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The Creation Of Man In His Complexity

On May 14, 2014, in Leadership On/Off, by Neculai Fantanaru

Direct your thinking towards superior development goals, departing yourself from that uniformity in thought that limits your visionary status.

Something unknown moved silently in the shadows, like a current flowing in one direction and then in another. Whose intensity increased and decreased, producing visible effects. Then it reversed, it rose and decreased again, so that the cycle can repeat itself for quite a while. It was the soul of a man caught between existence and non-existence, a unification between subjectivity and objectivity that went beyond my understanding, gravely prejudicing my status.

Was this startling vision only one thing, the effect of uneven distribution of a current that crossed the massive conductor, isolated in the enclosed space: consciousness? This inconvenient witness in me seemed to warn me of an illogical fact, devoid of usual bases, revealing something from the mystical world of fantasy, exerting a sense of great subtlety.

I myself was the creation of this unusual occurrence, of the total being, animated by the living voice of expression through images. The obscure origin of good and evil, of the ineffable and of the depth that avoids being mistaken with interiority. A little more than the endless cycle of interactions with the unusual I was experiencing by knowing the usual. An exaggerated pride that if were it not to find an expression in reality, surged in the imaginary side.

This representation, both real and unreal, was brought close to consciousness by the unconscious, establishing and causing a sort of hallucinatory fascination that justified the vision of a high revelation – belonging exclusively to that part of the mind that allowed the possibility of penetrating and understanding my complexity.

Leadership: Do you ensure the usefulness of your revealing thinking for the development of your own identity, as if from a scenario whose director subjectively experiences a reality that can at any point get tangled within its own limits?

The usefulness of revealing thinking to the development of one’s own identity can be manifested by the way in which reality is determined as a sharing of a genius creation that has evolved from the realistic bill of expression of inspirational themes to the gradual decipherment of the meanings of a mysterious parable.

This creation can only be exploited by people authorized by you through the craving of the story that you sneak into their souls.

I think, without committing an exaggeration, considering the evolution of the process of renewal of your engagement in the way of constructing reality, that if you don’t foresee an escape from the normal, if you are not animated by an emergence from the humane usual, then you will not be able to ensure yourself the utility of thinking for the use of developing your own identity. This thinking is mainly based on revelations concerning the hidden aspects of your personality, on the experience of your own feelings, on various forms of self-knowledge experimentally verified.

A reality that can get tangled within its own limits at any time corresponds to the representation of a world of which, when you try to describe it differently, you feel that you are not part of.

Your position within the sphere of the normal, marked essentially by a pale intellectual glow or by an aging force of processing the real that can no longer ensure the stimulation of the activity of creation, breaks that ingenuity that enables you to integrate in a broader and more advanced world to explore.

It is the world of the Self that gathers its waters, climbing towards new springs, of a self that experiences itself subjectively. The power of the mental to enter the game of a new form of expression of what you experience with such intensity, through which you improve your capacity of innovation in the field of science, in an attempt to gain access to new fundamental truths about life.

A visionary is a man who creates his reality by taking into account the "conclusion" of a reflection on one’s own life, missions and becoming, in a wider and more interesting storytelling context that announces a new way of seeing the world.

Leadership: Do you make room for the unusual to slip in and install itself in the perimeter of your own interiority, considering the vision of a high revelation as a way of being of the outside world?

Leadership shouldn’t make room for the unusual to slip in and install itself in the perimeter of your own interiority, swallowing with indifference the steps of your transformation towards a higher status, consistent with the level of aspirations. More strikingly, leadership becomes the manifestation of a force of penetrating the complexity of man, which determines the end of a cycle of interactions with the unusual, experienced by knowing the usual. In the future, leadership will transpose into reality the mixture of past and present, banal and unique.

The unusual can be considered a figment of the mind that has all chances to become reality, and when it is set in the perimeter of your own interiority, you become part of a story that is fascinating from one end to the other. The new man should be "filled" with that self-value that best folds to a more complex reality, made up of the exciting variants of the usual and the unusual that can support the passage to a higher level of consciousness. And subsequently, to a higher level of innovation in science.

As someone very well specified on a web page, "The man of the Third Millennium must have the necessary knowledge that can ensure him that mobility, flexibility of thought and ingenuity that ultimately lead to the creation of indisputable values, sustainable in any field of activity."

The vision of a high revelation can be seen as a way of being part of the outside world when the reality you have imagined becomes a copy of an image that is capable of excitement by its power of attraction and motivating action.

The Creation Of Man In His Complexity aims at that ability of the leader, subjected to a strict self-assessment, of creating something new, but supported by objective realities. Something that implies primarily a mobility of thinking in the sense of adopting and rapidly applying the "unknown", by individual intellectual work, with the purpose of shaping an identity that can transmit the idea of new.


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