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The Consuming Fire In The Creation Workshop

On July 14, 2013, in Leadership Q2-Sensitive, by Neculai Fantanaru

Schedule your activities to capitalize leadership so that you avoid the effects of the knowledge addiction which can modify the engine of your entire development.

I had reached a stage where everything had become foreign, estranged from me. Including knowledge. As if my spirit of observation together with logical thinking had been fixed on some immovable pillars for a long time and forever forgotten. I was trying really hard to recover my capacity to fully use my faculties, my eternal vice, finding novelty in a delicately divided manner, but which had a high rigidity.

The disoriented man is a creation of the universe that does not reach its purpose for which it was conceived, like a small natural satellite that offers nothing to the evolution of the earth. Every time I managed to motivate myself, every time I persistently sniffed a new idea under the action of a concentrated force, using the method of the finite, appropriate element which triggered creation, another reaction product would come into play. A formation of abnormal clichés and false reasons. And thus, a new crisis would set.

The model which generated new conclusions and innovative ideas that had to allow a more accurate processing of the highest volume of information would "break" just like an overheated steam pipe after a long operation period. Maybe because I always exaggerated the meaning of the discoveries science threw my way? What logic did these Herculean efforts have for me to reinstate everything that seemed destroyed?

Leadership: Do you take into consideration the essential tendency of an artist who reveals himself within you as a way to interact with a concept synonymous with “everything that exists”, independent of your will to be part of an endless universe?

Only if I could relive everything, could I transcribe exactly the stages I went through. My "getting better" was a roulette game with 50% chances to win, and my situation looked more likely with a small novel that could have been effortlessly turned into a spectacular drama. I felt vulnerable, impatient and clumsy, naked, without any shield of my personality. A severe disconnection from the savory addiction to search, to replenish knowledge and crystallize a particular science.

My wish to be once again a shaper of the matter, my significantly increasing the values of the research parameters, seemed to have deep roots. And it was undoubtedly self-imposed. My requests to find new ways of making science more efficient were defined through a lower frequency and a higher amplitude, or by a higher frequency and lower amplitude. Unable to do anything to fight mental overload, I was caught in an unstable relation: at one end there was deep thought, at the other dilemma and chaos.

I limped for a long while without having any visible wound. This austerity period was part of another initiation stage in the perfect art of narrative, the most complex, in need of more support. It forced me to rehabilitate, to overcome a certain weakness, which I considered to be at its peak. And it forced me to commence an inner work.

I refueled the fire of the deep. And I learned to reap the benefits of temporary inner defeat and failure. The endless universe I related myself to was tightly bound to the active and continuous exploration of surrounding things that fed my imagination, as a parable of self-exploration, of finding one’s self, and of the meaning of life.

Leadership: Into what kind of a person does science turn you when you try to take control over it, in terms of what shapes you exclusively as an artist meant to offer openness to the idea of an "unlimited universe"?

Are you at a stage when everything becomes foreign to you? Are you trying hard to acquire the ability to fully use your creative faculties? Do you exaggerate the meaning of the discoveries science throws your way? Do you feel vulnerable, clumsy, naked, without any shield of your personality?

Every time you get to the point of admitting who you truly are and what you can do with your knowledge, a crisis is triggered. It consists of a series of reproaches, tormenting thoughts that weigh incessantly over your way of being, bringing to light relatively forced reactions. A painful confrontation with your own negativity that modifies the engine of your whole development. You get into that tunnel of uncertainty, when it seems to you that everything you've discovered can not be true.

In these moment, accusations of being untruthful to your initiative spirit and to your openness towards everything new, will float over your messy professional scene without getting a final solution. Reducing from the very beginning your chances of success in what you set to accomplish.

When you try to take control of science you turn into a literary character who confesses in a sometimes graceful and sometimes traumatized exercise, but always problematic to the sincerity to himself, admitting that the end of the world he shares is in God’s hands.

An artist meant to provide openness to the idea of an “unlimited universe” the prisoner of an impregnable labyrinth that can only be explored in solitary silence, without any guides other than those you succeed in getting closer from an unseen plane.

Defending leadership and its functional principles based on excellence in a certain field, against any intervention which limits your abilities and faculties to create new exceptional results, we think we could eliminate a blatant contradiction between your evolution and your being.

With only one condition: to project a new mobility structure, a new way of answering in front of your own disappointments. Science is not just a main gain; it can also be a great threat for your own functionality. Because for achieving efficient results, it is necessary to have a good coordination of all your efforts in a certain direction in relation with understanding and developing your science.

So, not necessarily "the decisive attack" against great knowledge, with the purpose of efficiently exerting your control over leadership will end with a gain for your identity. Moreover, positional accomplishment by favorable simplifications of the dimensioning efforts of science which would ensure an appropriate protection against any regression or stagnation of your progress.

Leadership: Do you let yourself trapped by an overdoses of knowledge, especially in the situation where the universe you are reporting suggests even the suppression of your attempt to become someone else?

"Define your personal success", the international leadership expert John Maxwell once advised. But first of all, or at the same time, wouldn’t it be appropriate to define your failure on more plans? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to develop a particular style to approach tense situations that you are exposed to due to a hunger for research, and accept the inevitable?

Unfulfilling objectives and the lack of performance could be due precisely to overload, the severe connection to the savory addiction of searching new formulae, new profitable possibilities to use and promote personal science. Trying to become someone else through the excess of knowledge, by referring to an infinite universe, often resembles the attempt to move a mountain that shakes and risks collapsing over you because you are not yet ready to support its extent.

Your aspirations and abilities must not force you to adopt a way of life different from a normal person, or to relate to a reality that others cannot swallow and even deny. Science must not make you accept the chains of other people - helpless to rise above the condition called “banality”, but neither to make you a prisoner of unbearable behavior.

The creation workshop is part of every man’s nature as a manifestation of the wish to explore new knowledge horizons. To successfully support the transformation towards what you want to become, a man whose accomplished science can offer all the aces he needs in order to achieve excellence in leadership, means to reply to the requests of finding new ways of making development and training activities more efficient. Without letting yourself caught in that subtle trap of knowledge "overdose".

The exact and necessary quantity of information should be processed in the creation workshop so that the balance between risks and benefits would be constant.

Leadership is the creation of the universe which includes the scientist, the aspirer for divinity, the one who understands Victor Yugo's words: "an additional condition in a being alters the being in its entirety."

The Consuming Fire In The Creation Workshop describes that crisis which can arise as a result of personal development stimuli which instead of being motivating, lead to stagnation. And as any other fire, they transform everything into ashes.

Just as a Phoenix bird you can be reborn from your own ashes, but it’s more cautious to avoid crisis situation by an appropriate dosage of the thirst for knowledge.


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