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The Beginning Of Any Change Is The First Cause

On December 22, 2021, in Leadership R2-Premiere, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to validate a decision taken from a unique perspective of the phenomenon of “circumstantial resonance”, in an attempt to recognize in you the source of a new form of consciousness.

I saw a cat crossing the crosswalk, and I could only study it with stone eyes, let alone watch over it with the unceasing call of divine mercy. It seemed a decision taken from an unprecedented perspective of the phenomenon of madness: the proud selfish little girl assumed the prolongation of the state in which the judgments arising from the senses do not even correspond at all. The cars stopped, others bypassed it, none of which mattered much at that moment of balance. The animal walked slowly, elegantly, without knowing what the risk or danger was, somehow imagining itself as an unforgettable moment in a space of infinity, as the hero of an unparalleled adventure.

Surely it is mad courage, devoid of rebukes of conscience, unconsciousness in the face of relentless death. The cat might as well have waited at the traffic light, but it wanted to be the first to cross a horizon of events that can only be seen in Hollywood movies, as if experiencing that tendency of the human ego to be wild, to be a creator of new worlds, a TIME-TRAVELER. Immediately, it must be taken into account that the cat is just a lone predator that surprises by attacking the mouse and the sparrow, without thinking for a moment that it could be in danger by crossing two lanes.

Obviously, the cat did not wait for the color green, did not want to reconsider its decision, but seemed to play the king in an absolute safe position on a chessboard that responds exactly to the instructions given by an irrational exuberance. Because, as someone said: “Waiting means adding moments to moments, squeezing them so that space-time is compressed, to remain in the deep self the illusion of its dilation in the short respite together with an illusion that sometimes seems so real.”

Leadership: Can the result of your decision be interpreted as a relentless unfolding of the outside world, analyzed by a confused interiority?

At the sight of this suspenseful scene, I felt like a prisoner trapped in a time trap determined by a destiny of transcendence (lived involuntarily), trapped in a moving circle with a blinding ray taken to the causal point of a decision taken under pressure, conjunctural and without perspective. What is certain is that I could not undo the effect of an analgesic arising from the difference between desire and reality. There intervened the correspondence between a black dream, lived with open eyes, and living a life without limits expressed by an extreme mobilization, by an effort of the moment to overcome time and space of the dimension called “a super-factor of personality”.

For this solitary presence in the middle of the street, life meant “me first”, not others. In no case did its soul ache for what it was trying to do. But if the animal is generally denied rationality, negar el papel que tiene en el proceso de conocer la realidad, and especially because it does not take into account the feeling of being a victim, then man can be forgiven for his sin of forgetting one’s purpose of being rational in case he manifests his will to cross the road with a single direction of circulation: the sense of finality close to that of the final cause.

In any case, we are all cats at some point when we cross the street. But we must realize the value of that certain “something out of the ordinary” to explain the true meaning of the life we live: finding a reason not to fall victim to our own recklessness and exaggeration. This, of course, in the implicit intention not to become a target of more intense moments, not to consider ourselves as an annex for the conscious cultivation of the ephemeral in a world of doubt and insecurity.

Leadership: Can you take responsibility for an identity that brings together the experience of a life from another life, in an attempt to rediscover the “negative” of the being who incarnates in a game of duplication?

Certainly, my negative was embodied in a game of duplication, when I felt that I was part of the life of another being endowed with a different genetic configuration. The negative indicates the confrontation with that side of the interiority not expressed in words or orally. I fell silent instantly. And then the restraint of subjective aspirations, their removal from the path of relative normalcy, was the beginning of my fall into a state of paranoia in which I forgot to analyze my own mistakes, my own motivations, my own feelings, and to observe those of others.

It was a state of stillness, loss of hope, a demobilizing pressure as in the face of inevitable death, the syndrome being followed by a feeling of guilt. Those who want to know exactly what was going on in my soul can study the story “Buried Alive” by Edgar Allan Poe, especially when the inner grinding of the main character takes place as a relentless unfolding of the outside world:

“I tried to shout. But in my endeavor my lips and dry tongue moved convulsively, and no voice came out of my cavernous chest, which, pressed as if by the weight of a fallen mountain above it, panted and throbbed alongside my heart, at every hard and heavy breath. In this effort to make a cry, wanting to open my mouth, I noticed that my jaws are tied, as is customary for the dead…”

To better understand what “circumstantial resonance” is, you must consider that “transcendence” of interiority by its coincidence with exteriority, because what you experience through the temporary feeling of doubling can be passed through the filter of a life experience lived on the border between what is meant to happen and what is possible, but not necessarily.

The broader dimension of my identity, as a psychology of duplication, is equivalent to living a life behind another life that sometimes loses its compass to find it in the form of an affective predisposition capable of amplifying or diminishing the cooperation between chance and free will.

That’s how I came to consider myself a loser, the main subject of a bad thought, because I resigned myself to a difficult situation believing that I have to get used to living with it. So, only by the simple unfolding of an event that aroused my full interest, only by recognizing a prophetic dimension of conjunctural synchronism, I was on the verge of changing the course of my life – by a resignation to the destiny that only does what it wants anyway, by giving up will, by accepting to be what the outside dictates me to be.

Or, to recognize in myself the source of a new form of consciousness means to analyze each life experience as a shield against the shameless incursion of the outside on the intimacy of the inside. This awareness is partly explained by the perception of a discrepancy between what I think I can do in someone else’s place and what I can do to overcome a self-centered mindset.

The Beginning Of Any Change Is The First Cause when the “first cause” highlights the situation in which the Higher Self (or subjective mindset) has separated from me and reincarnated in another animating vehicle, in another being, in another reality. If you noticed well, before I changed, there was a change in the current line of events, a change that I perceived as an extremely important responsibility towards a hurried and emancipated being, similar to me, but much more able to teach me life lessons.


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