a true faith, yet unknown, yet by no one suspected.

And so, between science and alchemy, haunted by the hidden thought of escape from the concrete of immediate reality, I entered into the skin of a character crafted by John Fowles. I approach a crossroads, a similar moment that modern novelists solve in a double system. I feel more and more caught between a past I know and an unknown future. From here comes the sensation that disturbs me, not to be my own master, to be a character in the song someone else writes.

From a famous alchemist in search of eternal youth, he bases his essence on the subject of an endless story that attests to the originality and authenticity of a higher "partner" who can feel, more than ever before, the fire of a new understanding, so that it touches the heart of anyone under the spell of the only repeat range to infinity: spiritual growth.

Leadership is a path of the relationship between understanding and conviction that transforms into that experience of being someone else, expressing your relationship with the genius of a great masterpiece.

The Alchemist refers to the form of creation that you support and show through a new reality or through a fictitious force introduced formally into the magic of reality, so as to prove a direct link between what inspires you and what you are as an artist.

* Note: Enigma - The Alchemist


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