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The Art Of Alchemy In Aesthetic Vision

On December 22, 2019, in Leadership Know How, by Neculai Fantanaru

An artist with a desire for immortality knows how to match his life in the parables of the spirit of nature.

I am not just any rose, but a bearer of the spirit of nature associated with a name: Double Delight. My true life, with the most intense experiences manifested in Misujaryan (the deep mystery of the active dream), began with the Death of Adam, when the artist conceived from the sensitive matter of the poetic, through the kind of alchemy, the expressive reference of spacious knowledge in the unity of the mystery of a time travel.

Those who write “Aleph” on Murano glass tombs, or those who are constantly searching for treasures under the influence of the planets, or those who see Universal Nature in the form of a coiled reptile, understood nothing. The spiritual side of true alchemy, the dimension of an idea possessed by the spirit of gifted thinking, the equivalent of 100% pure gold is to know how to become a rose, or at least, a part of me.

From the perspective of the power of giving life to the still and silent things, I was saved from the ignorance of the world precisely by this beautifully in love artist, embodied by il sogno dell’armonia,who knew how to assimilate me into the art of sublime flourish with the help of genuine encompassed amazement in the spirit of a structural order. I consider myself happy because it was in the power of this young dreamer, untouched by the bite of entropy, to preface a metaphysical form of nature in an inspiration of spontaneous complexity. A great wonder from a foreigner in the practices accepted by the old Kabbalists.

The privileged artist nel primo grado dell’essenza divinis discovered behind the “realistic” scenario, in the case of effective employment in the universe experienced through the amazing joining of complementary worlds. The effort to probe a potential external environment, by carefully and diligently selecting the desired reality, without being satisfied with the distanced living that can be offered by the aesthetic participation in the performance offered by a symbolically deciphered painting, places my Creator in the plane of traditional metaphysics: “Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we headed?”

Leadership: Can you make the transition from “formalism” to “interpretation” through an act of symbolic conversion in two ways: the image that looks differently in other worlds and the image that rotates around the same axis?

I was once a man like all other people, a mere ordinary mortal, but the world did not perceive me or understand anything that I represented in the spiritual values ​​of true faith. The simplest meanings began to wear the most diverse shades of red. The metamorphosis instinct has been increasingly intensely debated and conceptualized in Quinta Essentia. Thus, we entered into another world, identified in the Tiphereth, the image of a splendor of nature rendered in the form of the figure 9, provided with buds treated like celestial hemispheres in the earthly variant.

Oh, how much nostalgia in the memory of color explosions. In art, to be like the admiration for the performance of an unmatched and unparalleled beauty, it is similar to the testimony of Constantin’s real cross in flames, with the mention that any model can be reshaped according to needs. Of course, my pictorial image will tell you something other than focusing on the Holy Treeperceived with narrative virtues in the hereditary nature of the operation of ennobling the Holy Spirit (through the transmutation of the universal passive substance).

As you can see, an image is constructed by giving it an exact measure of interpretation through the idea of ​​de-doubling, by the space-time neighborhood and by the differentiated positioning.

I exposed myself to the measure of time, according to Platonic thoughts such as this: “measure and proportion go hand in hand with beauty and virtue”, in trying to find the quick way of learning and ascending the feeling of the Mirror of Rain in Ancient Times. For centuries, as a bridge between the worlds, I have been mentioned in the writings of Ptolemy or in the secret codes introduced by Patriarch Abraham in “Sefer Yetzira”. I have also trodden on the sandy strata of Caliph Al-Raid’s kingdom from the outskirts of the West, only to be offered as a dream adhesion to the story of the 1001 nights.

But also, every time, with sage and truffle, I found myself in a constant reminder of what is missing from people’s lives: the fruitful cult of metamorphosis.

Leadership: Does the creation to which you give a new look, enriching “perceived content” with “imagined content”, enhance the hidden, intrinsic utterance of stylistic means of transmitting the revelations of a dual being?

I have a request for you, because I do not want to confuse you with inexhaustible expressions IN CUGERO, or by embracing the known with the unknown. Before understanding me through the eyes of an artist, that so often distort the copy of things offered by perceptions, please attempt to see me as a common mortal, one who will remain in your hearts forever.

You will not understand me by the dynamics of archaic representations. Not when you hold a book and read discerningly the novels of Quentin’s childhood, referring to different networks for the maintenance of walking trees. The hybridization of a rose cannot be understood neither by the act of “watching” of the spectator seated solemnly in front of the screen, nor by the fidelity shown to the Aristotelian and Thomistic teachings, nor by the experience of the discovery of Dinesh’s Amulet.

Only through the greatness of Bastian’s heart in “Never-ending Story”, which did not allow itself to be dominated by human opinions and complicated reasonings, will you be able to live my life, know my history, save me from oblivion, and harmonize your instinctive being with the spiritual:

“Once – while I was much younger, I asked during our religion course whether the Lord Jesus also had needs like any ordinary man, considering that he used to eat and drink like an ordinary man. The entire class burst into laughter and the religion teacher reprimanded me for “indecent behavior”. There I received no answer. It was not my intention to behave indecently. Probably, such things are much too insignificant and devoid of importance to be mention in stories.”

The rose is not a world full of symbols, but rather is the superior spirit of the artist captured in his own portrait, painted in the name of the memory. To know how to blossom under the influence of the one who elevated you to the rank of masterpiece, being much more delightful when you are remembered by reproducing an attraction point in the background of the genuine image, means being drawn into the orbit of a logic capable of giving another meaning to individuality.

Leadership: Do you know how to value the “image-perception” through the fundamental characteristic of the Creator, related to the realization of complex forms of expression with an accentuated potential of extension to “the vision beyond yourself”?

The rose puts my soul to the test, just as gold tests the nature of inferior bodies to mix with the Bloodstone in the cosmic order indicated by Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. I don’t know why you continue to believe in a reality so hard to decipher, dori me. Perhaps it is the complementary form of acquiring a correspondence with the spirit of a perennial plant, with ascendant in the ninth zodiacal sign, in the sense of a special communication with a thinking being placed in a system of ontological determinations of creation.

Maybe it is just a way to replace myself with one of the many and various actions of an alchemical nature, using Hermes’ instruments. Perhaps it is a way of manifesting myself inventively by dissolving Numhesya’s power in the root of Para Atar. Or, maybe I understood the hidden and elementary language of the universe better than anyone.

Quite rightly, my favorite rose, Double Delight, is part of the beauty category that contains a metaphor of choice: the circle of fire of the spiritual literate. I am nothing but his breathlessness, his transposition into encrypted language, but always sincere, pure, free, liberating, coherent only for those who believe in another life, with eyes open to all the serene countries of the Soul of the World. We will see each other again when we merge our destinies.

The artistic vision is intended to capture a reality beyond yourself, presented through a comparison included in a metaphorically meaningful image.

The Art Of Alchemy In Artistic Vision is due to a writing in which the truth and the imagination have been confined to that single body giving detail, from the side of an image that contains to produce pulsations at the level of (artistic) experience beyond the production of life, beyond the curtain of time, beyond what we know, beyond matter.


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