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The Cornerstone Of Magic

On April 04, 2017, in Leadership W3-Integra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Align yourself with what you can control, not with what you avoid doing.

All the difficulties and obstacles that the dark forces have created, through the harsh laws of nature that do not confess their thoughts, have enchanted me and redirected my attention from what they call a rummage of madness as a symptom of a drifting society.

With the maturity of the interpretation of the experience that recommends me for any role of action, hence a whole set of images and ideas that are more and more obscene, I look at everything that happens in the shadow of a perfect enigma that incites you to discover it as yours alone, to reach the objectivity of knowledge that cowardice avoids. The cowardice of the inability to understand death through a dreadful disease.

I continually feel attracted to everything that constitutes a challenge, a curiosity of nature, beyond the psychological form of the resentment towards this invincible fatality that is universalized, towards this viral determinism that plays its threatening trump card as early as the moment you think you’ve understood it all.

How was I so unlucky that I myself would turn out to be the Joker in an attempt to win the thrilling game with life on death’s terms? And yet, as in the hope of an extraordinary moment, I feel as if I have discovered in a mysterious ancient tomb a well-preserved mosaic that, provoking the mind to an endless duel between research and imagination, is a measure to combat the ruthless questions that do not find their answers.

Where the eye captures the essential, a sad and shadowy picture depicts the seemingly limited condition of a new turn of thought and a return to an earlier stage of localization and manifestation of the virus – one that reveals its "symbolic" and "secret" weakness of immuno-compromised individuals or those who go through an acute traumatic episode.

I cannot figure out exactly how the virus carries its presence in the blood, but I have noticed that it is bypassing the sick as the river is bypassing a rock. A painting in the existence of which I did not want to believe, but in which I integrated myself abundantly.

In no case do I want to turn myself into a creature that goes beyond the limits of reason, even if reason drives me into making a grand act within the limits of an acceptable probability of survival. But as a painter, a synthetic spirit seeks the essence, form and volume in space – through a visual reflection, so too my consciousness and my spirit of an evaluator of nature phenomena feel obliged to standardize or reject everything that is "different" in compiling a reaction pattern of the virus.

Leadership: Are you able to open yourself to an exciting experience without losing yourself in its background?

The quality of the man aspiring to a net supremacy status is distinguished by the maturity of the interpretation of the experience that recommends him for a role of action in the shadow of a perfect enigma – one that incites you to discover it as only yours, to reach the objectivity of a knowledge that goes beyond the limits of one’s own belief.

How does a magician manage to levitate? There are seven headlights. An invisible rope. Two side-by-side marine mirrors. A well-defined chapter of chemical pathology. A treasure chest. A cup full of God’s wrath and one filled with the miracle of life. And a hypothesis about the beginning of rebirth in the form of a beautiful and captivating storyline of scientific rediscovery.

Gather all this in such a way that their result really gives you One, the kinetic momentum of a whole causal chain. If the painting made by you is true, it will be understood without logical reasoning. Find the secret behind the magic before you master it and use it according to its purpose.

Magic is an experience of the struggle with death, from which life springs in an inexhaustible manner. It aligns itself with what you can control, not with what you avoid doing. It means to dare to throw yourself into the unknown, in the gaps of a mysterious power, and there, floating over the abysses, to get caught tightly by the hand of God. Magic is close to faith, but above it. It is not psychologically localizable, but a way to look and go beyond the limits of reason, pushing yourself to a grand act.

Trusting in the miracle of going beyond the limits of existence is an attempt to grasp the ungraspable within the boundaries of your own form of authority. It is to surprise the essence of a sad and shadowy painting that mirrors the condition of a new twist in thought, making it a provocative revelation of the type: "Everything that happens to me is part of the chain of illusion created by the mind."

The Cornerstone Of Magic that turns the science of man into a reality of an unusual power is the ability to open yourself to an exciting experience without getting lost under its basic conditions. These conditions result from what happens when you begin to experience the pain of your own inability to overcome the limits and prejudices specific to the adverse consequences of this unique experience.

* Note: World War Z


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