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The Content Of Leadership

On April 13, 2008, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Live the role you take on, without detaching yourself from your own Self.

Everything Paracelsus said was true, I could see it all with my own eyes. But I must confess that this new way of healing was completely foreign to me. I remember a young prince of our Court, Viscount de Gaunt, the brother of the Prince of Episuoy, from a very tall noble house, he was so sick with gout that he sat on one side only, tormented and deformed by pain.

Butler then took my hand and asked me:

- Do you want me to heal that young man? I will heal him for your sake.

I then explained that the situation is a little more complicated, because the young nobleman is very stubborn and would rather die before taking any cure.

- Be it his will, he replied, I want nothing more than for him to touch this little stone with his tongue every morning. After three weeks he has to wash his painful wounds with his own urine, after which he will be healed and will be able to walk healthily. Go to him and tell him all this.

Then, gladly, I returned to Brussels and told the prince everything, and he replied:

- Go and tell Butler that if he heals me, I’ll give him everything he wants. Ask him what his price is and I will pay.

When I told Butler the next day, he was very angry and said:

- Your prince is crazy or mindless, which is why I will never help him – I do not need his money and I am not inferior to him. *

Leadership: Can you overcome the need to position yourself above others, to compare yourself to them, and to wait for them or certain outside events to satisfy your pride in being accomplished in something?

Your way of feeling superior or inferior depends on the level of other people’s life experience and how they show a willingness to share it with you, taking into account that form of their consciousness needed to truly know and practice modesty and the nobility of heart. And the only external entity that influences you positively or negatively, which we can categorize as “restricted access to both realms of thought”, is given by the attempts of others to change you by force.

Let’s take a doctor as an example. He who heals a man does so not only because he has some specialized knowledge in a difficult field to master, but because he sees things quite differently from other people, from the level of life experience – to the level of thoughts. Whoever wants to change people’s perception of his deeds must first consider the decision to approach the source of a long-lasting achievement, such as “healings or miracles”.

Every decision you make is a contribution to the development of the world, affecting the course of events, so in the middle of any situation is a decision that surprises by what you do, feelings, emotions, deep states, but also by what you imagine, discover and highlight (a completely new living reality).

When a doctor heals a patient, first of all he esteems himself and appreciates himself to the true value, because he who serves a heavy profession also serves himself as a spiritual-soul being, as one who is infinite in himself, as a triumph of an order of things, a world in which the components flow from each other in a fabric of interdependencies.

From this point of view, the pride of having perfected yourself in something is distinguished by the operation of knowledge that you carry out in the process of exercising influence, so that what you have as a potential to have quality information to reach everyone’s knowledge through a variety of actions, perspectives and manifestations of will.

The role of a leader is to coexist as an attitude and as a willingness to change things within the same picture, leading to a unification of different elements (feeling, knowledge and effort, time, costs and quality), through a subtle chain of events.

The Content of Leadership is given by these elements different in nature, position or role, but which together form a whole called “HORIZON”, thanks to which one can reach, by force of circumstances, a superior and deep understanding of the world, especially the perception of the notion of “Value of one’s own Self”.

* Note: Barrett, Francis - The Magus, Esoteris Publishing House, 2008


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