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The Creative Act Of Reinventing

On January 05, 2015, in Leadership 360˚, by Neculai Fantanaru

Strive to turn leadership into a space of creative reinventing, by soliciting the madness of believing in something higher than the limits of reason.

Seconded by the light thread of critical consciousness, my mind headed towards the great questions of time, through the rigorous processing of an inexact value of the likelihood of Deja-Vu effects. Especially through the method of observations of "transfer of reflections". That same naive madness to which I hitched on during the time I tried to work out the optimal routes of certain energy portals from the future, existed through creative impulses that triggered the sequences of images of an inescapable reality, in an explosive game of complementary contrasts.

It could be said that we opted between the revelation of new evidence and the revelation of a new concealment, trying to introduce a class of algorithms for approximating the time in a scripting language with a syntax simplified to the maximum. So as to decrease the unpredictability and nonsense of any attempt of understanding what knowledge considered to be inexplicable, to not leave any trace of doubt. Time became the representation of a system of reference that possessed the property of opposing the variations of transit factors of the impulse called "life".

I read somewhere that in 1572, Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe discovered a supernova over one of the small stars of the W. shaped constellation, Cassiopeia. This nova, called Tyco’s star, rapidly acquired more and more light that it started shining brighter than all the other stars and planets at night and then it became visible during the day too, until it began to fade.

If I wanted to touch the untouchable of reinventing the way of producing knowledge, I had to be the ray of thought of a unitary ideal that connects thoughts and knowledge with respect to the shaping of existence. But without becoming a prisoner of my own creation.

Leadership: Do you enter the game of self-reinventing through the courage to fight something that seems almost impossible to understand and conceive?

Romanian philosopher, C. Rădulescu Motru once said: "The scientist stands out from the ignorant through the activity he carries out in the systematization of experience. The ignorant receives this experience in a passive way, but the scientist transforms it deliberately. In other words, in the consciousness of the methods employed, and not in the results, does the regenerative power that knowledge has upon man lay."

Regarding leadership, in order to face an ever more dynamic process of development, to perceive differently the change and its specific effects (often times debilitating), it is necessary to focus on an experience of judgment brilliantly systematized and on the processing effort of what is part of your cognitive universe. The power of adapting the imaginary to the conditions of accessible reality through the usual methods of experimental and logical science must exist in your consciousness.

Something impossible to understand and accomplish can only correspond to a world of imagination that builds a virtual space from which you can observe everything without being noticed, from which you cannot go any further. The scientist enters this space, sees the moment or a small circle around this moment, integrates himself into a new image of man and society, then returns in the immediate vicinity of reality with a vision that goes from up to down, not the other way around.

Leadership is a science of thought and accomplishment imposing itself through the succession of revelations. And if you want to turn this science into a space of creative reinventing, opposite to every form of conventionalism, then you have to enter the game of self-reinventing through the courage of fighting something that seems almost impossible to understand and conceive. Sooner by soliciting the madness of believing in something higher than the limits of reason.

Every supporting piece of the power structure that defines you, through inductive reasoning, through observations of "transfer of reflections", it becomes a declaration of originality and self-confidence in a world in which competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

Can you represent yourself as a feature of the philosophy of evolution of science from the perspective of a vision that gains in persuasion only through the imaginative substrate?

The power of creation is very likely to fade in the face of sincere dedication, especially if the artist fails to materialize the revelation of new evidence or new concealments.

These two constants of integration in scientific research – evidence and concealments – blamed on an accumulation of information obtained from the analysis of coordinates defining new principles, concepts or terms, have a certain weight on the effectiveness of manifestation of a new culture of thinking. We refer to a culture that does not inhibit the creation of a new generation that can inspire a real trend in the field.

Faster development of innovative images of reality, leaving room for a greater level of diversity and complexity of the production of individualized creations, may increase awareness of the role of leadership – because of the fact that it leaves way for reflections and thoughts to manifest freely. Communicating the value of personal communication can be achieved by the communication of a thinking of the unthinking, weaving the meanings of an abstract art, reduced or absent in the great equation of the development of a higher culture.

Reinventing yourself is the result of the experience of interpreting the message of revelations brought about by the act of creation into an affirmation of the vital impulse, desire and thirst to give meaning to a complex reality.

The Creative Act of Reinventing is closely connected with the method of "transfer of reflections" type of observations through which you assume the exploitation of science in the name of an ideology of renewal, which in turn launches an approach or proposes an unusual point of view.


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