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The Confession Of A Feeling That Leaves You Speechless

On January 03, 2021
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Leadership T7-Hybrid by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop your soul’s ability to perceive immaterial things, so as to broaden the horizons of a creation that impresses through the reality of an existence beyond being.

There are moments when I feel that I am in full harmony with nature, more precisely with the expression of a rich range of feelings that the Double Delight rose infuses in me, so naturally united with me through everything imaginable, but legitimate in an artistic creation.

I can’t hide my astonishment at the sight of this image of beauty, it never fails to go out of style, but I face the impatience to be patient, which rather turns into obsession, possessiveness, compulsion. This form of life to which I have bound myself with divine grace, fragrant with the perfume of the spheres of natural extracts that guarantee a strong effect of delight of the senses and the mind, a kind of characteristic feature of affective phenomenality, develops and strengthens by the artist working together with that awareness of the spiritual charge which often, with a shade of discreet light, faces me with the great mysteries of the experience of ideation.

The rose is only the instrument of an approach to faith, perceived as a miracle of spontaneous creation, free, of remarkable originality, used for the transcendence of my own nature, or as a transcendence of man to God and a descent of God in matter. So, I have to look inside the rose for the answer to the question: “who am I and what do I want from art”, being mastered by the potential of a prospective gaze directed towards the soul phenomena of divine revelation, nourished by the soul substance of the earth.

A “must see” quickly becomes a “must have”, but with the blessed reference to Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune”, where it is written in black and white: “The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in.”

Leadership: Can you consider your creation as a phenomenality of the spirit contemplating an image of divine revelation, while situating yourself on a level from which the object of contemplation can be projected only into the abstract?

As the artist’s admiration for nature turns into an obsession, for that means denying his interest in the great struggles of life, the true value of wisdom beyond the Ego, he becomes another person, less sociable, but able to discover a number of precious secrets. The symbol of the rose is such a secret, which I knowingly assume as a duty to the work of God.

After all, it is a feeling of one’s own being in the affirmation of the will to shape an image of the divine nature, by correspondence with the image of a person embodied in a delicate flower, but also imposing, blooming to the desert of a thousand and one nights and reaching the sublime in a semiotic perspective of Umberto Eco. She disappeared on a mission to save the holy word from the biblical corpus, but returned to the attention of the painter Jean-Baptiste Robie even before he rediscovered his spirituality and faith.

The wilderness will rejoice and blossom like a rose. Hence the faculty of the soul that perceives aspects of the immaterial world outside the plastic experience acquired in art activities.

For, I constantly feel the presence of something different from me, more imposing and refined, abstract from any causal relationship corresponding to reality, something to which I know how to react only through the predominance of an external phenomenon that acts from an inner necessity. A rose can be so amazing that no photograph knows how to do it justice as long as it does not forget its care to be deified.

Leadership: Does your creation process that level of art at which the “object of contemplation” includes the awareness of a higher world, since you could project it as a subject of a composition that embodies the idea of ​​immortality?

I did well to surround myself with the universe of flowers through an interpretation of the symbols that precede the playful dimension of the drawing. At the sublime moment of admiring the rose, in the context of the metaphysics with which, in intimacy, I delight my soul, senses, gaze, mind, contributes the quality of the painter to try to imagine reality differently than it seems at first sight, in an exercise of combining the composition of still life with the portrait of a conversion to Divinity.

Here I must consider the memorable saying of an extraordinary story, as said by John Fowles in the novel “The Caterpillar”:

“I had accidentally bought the pencil and watercolor portrait of a young woman. It did not have the painter’s signature, but in one corner was an ink sketch which, it seems, said in Italian – July 16, 1683. The precise dating satisfied me at first as much as the drawing itself, which is, in fact, nothing out of the ordinary.

However, something in the long face of the long-lost young woman, something in her eyes, an inexplicable living presence, a refusal of death, had slowly become to obsess me. It is quite possible that this very refusal of death has linked the real woman to another whom I have admired for a long time and who appears later in the story.”

Rightly so. If in everything around me there is a voice that does not use words to express its hidden feelings, if in everything that drives me exists the possibility of uniting beauty with the truth beyond words, and if there are at least a few words to control my thoughts and feelings when unexpected circumstances come upon me, these words will be heard only by the vibrations of an inner voice: “The history of art is seasoned with the unexpected, with the belief in immortality.”

This is how strong the rose symbol is…

A composition that embodies the idea of ​​immortality must complete the understanding of reality imagined as a passage between two worlds that are essentially opposite, but this union gives rise to a gigantic universe.

The Confession Of A Feeling That Leaves You Speechless would certainly be the subject of “destinies caught in the closed and dizzying intersection of other worlds”, perfectly outlining the portrait of the talented artist who, having the opportunity to express his admiration for art, turns himself into the hero he adores so much in his creations.
You can imagine that in this way we have clothed various forms of life in an extensive universe.


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