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The Core Of Leadership

On April 14, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

What you think and believe about yourself is what separates knowledge from information.

The famous alchemist Van Helmont was talking at one point about a stone he saw and had, which cured all diseases, including the plague. Here is what he said about it when he had to save the lives of important people. Especially since the same stone ended up in the hands of a skilled man named Butler, and it saved many people from death.

There was once a certain Irishman, whose name was Butler, who lived in the time of James, King of England. Butler was a prisoner of Vilvoorde Castle, and there he took pity on a certain Baillius, a Franciscan monk and well-known preacher in those lands, who was also imprisoned there. The latter had a very strong infection on one of his arms.

One afternoon, when the monk could no longer bear the pain and despair, Butler touched with a small stone, light and soft, with a very low hardness, a tablespoon of almond milk. He then sent someone to take the medicine to the monk, giving precise instructions for the liquor to be taken within an hour at most. After that time had passed, to the great surprise of the patient, his infection healed. The next morning, after hearing this, I set out for Vilvoorde to witness Butler’s great deeds, with whom I became close friends. Shortly afterwards, I saw a poor old woman who had been working with an unbearable headache since she was sixteen. She was healed in my presence.

Butler soaked the same small stone in a tablespoon of olive oil, then wiped it with his own tongue. He then poured the small spoonful of oil into a bottle of oil. He then told the woman to rub her head with just a drop of that oil. In this way, she was immediately healed. Witnessing this incident, I was stunned, and he, smiling, said to me:

- My dear friend, if you do not come to this part, where you will be able to cure all diseases with a single cure, you will always remain in your young beginnings, no matter how old you become.*

Leadership: Do you have the ability to open the horizons of unlimited progress in knowledge from the perspective of metaphysics, so that you will always remain in your young beginnings, no matter how old you become?

There are two kinds of knowledgeable people. Those who understood the underbelly of the Great Knowledge, managing to express its essence in a purely metaphysical language, meaning that it is perceived only by those initiated in the field (a small number of individuals). And those who understood how to emphasize the essence of the Great Knowledge through simple formulations that emanate a kind of warmth of soul, with a scent of inspiration, as when you constantly listen to a rhythmic song, cheerful or sensual, without memorizing its lyrics. Their work touches your soul.

Whereas the true connoisseur is the one who combines elegantly, simply, spiritually, both ways of approaching the Great Knowledge – making it not only accessible, but truly noble. And then there are the “smart ones”, those who understood everything, but who all their lives did not create anything in the name of Science (waiting for others to do everything for them). These are the most useless people for the world and for progress. And you meet an old man who all his life did not understand what Creation is, but who identifies with wisdom. It’s really hilarious, isn’t it?

Usually, the horizons of a progress in knowledge, related to metaphysics, sets the expectation that one sees the reality beyond the world that one believes to be singular in nature. We realize that there is also a world of stones, born of the desire to rediscover nature, to know closely some effects and causes rarely observed by anyone. He who finds a cure for a disease with help of a rare stone is a man who constantly seeks, through each action taken, the miracle of a work of God in its midst.

To always remain in your young beginnings, no matter how old you become, means to take as a model of spiritual value the dynamic aspect of a continuous evolution. It means to obtain the desired results by reinventing yourself as a model of your own infinite possibility of reconstructing reality and manifesting thought into matter.

If we refer to knowledge, through an identification with the world of things, then the stone suggests (according to an internet user) strength and safety, elegance and classic, rustic or modern refinement. In addition to its unique appearance, natural stone (especially decorative stone) is a durable and extremely resistant material to many external factors, including temperature changes.

So, knowledge is a real pillar of stability in terms of man’s ability to understand the meaning and connection of phenomena, so that he knows how to use any element of nature, any law of nature to strengthen his ability to experience certain close-call situations and give them a certain meaning.

Knowledge is desirable only if it prolongs youth, not old age, ensuring man’s ability to analyze the elements of nature and to transform reality. By making thinking more flexible, knowledge creates a predisposition for a certain field of activity. In this regard, to be a witness to the great deeds of another means to be an observer who measures his knowledge from the perspective of the relationship between youth and old age, on the horizon of a cold objectivity, which belongs only to him.

If we consider the naiveté of human nature, which imagines that it can exceed its limits, reaching the impossible, we agree with those acts of glory, with those acts of creation, with those colossal discoveries that have influenced the evolution of mankind, not totally but partially, yet certainly decisively. Evolution certainly achieves results in the “salvation” of mankind, with those facts of great practical importance, influenced by the glory of a generation of people who would transcend their age through assumed freedom and openness to the new, studying and penetrating the mysterious depths of nature and its regeneration.

What separates knowledge from information is a better order of truths that transcend the limits of human reason, which we can know only through the revelation of God.

Leadership means broadening a person’s horizons in his or her eternity so that what surrounds nature surrounds the transcendence of a new birth, that is, the desire to escape from a mechanized daily time, to be consistent with the certainty of making the spiritual, timeless world triumph in front of the material world.

The Core Of Leadership in accordance with the general picture of the world, of the place and role of man in this world, is the way in which knowledge can be applied to change the state of things, or to influence the course of events on the world stage.

A leader is a deep connoisseur of the mystical mysteries concerning the constraint to which the revealing state of fact of the being that can become the object of knowledge is subjected.

* Note: Barrett, Francis - The Magus, Esoteris Publishing House, 2008


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