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The Book Between Borges And Hauff (II)

On February 14, 2021, in Leadership V8, by Neculai Fantanaru

What forms the most chosen knowledge is the essence of an a priori experience that you always encounter in yourself.

Sometimes I feel that I have become someone else, someone deeply interested in the possibility of renewing a spatial horizon of knowledge, according to the value of truth attributed to a universal consciousness equal to the infinite dimension of the Creator’s work. And if I feel deeper affinities with the passion for reading, for writing, for creation, saying essential things, so creating something beautiful, it is because I managed to relate to Borges’ writing universe that expanded and was guided by the time zone of a parallel universe in which Wilhelm Hauff is the ultimate reality.

As a result, my life written in a book of prose is the summary of the books of the two mystics explained in a single book that no other book in any library in the world contains. There is a desert belief in the secret books of the two mystics, and which my book nuances wonderfully, with contemporary accents, with an imaginative softness, by replacing one identity with another identity.

I am sure that no desert contains more sand than you find in the tales of Wilhelm Hauff that Borges spoke in Arabic with the desert wind, with the specification that every grain of sand present in the expanse of their desert is a consequence and a continuation to my book, a rediscovery of myself in a past life, or a rebirth of myself in a future life.

And if I were to recite my life in Hauff’s universe, of which Borges is a part, I would find myself in the legend of the famous traveler who wrote his name on the sand of time.

Leadership: Do you have the ability to influence the direction and pace of change of a “search you own self in the end of a new beginning” function as a consequence of your ability to change the micro and macro universe of an Alter-Ego?

Yes, it is a great pleasure to reread Wilhelm Hauff, because he sends me into Borges’ universe, from which I once recognized myself as Hauff. So, dear reader, read Borges and you will meet Wilhelm Hauff. Read Hauff and you’ll step into 1001 nights. And in 1001 nights you will be Borges again, in the specific conditions of the shifting sands in my book.
And you need to know one more thing, my dear reader, of which I myself am a part. Every time the great events that took you through life will become the expression of higher aspirations and permanent value, in a background of the universe that is constantly evolving according to the theory of otherness, know that only then will you feel the need to return to simplicity of defining simple things, seen through the eyes of the artist.

At other times, it will happen that you feel that you are someone else, as it often happens to me, full of relevance, in the context of the causal model of reality, when I read Borges. And, like any true writer who speaks to mysticism and especially to scientists, I feel that Borges’ ideas belong to Hauff’s ideas, and that Hauff’s own ideas are the fruit of the formation of a mind the size of Borges.

And when you will feel this, and this will surely happen to you if you read the books of the two writers, you may be able to get into the mind of the one who is now writing these lines without which you could not be you, but you would be a another that always follows a new cycle of incarnation and metamorphosis. Who knows, maybe one day you will understand the Mystery of the Incarnated Word.

Leadership: Can changing the way you look at a situation change the way you perceive and understand it, as you relate to a moment that does not belong to you, but resides in you?

You will become desert, you will become sand, you will become easy to shape into compact forms of pure poetry, in association with a high degree of independence in a cyclical, non-stationary universe, and you will return to the point where you started. You will make the transition from micro to macro, each time re-energized, purer, so that you can understand and recognize that the identity of the soul never dies, but is always transposed into words, feelings, images, numbers or colors.

This is true both for you and for those who have activated in their memory the function of searching for the following passage from another book of the desert, written by another scholar named Mika Waltari:

“I still don’t know why I lived. Finishing this last book, I’m even more puzzled than when I started writing. Writing has been a comfort all these years, in which I have had only the sea before my eyes. I saw it red and black; I saw it green during the day, I saw it white at night. I saw it blue sometimes, on hot days, bluer than blue stones and I’m already tired of looking at it. The sea is too big, too scary and a man can look at it all his life without getting bored, because it is always different. Just looking at it, he becomes sad and starts getting dizzy. I feel my heart sink into a bottomless pit as I look out to sea.

The desert is like the sea, it is always present in my thoughts, in my soul, being the symbol that will continue to give me confidence, in another view of life.”

You have understood my point of view, dear reader, of which I am also a part. For so far, I have told you all about the great knowledge, or the Great Universal Work, as some call it. As you may well realize, the micro and macro universe of an Alter-Ego includes that form of incarnation and metamorphosis that can last indefinitely, but also that short story of a moment of insight (which incorporates reflection, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and motivation) experienced through an identification with your own reversible nature.

Leadership is a structure of depth related to the miraculous interweaving between the fascination for the story invented by the human mind and its real existence subject to a revision of the image that represents it in another hypostasis.

The Book Between Borges And Hauff is the path you take from identity to otherness, with the specification that who you are and who you will be does not say much about you, but about your unconditional adherence to a universe that seems ruled by chance, so, inevitably, absurd. This universe is not related to direct experience of reality, but to an a priori date.

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