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The Continuity Of The Work Of Art

On October 09, 2021
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Basic Leadership by Neculai Fantanaru

The message that an artist emphasizes in his personal work is the ideal hypostasis of a vast expanse that includes the space between himself and the components of the surrounding world.

I’m at the seaside. I have at hand all the reasons that push me to transform a dream image into a message of the soul, where the image is given by an unlimited number of longitudinally arranged points, projected on a pictorial plane, barely wanting to be caught by the artist’s gaze. who knows how to complete the fragmentary character of the moment. In this image, which the artist calls Ritrovhanyn , the matter contained in the nature of things, we recognize the sand that I am going to color in a different style from how I usually color.

Every grain of sand, like every star in the sky, is a memory of a hope, or a winding road unfolding in a court represented by the conscious self, all unfolding in the space of a delightful island. In fact, the sand lazily introduces me into the space of complete freedom, as can be seen, into the space of a modern metaphysical vision. And it is precisely in these arguments that a version of transgressive art is presented, ignoring or despising the truth that it can never be ruled out.

Right now, I am thinking of the image of an Odysseus who would have the chance to return to Ithaca provided he believes that the island is in one’s self and he can discover it. This is exactly what the sand reminds me of in its commitment to art, immaginando ciò che non possiamo copiare , in search of abstract wisdom or pursuing spiritual ideals: it reminds me that I must look for myself in a close but seemingly unreal place to remove, in a drawing with many different shades, but still so similar.

Leadership: Does your creation consist of the overlapping of two worlds represented in different ways, but leaving the possibility of either their simultaneous reception or their relationship with your self?

I gaze into the distance, without blinking, looking for that peace that I do not always find in myself, towards those who privilege written expression. I try to build an elegant totality from disparate elements. The sand goes well with the shells, one without the other could not imagine the beach in Mamaia. Two inseparable but distinct worlds. Thus, matter and form are in the highest degree inseparable under the influence of their representation in the sphere of the reality that I observe.

It is a merit to know this. The shape must be equally affected by the side of the contents contained in an isolated phenomenon, such as the algae that the waves bring to shore just from the sea, after a storm. So, what do we need to highlight in order to succeed in an artistic construction?

First of all, we must consider the sea as the “First Cause”, because it contains matter: sand, shells and algae. Then we have to pass the sand, the shells and the algae on a human level, on the level of “thinkers” coming from different ages of history. We must also consider the present moment of an inner life’s experience, and not the past of the connection with Causality.

Therefore, I am urged to believe that he who has not known this delirium of the search for the connection between spirit and matter, will always lack something of the understanding of art. Because being an artist means seeing the sand in relation to the shells, so that the sea encompasses both of them in a given time whose romantic scent runs smoothly through the century to me with that continuity of feelings and reception of a work of art.

Leadership is close to art, in the sense that everything you see around it means, in fact, focusing on a single aspect and generalizing it through metonymy.

And if metonymy is a figure of speech that consists in replacing one term with another with which it is in a relationship of continuity, then the idea of ​​art can relate more to the opposite unity, that of the embodiment of the particular in the universal. Thus, my creation becomes the symbol of a world that is fulfilled by relating to another type of existence, one based on the two defining elements of art: duality and the continuous present.

The Continuity Of The Work Of Art is observed in any element of nature that completes another, then another, and another, through a complementarity that particularizes the identity profile of mentality in which lives the artist within me. Therefore, the artist lives through what he particularizes as an identity projection in the process of observing the complementary elements that complete that material creation based on the use of the most flexible forces of the spirit: imagination and incorporation of imagination in the composition of living matter.

Don’t forget to fill your mind with artistic sense.

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