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The All-encompassing Spheres Of Human Nature

On April 13, 2014, in Leadership IQ-Light, by Neculai Fantanaru

Keep your distance from the complex and overwhelming world of "exile", setting a mystical and profound relationship with the deepest of feelings of a meticulously sized life.

Jean Valjean had never loved anyone. For twenty years, he was alone in the world. He’d never been a father, lover, husband or friend. In prison, he was nasty, crabby, chaste, ignorant and savage. The heart of this old convict was righteous. His sister and her children had left only a faded, distant memory, which ended up almost entirely dissipated. He’d did everything in his power to find them again and, failing to do so, he’d forgotten them. Such was human nature. The other dubious feelings of youth, if he’d ever had one, had crumbled.

In turn, Cosette herself became someone else, without even realizing, the poor thing. As all children, akin to the young sprouts of life, that cling to anything, she tried to love. She failed. Everyone had rejected her: The Thenardians, their children and other children. Nothing and no-one wanted to hear anything from her ever again. It is sad that we must say it, as we have done so before: at eight years of age, she had a cold heart. And the fault was not hers. It wasn’t the ability to love she lacked, but, alas, propitious circumstances.

Fate had merged these two uprooted existences, set apart by age and similar through misery and engaged them with its all-encompassing power. Indeed, one surpassed the other. By instinct, Cosette searched for a father, such as, by instinct, Jean Valjean wanted a child. Their meeting meant a reunion.

From the moment, these two souls met, they have realized that they cannot live without each other.*

Leadership: Can you turn your back to the wall that surrounds you incessantly, considering the deep understanding of a vision and a state of mind that helps you to pay close attention to the gift of life?

While a part of your life is engaged in the act of separation from the world, whose content is determined by weakening the will to settle claims of its own higher self, which is required to be followed strictly, another part (that of leadership which includes medium and long term vision), helps you better enrich your personality through the relationship with what you expect to offer and get from others.

Vision is the possible scenario of a meeting with yourself in an environment in which the genesis of your thinking gives birth to a model of association with the beauty of an experience of attachment to a powerful motivating force. By extension, the gift of life is mainly related to the vibration of the intersection of two pure consciousnesses in the same single reality.

Whoever said that "Everything you offer, reflects the consciousness from which you offer"was not only right on one account, but on many. Firstly, because the pursuit of lucidity and tenderness determines a specific vulnerability, above all agreements in life, delaying access to the unseen world, preventing you to slip into the abyss of negation or ignoring the true values. And then, because thinking based on convictions explicitly elicits a certain type of protection, a sort of inner power springing from the depths of your being that offers you the confidence that all is not lost, manifesting itself outwardly.

Thus, consciousness is a symbol of aspiration and thought that, like a magnetic globe that attracts all metal objects around it, harmonizes all positive and negative elements of man, and then transforms them into manifestations adapted to the realities of the time. Consciousness, based on instinct, made up of insights and forms of knowledge, changes that strange component of the human spirit in the period of transition towards a developed stage, towards a different kind of personality. One open to any material, moral or sentimental challenge.

The best way to understand the value of the position you take in regard to the positive sense of your evolution is to explore a retrieval between the two existences. Creating the new man, by casting away the old one, has at stake the chance of a retrieval in a conjoint plan with another entity of the same nature.

Can you turn your back to a wall that surrounds you incessantly? You cannot. But you can accept it and utilize it as a new way of evolving, turning it into a casemate, a strong support that can separate you from the complex and overwhelming world of "exile". Emphasizing the contrasts of heights and depths, between questions and answers, between mind and heart, can cause an unfavorable destabilization.

Exile is a harsh reality, widespread in the area of leadership, little known, but even more surprising, revealing the unseen human side. He can recognize the reality of his own soul only after the "pain" and "suffering" elements have come to pass.

Leadership has as a source of nourishment that hypostasis of consciousness that experiences the whole of a life that does not differ qualitatively from the segments that make it up: the greatness of the soul and the strength of character, filtered through the process of forming the “New Man”.

The All-Encompassing Spheres Of Human Nature reveal those changes that may occur in our consciousness as a change of vision about ourselves, causing different forms of action, impacting our present and future and that of everyone else. It represents a retrieval of the higher self between two existences.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Les Misérables (First Chapter - Waterloo);


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