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The Deja Vu Principle

On November 21, 2014
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

Bring new evidence in support of what you have become, by remembering who you really are.

I found myself in a rationally unacceptable phenomenon, that of recoverable time, as a reminder of who I really was when I was surrounded by what I was not. Willingly, by practicing introspection, I had engaged in exploring a hidden, unmeasured, intimidating truth that surpassed me in its vastness and complexity. What was immortal in me could conceal another reality, subject to improbability, even imaginative.

Everything was revealed by a strange reversal of optics, like a magical mirror, at the level of a hallucinatory subjectivism, as if written by Stephen King. It appeared as if I was suspended in a space of extended consciousness beyond myself, driven only by that blindness of intelligence without feeling. As if I had tried to revive long-forgotten visions in a reality that stubbornly acted upon unknown rules – a superior one, sustaining itself by unifying the three congruent circles: inconsistencies, paradoxes, and illusions.

And this pre-update of self-knowledge led to the extreme, as a centrifugal force that freed me almost entirely from the grip of the handcuffs of the unimaginable past, continued with imaginary improvements and solved the small leaks for the bugs in the "alpha" versions of the reality drastically anchored in the frameworks of a changing mindset.

Here begins the beauty of self-understanding – I was always caught in the repetitive play of matching with a certain type of role that could be approached from several angles on several existential sides. In this aspect there was, in my life, another Me. Because I was going through another extension of myself, through a Deja vu that made me feel like I was living someone else's life.

Leadership: Can you build a "Select" in the dynamics of the past that returns the "True" logical value under conditions of the present?

I think that in this residual state of thoughts and actions that we have undertaken in the past, framing new time functions in the specificity of the consciousness that gives shape to a lost reality, the fusion between essence and appearance occurs. That is, what defines you permanently and what defines you when you disregard what you have become, taking more into account the image of what you have been.

The living proof of what you have become, by providing other answers to the question, "Who are you?", may actually be unconscious rehearsals of what you once were, processing and developing within logic – held by the thinking put in favor of coordinating existence – a valid or invalid reasoning. That is, a reasoning favorable to the placement of personality in a context of alignment to a model of being completely new to the old one, thus in the conditions of a plurality of identities that provide room for maneuvering the ways of re-assessment, rediscovery and reinvention.

The past is the messenger of essential truths, of reference values that have not precisely outlined themselves over time and have not grown uniformly with the experience of life. Some sort of clues left behind that can lead you to another area of knowledge, because in the past you are reliving fundamental moments of your own exceptionality – claiming your totality. Moments placed into the light with no interruptions, having truth as a guide, pieces of what you think, emotions and states, having their finality in the opportunity to form yourself continuously and to get in touch with a sum of qualities that you should not miss when you want to become a leader.

In a field such as leadership, subject to changes of progress or regress in any direction, the obligation to start looking for what you once were can distribute you into a new role that makes you feel that you are living the life of someone you could’ve been. This, in the conditions of an existence affected by that reality that infuses spirit in self-image, in everything you do, through the distribution of what is subtle, seemingly small and insignificant, in another structure and in a vision of an ensemble with additional and more advanced features and nuances.

The beauty of self-understanding can be labeled as a reminder of the destiny that awaits you when going further is an update of the reason with which you’d want to meet yourself in a time other than the one unravelling now.

The Déjà Vu Principle aims at that recognizability of what you were and what you are, in everything you achieve, maintaining the upward trend of performance coupled with innovative ways of deepening your own identity.

Your leadership activity has to go beyond this position of an interpreter of the past to prepare for the present and the future. So that your belonging to what is called the "mainstream" of the thought you expose should have as a priority the assurance of a proper role in the relationship between background and context, of what you have overlooked and what you are able to realize in the reality you experience.

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