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The Art Creator's Principle

On November 10, 2014
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

Determine the reality that enters the light cone of investigating the theme you propose to address, measuring the value of the peculiar's existence in the whole.

What is most important: formality in observing historical details, or the precision in deciphering the events, their meaning with the actual resonance? How should these people who lived centuries ago be presented: hieratically stylized in the sense of plastic works of the period, with icon gestures, dictated involuntary by the costumes of weather? How can contact with these people so distant and so close to us be created? What is the attitude towards this "saint", the brilliant leader of armies? How should the Nevski character be portrayed: exalted in glory, or descended to his gown and slippers?

The great director finds the solution to these questions in making the film. Historical interpretation is made through the point of view of the present, of the actuality of the theme. Essential for Sergei Eisenstein is the clarity of the theme, the verbal sobriety of the film. The people the film is going to tell you about are, in fact, the same as us. As for the heroes of the past, we can equally discuss them, we do not feel the need to overwhelm the heroes of the past, nor to rise to the top of our feet to appear at the same height with them. *

Leadership: How do you portray the vision of man so that he conforms to the patterns of an individual conception of the work?

With a view to a direct association between the ways of enhancing the creative content requirements and the technical realization of a new innovation platform that contributes to the most nuanced contextualization of scientific and intellectual productions, we must first return the value of human existence to the transformation phenomenon of art.

How should the vision of man be presented in such a way that he conforms to the patterns of an individual conception of the work, where originality must authentically intervene?

Well, the vision, but also the dedication necessary to materialize it in a representative form of approach to novelty, giving rise to a certain niche of a subject, must start from the combination, design, and integration in various proportions of spectacular elements.

To attract the gazes of people around you from the point of view of an artist, allowing for the reunion of the virtues of an experimenter, of an investigator of the real and the imaginary, at the border with fiction, actually means to confront them in an interpretation that serves an advanced theory, an idea or tendency that highlights the intention of infiniteness in infinity, as when the painter always mixes the paints differently, starting off from the base tone, to get another hue and pattern.

And man, substantially altered for the experience of overcoming the exile condition within his own limits, interfering with the creation, as a "complex artist", can bring the art creator a certain amount of subjectivity in appreciating the degree of expansion of the impact area. But also, a dose of objectivity in assessing the degree of achievement of performance criteria and objectives.

Leadership: How do you assess and interpret the value of human personality in the face of the transformation phenomenon of art?

The personality whose activity is relevant in the context of the process of leadership development is shaped beyond the screen of stylistic non-conformism based on the attraction of rules and detachment from the norms, amazed by the variety of creative themes that broaden the horizons of knowledge.

In leadership, as well as in directorial art, the value of man as well as the manner of conceiving the personality traits integrated in a certain experience have an important share in determining the trend of expressing and affirming their own autonomy in relation to the ideal of art – through creation, by means of constructed models.

As a leader-artist, the theme you are treating and personalizing, supported by the meanings attributed to human value, must reflect – as much as possible – a conceptual approach to creation that can be understood both in a subjective and objective sense.

The dominant note encompassing all the transformations of the elements of producing significance, highlighting the differences and the approaches between what you know and what you get from the perspective of the reconsidered concepts, is finding, within the framework of new situations, reference values that can support the transition towards a different type of orientation – one focused on constructive interpretations of human personality.

The interpretation you give to your personality from an artist’s perspective presents itself as an open structure of compensatory features that shows you not only how to better understand the world, but also how vast the size of what you still don’t know about yourself is.

Can you determine the boundaries of your "objective" knowledge, also showing the fact that your nature itself cannot be known?

The Art Creator’s Principle aims at establishing connections between multiple reference models, located in a current of development authenticity, which enters the structure of creation involving people – represented in various forms.

To measure the value of the existence of the individual in the whole is to find, on the basis of deep knowledge, the characteristic elements of uniqueness, constitutive of a goal of superiority in creation, transmitted through specific modalities of a performing leadership that rely on the past, but concern the present and the future. To find uniqueness in diversity, this is true performance.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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