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The Charming Pulse Of Life

On March 08, 2011, in Leadership Impact, by Neculai Fantanaru

Increase your credibility with those you interact with, building your leadership on a consistent spiritual background.

The 169th issue of Careers magazine briefly reveals the story of the dentist Roland Hermann, in a more than challenging place: that of a man who would travel to the very end of the world, accepting the afferent risks, only to serve a noble cause.

Amazon, Nepal, Chad, Bolivia, and Guyana are some of the places where the tireless Romanian doctor went for a single purpose: to give a helping hand to the people with a very low standard of living. The most important thing that Roland learned in these volunteer projects was to cherish life, respect people and be with them in difficult times. The desire to devote himself to others, to see them healthy and happy is the only joy that will always warm his soul.

After reading about his merits and his work, I can say that Roland Hermann is an admirable person because he adds a lot of meaning to his profession and to his own life, keeping intact his spiritual and moral background, which connects him to other people.

Leadership: Is your belonging to a trend of consolidation of the level of representativeness a condition of its ascension to the highest dignity of the name you bear?

For reasons concerning the specific of society’s evolution at this time, the capital factor and its supplementation tend more and more to acquire that "exclusive excellence", which supports the ideals stemming from the heart. Cooperation, mutual aid, volunteering and good example must be the basic resources of your image in the world..

Therefore, the knowledge on understanding the fundamental principles of leadership are increasingly assimilated as rules of regulating people’s life, solidarity appearing increasingly frequent in various business or personal development areas.

Freedom to perfect through others, to adopt a kind of thinking and a code of conduct liable to the protection of your brand turns you – not into a spectator or a stranger – but into a special hero, an integrate being, a man of virtue. Unlike the "snow man" trying to impose respect only in cold times, waiting for everyone to admire him without doing absolutely nothing.

Precisely from this evolutionary parallelism, at the interference between responsibility and ease in spirit and action, the human inclination toward leadership clearly emerges, taking note also of the rules by which it develops. From this fundamental specificity, all other features that turn an individual into a unique human being ensue, advancing under the species of the full involvement in the relief campaign at a higher level of understanding of self.

The name you bear has as its first center of gravity that trend of gratitude towards what comes from a direction where it does not matter when and where you are, but how you feel during an examination from the viewpoint of the observers you interact with.

The lack of clearly defined moral principles, ethical neutrality, together with the exacerbated individualism, developed in a manner that does not honor anyone causes the individual to strengthen their inner character structure under "a thick layer of snow", which resists any action directed towards the unique and definitive meaning of excellence.

A trend that can be seen as a burst of will, with inconsistent effects and no clear symptom, but susceptible to adverse reactions. And these effects intersect and conflict with those structures of thought and action that move away from that threshold of absolute recognition, but unfounded on a credible and sufficient factual support.

A snow flake is formed from the combination of many ice crystals, but that does not turn it into a diamond.

Leadership is an amazing adventure in search of new realms of art, whose flavor is tasted only by travelers who accept the responsibility to shape their character – searching through their unique way of being, through their tendency of appreciation, the acceptance of society that does not claim ignorance.

The extent of your leadership is provided by the way you focus on your ideals during a continuous slalom on the border between the events of life and the performance of controlling them?

The preparation to create a positive and healthy relationship starts with your involvement in supporting a noble cause. Trying to see the world through the filter of a special sensitivity concerning people's needs and requirements, listening to that voice in your head that incessantly whispers you not to remain indifferent to their sufferings, you will maintain under control their perception concerning your ability to influence them.

In order to influence people, you must occupy a place in their heart, and you will be able to do so only monopolizing each and every one of them with unique feelings of affection.

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts", Albert Einstein once said.

In leadership only one thing counts and can be counted, at the same time: credibility. One is credible only if endowed with that feature of the people inspired by a high patriotism, showing a genuine interest in others.

Just like a painter seeks to emphasize through light and shadow the individuality of each object in space, just as well, you, as a leader, must seek to emphasize through your leadership the individuality of your special character, in virtue of that noble feeling that lies stress on your inner beauty.

The performance of controlling an event depends on the way in which you present yourself in a situation in which you can act freely even when you have something to lose.

As someone well said: "If you have something important to lose that you cannot regain, yes, then you have reason to doubt whether or not to make an unexpected step in life."

The charming pulse of life is given by your spiritual background that always keeps you alive, which is always present somewhere deep inside your being and urges you to stand up and not cross your arms when someone needs help.

Your leadership will gain a positive meaning, you will enhance your credibility towards those you interact with and you will always be loved only if the pulse of your life will always harden. Accelerate the pulse of your life, involving yourself in supporting a noble cause that will bring you moral satisfaction and that would be worthy of all people's respect and support.

Conclusion: A quality leadership is not self-imposed by the desire to ascend socially, but it rises from deep inside one's soul, as a result of the desire to help those in difficulty or those unable to have a conjunct and effective way of action. Thus, you increase your credibility in front of those you interact with, being the only way to accelerate your charming pulse of your own life, and therefore acquiring satisfaction in everything you do.


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