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The Collector Of Secrets

On July 04, 2010, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be above and beyond than those you lead, using your most powerful side of your leadership.

I like to perform. Magic. Ever since I was a child, I studied the art of using the scene, I learned the secret of catching the public's attention, as well as the way to enter its graces, with a show unique for its set and costumes, chosen with much inspiration, sometimes terrifying, authentic and very expressive. Especially, by the very good illusions, meant to amplify the mystery and curiosity of every spectator.

This is how I managed to get to the top of the hierarchy in my profession, just by an excellent presentation. When people watch my show, they are simply blinded by what they see, they are astonished by the impressive illusions I perform with such a great skillfulness. The power. It became reality.

I am a mysterious man, and the secrets are an intrinsic part of my activity. Many people want to know them. Even other magicians. However, the secrets are things you must look for and find them out. They are things that you have to twist on all sides, if you want to succeed in copying them.

Leadership: Do you get hindered by the clues that stand in front of you, because you got used to seeing them with the corner of your eye?

You need a great power in order to see beyond the illusions, to a deeper truth, which you may or may not understand. You need a great power of concentration in order to understand the mechanism of illusions, a mechanism which is, actually, one of my best-kept secrets. And like any other talented magician, who respects his trade, I will never reveal my secrets.

Sometimes I feel that I am the holder of a special power - the unlimited resources of magic, of darkness and light, able to convert all to my advantage, anything trivial in pure energy. Maybe because a lot of people struggles to find out how I create my illusions, and only I know the answer.

People start getting hindered by the clues in front of them because they are used to seeing them with the corner of their eye, or, to be exact, they are not even paying attention to the trick behind my image. Obviously, my advantage is that I have always known to keep a certain inaccessibility based on a forced interpretation of a representation of the real and whole type, an absolute that manifests itself through the virtue of being a good wielder of hypnotizing clichés.

Leadership: Does your model of discretion take into account the fact that in order to be identifiable, the phenomenon of "power" needs to be perceived through the evolution of its forms of regularity?

People start making more and more statements about my terrible "powers". However, I will continue concealing everything from everybody, I will be silent. I will continue to play my part as a wizard, hiding my secrets and letting the others die of curiosity. For nothing in the world I will not reveal my vulnerable side. Thus, I will always be above everybody else, and I will impress them with my craftiness.

With my secrets, I will be able to conquer the world. Like a real artist, I will devote myself to the art of illusionism with all my being. I will be able to fascinate people forever, pleasing them with my special gift and, and just like a defiant boy eager to launch into battle, I will ignore all their feelings.

But for that I must always transform myself into another being, to always get another look, to always create other formulas, other situations, to generate constantly other metaphors, to embody always other characters, to create ever new axioms for my power of influence and persuasion to never disappear. I will keep my secrets very well. I will keep them, and then I will abuse them with regularity. I will use them for my personal ideal. I like to feel they have what they lack completely to others: the shine.

Leadership: Can you change what you really think about yourself and the reality you are moving in by following the orderly existence of a rupture of the emotions you promote?

At my last show, I had observed, or I had imagined that I had observed, a vague tension in the attitude of some spectators, as if, in their minds, there was an unwanted, but bothersome, thought. I had the feeling that they wanted to learn what was in my soul, to forcefully rip the secrets I did not want to share with anybody. But it was not that.

How blind and ignorant I had been until then. I was rather paying more attention to obtaining spectacular results and less on how people feel. The reality was different, that not everybody adored my illusions. I cannot escape this truth, I cannot hide from it. My secrets have no value if the world does not adore my show.

Leadership: Do the situations you go traverse through the obligation of not divulging the content of your own creation correspond to the underlying state of the world you’re in when you see the reflection of your own imperfection?

Just like a magician, a man who wants control of the situation focuses on two things: first, to hide their secrets so that people do not lose interest in him. Second, to collect as many secrets, so that the power of influence to grow, and so his "representations" to be more successful.

This is the great truth that nobody recognizes that everyone fails to mention: the leaders are, from a certain point of view, magicians. Absolutely all leaders have their secrets well kept. And to know how to make better use of their secrets, the more successful "performance" that they claim. A leader without secrets is like a chicken that does not egg, and "chuckles" of helplessness.

The sole thought which obsesses a leader is for him not to remain alone, not followed by anyone. Can someone say that it is not so? Therefore, his noble intention is for things to be done efficiently and well.

There is a risk that the leader, just like any magician, he fears: that his show be brought to the point imagined by him as the highest point, but the spectators to be unimpressed, clapping their hands with no enthusiasm. And this is an alarm signal. It means that his efficiency started to fade away.

A magician’s world is the measuring unit of information that remains hidden.

The underlying state of this world, when he sees the reflection of his own imperfection, is the indicator of a crisis situation that coincides with the difficulty to concentrate, the retreat within one’s self, emotionally walling in, avoidance of friendly activities, and social isolation.

Conclusion: Every professional, just like every leader, has his secrets, secrets, which are, actually, the fruit of his work and experience of years on end and, of course, there is no reason for these secrets to be shared to others. However, it can be said that they are the "power" of the leader, and it is desired at any cost to others who will never give up to "take" this power, even on unorthodox ways or means.

The secrets are actually the most effective structure of leadership; it constitutes the most powerful side of a leader. If you want to be more important than all, and to keep your power of influence, transform your leadership in a real show using your knowledge and skills in a constructive way.

P.S. Leaders are genuine collectors of secrets that they should keep fiercely and to use them effectively.


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