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The Convulsion Of A Supreme Conscience

On September 30, 2013, in Leadership FX-Intensive, by Neculai Fantanaru

Always reason and live in the spirit of dialogue with yourself, so as to ensure the development of positive moral values that do not turn a Self into a unity of Multiplicity.

Everything gets a whole new meaning in a somber parallel universe where paradox lingers as a replacement of the unacceptable, which has become a referential parameter in the case of a heartless being, with a sober conscience. Compromising, the resultant of two concurrent forces, good and evil, irreparably transform into one sole dominant force contrary to the pure science that doesn’t accept the demotion to an inferior step.

Machiavellic, this force that opposes every humanitarian feeling, any moral principle, any noble reflection, supports the quick update of reaction elements in the process of distorting reality and mental support. Without struggle, it stimulates the apparition of a total, extreme dynamism. It increases the body temperature to a certain value, then it oscillates around this value, tensing the muscles and speeding up blood pressure.

The thoughts of Hannibal Lecter don’t emit warning signals; they create the appearance of a normalcy, a stable state. He finds his escape in the camp of his army, in his subtle, but lethal stinging scorpion senses, qualities, imagination, reason and reflexes. He would mercilessly kill any being standing in front of his liberty or who tries to enter his diabolical mind.

Leadership: Can you discover all the facets of your personality around a vision drawn from the effects of trying to find out new truths about yourself so that you can completely change the image you see of yourself?

Weird enough, Hannibal seems to live in a convulsion of intense concentration over himself, frequently re-projecting the complex structure of his mind’s intelligence supported by connection cables to a continuous high energy source. We could say of him that he suffers from multiple personality, a kind of experience of approaching a dehumanized Alter Ego, because his mind consumes three kinds of images: an image of a fragile man, an image of a continuous reconstruction of the self, an image of a sick person and an image of a gifted personality.

At times, he seems trapped in the power of an adverse state, an uncontrollable thought, emerging from the grip of conscience like a loose torpedo. You’d say he reacts and lives in the spirit of the dialogue with himself, with the defining entity of his character. Which cancels the whole effort and power of the spirit to be aware of the positive values. Just like an automobile that rushes illegally on the road, this somber entity focuses its range on an inappropriate axis for the moral infrastructure’s complete rehabilitation.

But even the monster can be overcome by the fear of that terrible feeling, sharp as a guillotine blade. It somehow seems dominated by the warm flicker of light that still persists in his conscience, by the living thoughts, which connect him to everything human within him. The exterior blends with the interior, where everything seems to evolve in a continuous agony.

When will I leave in complete peace with myself, with the peaceful conscience of a virtuous and clean man, beloved by God?

Leadership: Are you in contrast to an Ego subjected to external pressures, in correspondence with a life perspective that takes into account the need to define an identity that blends with another identity?

A complex configuration of human personality, compared to quality leadership that benefits from the advantage to be closer to a deeper area, which hasn’t yet been fully exploited and maturely directed, can be seen in the future from the point of view of self-experiences. Man, subject to his own reason, more likely matured based on a production of strong stimuli and some relentless challenges, plays his part as lever for a sustainable personal development. Or on the contrary, for an involution of the self.

The leader doesn’t have to be a man in opposition to his self, taken by the flux and reflux of a world that comes and a world that goes. This thing reflects the lack of belonging to a solid conscience, to a healthy Ego, thus the lack of inner conflicts. If man doesn’t know which way to go in order to safely and efficiently pass to a better perspective, not to a territory haunted by the ghost of nothingness, of emptiness and of non-value, then the results gathered by developing leadership, performed simultaneously with the real application of measures for preserving identity, will change into something worse and will remain below the profitability limit imposed by leadership.

An identity that blends with another identity is the extended nature of a thought that revolves around one, moving away from the self and at the same time approaching it, is the fruit of the experience of being the same man, but under another aspect, under another behavior or privileged position. Opening or closing the self in a different reality, in a somber parallel universe where paradox lingers, as a replacement of the unacceptable, which has become a referential parameter, becomes more of a problem than a solution, an expectation full of uncertainties, a viable option for change. But not for personal benefit.

Leadership: How do you position yourself in a context like “If you go deep into yourself, you will reach your nothingness !”, in relation to a vision that goes beyond the feeling of an acute intellectual extremity?

Not letting yourself get carried away by the wave of self-oblivion, analyzing the absolutely important consequences of drafting a new agreement with yourself which grants you the capacity of becoming the major shareholder of a invigorating intellectual becoming, which creates and doesn’t destroy the meaning of life and responsible freedom, you will avoid to be caught under the power of an adverse state. Of the uncontrollable thoughts, negatively loaded, emerging from the grip of a conscience altered by various limiting factors.

To always reason and live in the spirit of the dialogue with yourself, namely to try and overcome the blockages (between you and people or experiences) following the moral implications of your acts, you will be able, to a certain extent, to ensure an increase in your positive moral values. Which in turn contribute to a peace with yourself, helping you to leave with the pacified conscience of a virtuous man who knows to correctly regulate "the temperature" of his mind in those negative circumstances that don’t really serve his spiritual needs.

Someone used to say: "If you venture deep within yourself, you will reach your nothingness." This indicates man’s inflexibility and stagnation in a critical point. Subject to a routine of thinking, which continuously searches for the confrontation with a bothersome and unwanted reality, he is forced to redefine more accurately and nuanced the relationship with himself.

Have you reached the stage in which you feel that you can’t reconcile with yourself? Do you have the courage to venture deep within yourself, to follow the revolutionary and evolutionary implications of your own nature, to avoid that fall in the emptiness of your being?

A vision that goes beyond the feeling of an acute intellectual extremity is a mental image between the formation of a very high self-esteem and the need to represent, at will, an authority and a strong sense of superiority.

The Convulsion Of A Supreme Conscience designates that power that streams from within ourselves, generated by a positive thinking which knows the exact limits of the unanimously accepted normalcy. It means a regrouping of "armed forces" in view of a decisive attack over the chaos that has emerged in us or outside of us.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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