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The Deep Shades Of The Being Ruled By The Immensity Of Judgment

On May 03, 2014, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give your science the possibility to build around creative reason, experiencing that expansion of your perception about yourself, which does not precede duplication.

The evolution of my science was possible only through a double and continuous back and forth movement, like a balance between the harsh reality beyond appearances and the imaginative projection of unclarified conjunctures, imposed by steps towards a time of rediscovering my identity, in which there was no space and no matter, but only a benchmark for the readjustments of the minuses and pluses of my knowledge.

It was a kind of transition from subjectivity to objectivity, and vice versa, from objectivity to subjectivity. It was a complicated process of removing my limits, opening new perspectives for understanding and relating to my own person.

But in this forward and return movement to a point of maximum expansion of my own conscience, the speed of connections shutter with new status entities varied in time in a predetermined manner. I felt somehow trapped in my own person, as if I had abandoned myself to a beautiful delirium, going from derisory to immensity, blurring my reason to react against a domination refusing to determine. Maybe I should have tried to push reason beyond itself.

Undoubtedly, I became particularly skilful in formulating ambiguities between reality and imaginary, relying on depth effects of creations stemming from self-revelations, necessary for life experience and leadership, in those difficult battles between the infinite and the finite, between reality and conscience.

The infinite that encompassed my essence, with all its lights and shadows, which became a purely relative judgment, and the finite of a significant life, that filled in an inspired manner the gap of thoughts, contrary to the conditions of a scientific capital reallocation, with new depth shades, which highlighted my real personality.

Leadership: Have you become part of a finite virtue acquired by refusing to place yourself in the service of a rule that refuses to determine itself?

Great science, as part of some sort of human connection to the outside, namely with his surroundings, against creation of facts, but also spiritual fruitfulness, is also defined by a series of other elements. First of all, it is a system of comprehension of a higher self-consciousness, which is hard to influence and accessible only to a limited part of humanity, only to insiders, as it can’t be "cloned" to an industrial scale in order to be plentiful.

The great science has the function to support the reason to react against a domination that refuses to determine. This domination is given by the ambiguity of your own interpretation of the concept of "identity".

The conscience to reject this foreign force, that keeps you trapped in an innovative thinking, beyond material aspects, oriented to your full knowledge of man and the world, claims a certain share of contribution to the acquisition of a particular virtue. That virtue of "finite", of temperance on your relationship with the great science, with that forward and return movement to a point of maximum expansion: perfection.

Identity is an active, affective, and cognitive process of self-representation in a hazard of reality, associated with the subjective feeling of permanence, which allows the person to perceive life as an experience that has continuity and unity in a frame of originality.

Leadership: Does the development of your personality become possible only by abstaining from an excessive consumption of science, in accordance with a reality that makes accepting a supreme reasoning a projection of your imaginations?

Striving to achieve perfection turns man into an automaton, slave of a mechanism with unlimited existence in terms of generating new scientific foundations, built around a higher reason, admitting that lengthy improper conduct to make something forceful, somewhat artificially, into a life of compromise and sacrifice. This effort violates the basic principle of moderation: abstain yourself from the excessive consumption of science.

The great writer Paulo Coelho was right when he said: "Stop being who you were and turn into who you are". If your scientific development becomes possible only through a double back and forth movement, like a balance between the harsh reality beyond appearances and your imaginative projection of the conjuncture of life, you get to turn, paradoxically, into a "marginal" for others.

Even if, at the same time, you learn to know yourself very well, people will learn about you, but don’t get to know you.

The marginal, the duplicated man belongs to two worlds, of science and life – but he tends more towards the first one. This gives the complexity and richness of unlimited creative power. Basically, such an individual deletes any question about himself, for inside him there is no space, nor matter, but only variable effects of transition from subjectivity to objectivity, and vice versa, from objectivity to subjectivity.

The marginal is a source of unique and very valuable intellectual income, continuously feeding with creative power, but not with spiritual power, hovering outside the moral scale, leaving social manners.

If you want your leadership not to get caught in a two-fronts war, of self and selfishness, give the opportunity to your science to build around the creative reason, experiencing that expansion of perception of yourself that does not precede duplication.

Duplication aims in this case to multiply self-worth by capturing excess knowledge, not by regularly renewing reality for a better discernment of essence from randomness. Duplication is the state in which you see yourself as someone else, you want yourself to be someone else, and, ultimately, only you will remain, an "unreal".

The deep shades of the being ruled by the immensity of judgment concerns that perfection of self-knowledge, coupled with the real "MySelf", and the possibilities for action in an ever-changing external environment regarding aspects of human factor.


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