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The Compositional Effects Of Advanced Science

On July 05, 2014, in Leadership Know How, by Neculai Fantanaru

Identify the composition of all the old and new scientific elements in their organic whole so as to get the desired meaning effects.

Montage reaches its full effect through the composite feeling of all those elements in their organic whole. In order to do this, director Eisenstein intensifies the content of every "harmonic resonator". Actually, the sequence was also the resonance of an impression from his childhood, when he assisted in the sweltering summer of 1914, to the procession of the consecration of the church of Staraya Russa. This vivid impression constituted the basis for his procession in the movie "Old and New."

Or another simpler example: the mowing race scene. The various frames of the montage contain a single motion from one part of the frame to the other. "And I laughed when I saw the most sensitive spectators swaying from side to side, increasingly faster, as frames were shortened. The effect was the same as that of a fanfare running a simple march."

The concept of the great directors filming comes forward from a text of his collaborator’s, Tisse, who sums it up like so: "Our goal is to achieve artistic and technical effects through completely new methods, filming reality with simplicity." *

Leadership: Do you encounter limiting resistance of what you can and can’t do during the implementation of a "default" type of approach which produces novelty effects in the setting of a directing exam?

What meaning can a genuine creation have that is itself the result of an association between distinct elements corresponding to one pole of reference? In leadership, uniting elements can lead to something more than its component parts, constituting from the perspective of the necessary conditions of an appropriate montage, the keystone of a phase of transition to a more advanced stage of science finishing.

The effect you want to get from your audience is related to the perception of the reality reflected by the image of the essence of a directing element. Some directing elements can be represented by: exchanges of replicas, scenic movement, compulsory musical element, framing of actors in a certain context, clothing, rapid orientation in a certain direction, etc.

You cannot naturally build, with simplicity, an image of a unity of science, especially at the peak of knowledge, if its old and new elements don’t remove the deficiencies and disadvantages of the discontinuity between them. This discontinuity, the passing from one field of application to another, by association, may result in the emergence of limiting resistances of what you can and cannot do, which produces a sort of confusion in defining and using a new "default" type of approach.

A "default" type of approach is a very important step for the evolution of leadership, a representation of a conceptual framework on three levels: principles, strategies and methods that can provide continuously and without variations a clear understanding of what you transmit by means of your vision and experience. Your creation is precisely the equivalent of what you transmit and the attached meaning, relying heavily on feedback from others.

Can your leadership fall into a matrix of meanings which bring into focus a more consistent scientific meaning?

In leadership, the quality term has a broader meaning comprising a technical side, strictly linked to the characteristics of the "product" of development and the impact you promote. And the value of this product is represented by the applied elements of reference, which give essence, influence and a certain meaning to follow in its realization.

Authority in the field, in practicing science, you can get when the ration between old and new elements is appropriate, so when they do not behave as antagonistic and competing. Which means that the most commonly used element has the tendency to reject the weakest.

Montage is an important step in achieving a scientific construction, but also a practice that causes a re-composition of the conceptual landscape, putting in the relationship between ideas and research, in the sphere of using the constituting elements, certain effects of meaning.

Leadership can fit into a matrix of meanings which bring to the fore a more consistent scientific meaning, only if your conceptions vis-à-vis "creation", used in the context of affirmation of a new philosophy, can be considered relevant for the training of others.

A more consistent scientific meaning attributed to personal creation can be replayed by the sum of the meanings of the component elements of a montage that allows sudden shifting from one frame to another, but in such a way as to ensure cohesion between absolute truth and relative truth.

The Compositional Effects Of Advanced Science are the consequences of well-constructed reasoning that is borne by your uniqueness in the field of leadership. They aim to develop leadership from core components established by predecessors, which must be harmoniously combined with modern and current ones, while giving it a personal touch that makes it unique and dazzling, worthy of being appreciated.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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